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Now, for the first time, downhill skating can be controlled with a high-tech internal mechanical brake.
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FEB 2014. Delays in production.

Posted by Benjamin Newman (Creator)

Dear Kickstarter supporters.

February is now here already and the second generation Brakeboard trucks were meant to be near completion. Unfortunately we are still a long way off. 

We have about 30 complete boards to supply to Kickstarter supporters. The decks are expected end of Feb or early Mar. So I'd like to give everyone the opportunity to choose either: Wait for the next generation trucks (Possibly now May 2014) or receive the complete longboards with the current brake trucks in March. 

The only significant difference will be the pedal design. The easily removable pedal is not available until the next gen trucks are completed. (Note: If you later wish to upgrade to the new pedal, the current brake will retro fit them.)

Please be in contact to let me know which way you'd like to go: Happy to wait or current gen?

What else has been happening:

In the past month I've been busily ensuring every is going smoothly at the factories. In early January I had my supplier visit from China. Stanley, he's from Shanghi. Of course one of the difficulties with Chinese manufacturing is language barriers. My Mandrin is limited to Ni Hao (hello). Stanley's english is good, but far from perfect. Having him here made discussions far easier. A lot of pointing and demonstrating was they way we got our messages across.

I entertained Stanley for a week in Melbourne and we spent a number of days going over all the production issues. He bought with him some of the smaller stainless component samples to approve. Though I was expecting the new hangers to have been completed. I was to learn this won't be started until after "New Year" which is Feb in China!! Despite this set back, I've never felt more confident in the direct we are heading, albeit behind schedule.

In other news I am preparing for the silicon carbide carbon fibre high speed rotors. A US company is currently working on the first prototypes. They will hopefully be here this month. I have purchased a Rogers Bros Luge (USA) to test these rotors at very high speeds. I personally do not have the intestinal fortitude to do stand-up at 90km+. So flat on my back and an inch from the ground will be my way of testing. I have rigged up the luge with a double set of Brakeboard trucks. One front one back. I've designed a hand cable attachment to activate each. I'll be making a video of the trials soon. 

Thank you everyone for your patients. Please be in contact via email if you have any further questions.


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    1. Stanley Siangpheng Ong on

      I will wait for the best Ben! Take your time! I know the pain of creating something new!

    2. Missing avatar

      Glitched on

      Does it help that I live in Sydney NSW?

    3. Benjamin Newman 4-time creator on

      Hi Glitched, We can't send them separately because the shipping is very expensive from Australia. It would double to send separately.

    4. Missing avatar

      Glitched on

      Just curious, but would I be able to have the brake set and board sent to me at separate times?

      So have the brake set and wheels sent to me now

      And then when the board is ready have it sent out later.