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An FPS horror game set in a surreal, dark and deadly biomechanical world which resembles nothing you have ever encountered.
An FPS horror game set in a surreal, dark and deadly biomechanical world which resembles nothing you have ever encountered.
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New stuff (concept art, screenshots, video)

Posted by Telepaths Tree (Creator)

As we promised, today we have full pack of new stuff from Inner Chains! Check out concept art of 3rd weapon, more info about each gun and video showing how the ElectroGun impacts on one of plants in Inner Chains! Enjoy!


Going a bit more into details when it comes to ElectroGun – operating it is based on electricity which is all around you. Your goal will be to find places where this energy is released, to recharge your gun’s batteries. Remember about this at all times. Otherwise ElectroGun will start to look for energy it needs inside you, turning itself into parasite and you into its host.

The basic function of ElectroGun is to throw lightning strikes at your opponents. But you will be able to find upgrades for it, to raise its power. To a point where you’re able to throw ball lightning which has the ability of injuring several enemies at once.


As impressive as it is though, Electro Gun won’t be your only weapon in Inner Chains. You will also have FlameThrower and BoneGun at your disposal.

You will use your FlameThrower not only as an offensive weapon but quite often as a defensive one. Soon enough you’ll learn that a proper use of it, will be your only chance to survive.

Just like in case of ElectroGun, there are several updates available for your FlameThrower, which will either increase its power or unlock an alternative strike. One that makes a serious havoc.

!NEW! BoneGun

BoneGun is probably the most unique of them all, as its ammo was formed thanks to the crystallization of some natural ingredients. Ingredients that are naturally present in all living beings. Including yourself. So be careful while using a gun, that feeds on them.

BoneGun in its basic form enables continuous fire, but finding upgrades for it, will allow you to use it as a traditional riffle with a high firepower. Or you can decide to simply increase the power of the continuous fire.

In the world of Inner Chains you never quite know what is alive and what is mechanical. During the biomechanical evolution various creatures were formed, that accumulate huge amounts of energy. Watch them carefully to learn how to use them for your own benefit. And look for places where the energy overflow is being released, to increase your health and recharge your weapons’ batteries.

Biomechanical plants you’ll meet on your way also accumulate energy from the environment. And it also quite often happens, that they gather too much of it. Which results in vegetation in Inner Chains being completely unpredictable. The energy overflow can cause a hyper-excitability in plants you’ll encounter, which is shown on the video below. You can use this feature against your opponents but you can become a victim of it just as easily. And there are many more such surprises in Inner Chains.

And as a bonus we also have two new screenshots!

Hope you like it! Thanks again for your support, comments, opinions and pledges!

Let's get reach some stretch goals!

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    1. Psychomorph on

      Very nice.

      Hope you add a lot of light that the electricity casts and illuminates the area all around you and cast shadows if there's obstacles.

    2. Telepaths Tree Creator on

      @Chris Bla Keks, @Stenly Järnefelt: Thanks! It's really nice to hear such kind words!

    3. Stenly Järnefelt on

      Your game is so visually appealing to me that it makes me feel pride for backing you up.

    4. Chris Bla Keks on

      Looks very good!

      Thank you for the update.