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We're building a new electric motorcycle prototype that will bring us closer to empowering people to create their own unique e-cycle.

We're building a new electric motorcycle prototype that will bring us closer to empowering people to create their own unique e-cycle. Read More
pledged of $24,000 goal

Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on August 6, 2013.

About this project

We seek backer support to create our next generation prototype. Build to begin January 10, 2014


Our end goal is to make these motorcycles available to everyone. We intend to offer people the ability to truly custom design their own electric motorcycles through a combination of collaboration with our team of motorcycle design consultants and through mass customization manufacturing processes. We want to create a set of basic configurations that can then be further modified by you.


Valetta Motorcycles and the creation of our initial prototype "A" came about as a result of my thesis focus while at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena back in 2012. The thesis was about understanding the future of motorcycling and what it could become as we entered the 21st century. In 2010, electric motorcycles were relatively new, and it seemed it was having a rough beginning here in the U.S.,  so I wanted to investigate what motorcycling has been about in the past and what I found in the history of motorcycling seemed to be everything that was not yet found in electric motorcycling.

The Chopper

The original idea of the chopper was about removing every unnecessary component so that the bike was down to it's bare essentials. 

The Rebel

In the early 50's, he was the guy you would never let your daughter date. He wore the bomber or leather jacket, he smoked, he drank, he cussed, he slicked his hair back and of course he rode a very loud and menacing looking motorcycle or hot rod that was a piece of rolling counter culture.  Today, he/she is very much that person. It's all a bit more sophisticated though. Technology drives today's rebel.

The Custom Element

Every motorcycle owned by nearly every owner goes through some kind of personalization activity. Harley owners are notorious for this. The Harley Sportster is the most customized motorcycle in history. The custom components industry for motorcycles is huge. It generates about 4 billion annually. It's a very important element in ownership. The option to customize one's ride.

THE BIG IDEA( A Future Vision)

Depiction of a Valetta in the future
Depiction of a Valetta in the future

Imagine one day in the not too distant future, you are in the market for a new motorcycle, You're looking for a new statement. Something with character, something almost brutally beautiful, a moving statement of your aesthetic desires and preferences. You want something that feels powerful, traditional and yet unique. You are thinking it needs to be a custom motorcycle, but you also want it to be a hybrid or an electric machine. So you go online and you search and you find Valetta Motorcycles. You visit the configurator page and run through a few combinations to set up the motorcycle the way you want it. Bobber style, Cafe style, Sport bike.

A Valetta with drop-in canister batteries
A Valetta with drop-in canister batteries

Once you're done, you submit your choices. Valetta will then contact you and invite you to come into our studio. You soon learn that Valetta is a custom motorcycle design consultancy and builder. So the Valetta design consultant is given the go ahead and he/she begins the build process. The chassis design is modified 10-15 % in configuration thanks to an algorithm that cycles through minute cut changes that won't affect structural integrity of the chassis. There is no painting at Valetta. All parts are anodized in color. Graphics are anodized or laser etched on surface or through panels. After a month, you take delivery of your very unique Valetta Motorcycle.

Sketch of a custom Valetta in the future
Sketch of a custom Valetta in the future

That's the vision of Valetta. We can give the world that reality, but it needs you to help make it so.  That's what we hope to achieve one day by moving towards this second prototype.

We need to build prototype "B"

We need to create a more robust and road worthy vehicle. We intend to create all major structural components from the ground up. We  can make that happen with the proper funding support. Based on the build cost of the first motorcycle, we are certain that $24,000 will allow to develop a better vehicle.

Valetta Today

So far, I have created an "A" prototype which has been used for a thesis presentation and it serves as a discussion concept platform when visiting motorcycle shows.

The first vehicle prototype was designed with the intent of arousing conversation and to communicate aesthetic direction. It will continue to be used that way until it's purpose is complete. It is being used for that very purpose during the campaign.

What we are trying to create is a new kind of motorcycle for a new generation of young rebels. The rebel image is perpetual and resilient and everlasting as long as there is youth and people interested in image.

Valetta's Future: Mass Customizable Custom Hybrid & Electric Motorcycles

The Valetta project is focused on demonstrating how we might achieve the goal of mass customization. We envision a process where we create motorcycles that have a strong consistent identity but are each, unique renditions of our brand character. Every vehicle will be informed and affected by input from the consumer.

Valetta motorcycles will be built in such a way so that no two Valettas are identical and yet they may each share parts with ease. We plan to develop an algorithm that cycle forward a design profile so that when a machine cuts or laser etches our components, they will be slightly different from the last cut or etching. We are embracing the idea of customization and individual expression so that every motorcycle we create is truly as unique as a person's fingerprint.

Our motorcycles will be limited in production and as we build the vehicles, clients can be involved in the build as much as they desire. You can think of Valetta Motorcycles as more of a design and build consultancy.  There was a great deal of research and interviews with traditional motorcyclists, electric motorcyclists and motorcycle business owners in Hollywood and San Francisco that helped steer this vision. Because of this, I came to believe that the form language of electric motorcycles should be as honest of the technology it housed rather than borrow from gasoline powered machines. That's just not what they are.

So, I began to imagine the electric motorcycle as something that connoted status and grace, technical, brutal and even dangerous in character of appearance. It's what a rebel would want.  It needed to represent the current values of our modern rebellious youth and the new century we live in.

The image above is a rendering depicting a possible Valetta kit  configuration as we envision it to be in the future.
The image above is a rendering depicting a possible Valetta kit configuration as we envision it to be in the future.

It's still part of what will drive the character of our products.  It is intended that Valetta will also come to be recognized as a creation of strength, beauty and will hold the greatest sentimental value for those who own these amazing machines. 

The vehicle you see here is the best example we could create on the budget we had. It cost about $12,000 to build this  example. 


By pledging funding support at any level, you move us one step closer towards our goal of helping to make electric and alternative powered vehicles that are perceived as attainable aspirational products that can be offered to a new generation of riders and collectors.


First, EVERYONE who backs this project will have their names etched onto the beta motorcycle to honor you as a supporter of this project. It's because of your generosity, whether you give a dollar or a thousand, you are the people who will give life to something new.

We offer great rewards at all levels of support. It all starts at the $1 level. You will receive a letter of gratitude personally signed by the creator of Valetta Motorcycles. This might be a very collectable item someday. It could be part of an amazing historical change for American society. Protect it. Your contribution at any level is extremely important to us. You could be the difference between success and failure.


At the $10 level, You will receive a beautiful high quality print of an original Valetta development sketch rendering measuring 11 X 17 inches and a signed letter of gratitude. 

$10 Reward
$10 Reward


We offer the Valetta t-shirt printed with our logo and logotype front and back. Shirts are offered in three colors, grey,red and black and we have shirts for both men and women. 


 We will send you the Valetta metal and rubber bangle bracelet, laser etched with the Valetta logotype, as shown below. Show the world you made Valetta a reality. Take pride in knowing it really came down to you! You will be reminded of this every time you see the Name Valetta.

Image is for descriptive purposes only. Depiction is accurate. Actual bracelet to be produced upon campaign completion.
Image is for descriptive purposes only. Depiction is accurate. Actual bracelet to be produced upon campaign completion.


We offer a cool binary watch laser etched with the Valetta logo. It's unlike any watch any of your friends are wearing. It uses a series of dots which are counted to give the correct time. It symbolizes how we will do things differently. May be etched on band or case, it's your choice!

Please note, this image is for descriptive purposes only. Actual watch to be produced upon completion of successful campaign.
Please note, this image is for descriptive purposes only. Actual watch to be produced upon completion of successful campaign.


 You will receive a portfolio of all of the Valetta design artwork created to this point. It's hard bound and filled with lots of inspiration. You also will receive a t-shirt and the watch.


At the $500 pledge level,we offer the hard bound 13 x 11 inch Compendium of Valetta. It's a comprehensive book containing the full story of Valetta's inception and development. It contains over 200 pages of fascinating text and images. It's like following the Wright Brothers as the build their first airplane! 

$1000 Pledge Level

At $1000, I offer a rider's experience package!! We offer you a chance to ride the original prototype and also the "Beta" model on an enclosed course. To remember the experience, you will receive a Valetta t-shirt and a signed copy of the Valetta Compendium. You will experience the bikse and hopefully it will validate your decision to have funded this endeavor. Hurry though, only ten opportunities for this one!

Risks and challenges

There are significant obstacles involved with the creation of these vehicles and I can't do it alone. I know this after building one by myself. It took six months of a great deal of trial and error and I am still no expert by any means. There are a small number of risks involved with this project, but they are manageable.
Risk no.1
We want to make the next prototype capable of achieving freeway speed. To do this, we require a more powerful motor called an AGNI motor. It's a 9 kw 60 Volt motor that runs extremely efficiently. The motor that is being sourced by other electric motorcycle manufacturers. They are expensive and they are scarce at the moment. We risk exceeding the completion date simply because we can't source the proper motor quick enough. We may have to source another manufacturer.
Risk no. 2
We may lose team members. I rely on assistance in order to achieve success. Without it and the completion time of these vehicles really extends very far out. We may need eight months instead of six to complete the project.
Risk no 3.
We may run out of funding and have to regroup and seek additional monetary assistance to complete all of our goals.
I feel one of the first hurdles has been overcome by simply creating the initial prototype. I've built it to understand it and to gauge response to the concept. It is not a production motorcycle and I do recognize that I am not a manufacturer, but after building this with my own bare hands, I am very confident I, along with a very resourceful team, could build ten in a year or more. Currently, there are three individuals involved with this project. What we are is two very experienced industrial designers, both of whom have inventive streaks. We know how to uncover and discover opportunity. We are also skilled at ideation, envisioning what could be and creating mock ups, models and prototypes. We know how to design on engineering software such as Solidworks, Alias and Rhino. Our team members are familiar with planning efforts and working with other disciplines such as engineering and modeling personnel. Our team must grow if we want to create something tangible and accessible for more people than just ourselves. Our vehicles need to truly be advanced products, so we need to enlist the expertise of individuals who have very strong technical backgrounds. We must uncover the alternative solutions for suspension, braking systems, safety and propulsion in order to truly earn the distinction as a company that truly creates the most advanced products possible. We need engineering support and volunteers. We need to have our vehicles validated and approved by the Department of Transportation, The National Traffic and Highway Safety Administration. It is our hope that soon, we will produce a vehicle that will pass the certification process so that we can obtain our own Vehicle Identification Numbers. We hope to soon become a licensed manufacturer of a product that is very unique in a number of ways.

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    People who pledge this amount will receive the Valetta Compendium. It's the full story of Valetta. This huge book contains the entire design process history and all the ideation sketch images, renderings and technical dimensions. It's a very valuable item. Yours for a generous contribution. The compendium will include the beta prototype development process as well, so you will have to wait a short while to receive this item but it will be worth the wait.

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    The Ride Package. If you pledge this amount, You get to experience the motorcycles first hand. You will be able to ride and experience the Valetta Alpha Prototype on an enclosed course. That's right, you will get to experience this very special electric motorcycle first hand. To remember the ride, you will receive a Valetta t-shirt and a signed copy of the Valetta Compendium. When we complete the "Beta" prototype, you will also have a chance to ride this as well. Very exclusive offer. The experience will be one that will hopefully prove to you that your pledge was well placed.

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