Greetings citizens of the world. We are the Anonymous Waiter. We are not one single voice, but a chorus of hospitality professionals and patrons across the globe.

We serve your coffee, we take your late-night food orders in run down diners, and we bring you your champagne at ocean-front late morning brunches. Today we bring you a message. Our message will hopefully help educate and entertain both the hospitality workers and those who offer their patronage on the proper customs, routines, and expectations of hospitality etiquette.

Restaurant Etiquette unfortunately seems at times, to be subjective. Ask three different people, get four different answers. Individuals from the hospitality service industry and their guests are at times seemingly lacking in mutual respect for one another. From either side of the “COIN” if you will.

Our message will reach out and effect change on a global scale. We hope to give patrons a look behind the curtain and gift them with a dose of empathy for food service and hospitality workers, but make no mistake, hospitality professionals are not off the hook. Many in the industry have gotten lazy, jaded, or are simply not good at their job. These same professionals who are providing substandard service still expect to be compensated above and beyond the standard price for the goods sold, for poor service. Unacceptable. 

We here at "Anonymous Waiter" plan to unleash a series of video-rants about the hospitality industry. No one is safe from our wrath. Be it owner, server, or patron… if you act unfavorably, you are fair game. Our intentions are to educate, entertain, and ultimately change the paradigm in the industry, to make the dining experience an enjoyable one for all involved in the process. We only wish for mutual respect and empathy from both sides of the table. We will do what we have to, and embarrass who we must to achieve that goal. So stay tuned for rants, stories, and much more on our channel.

Anonymous Waiter will provide:

1. Video's and stories about the hospitality industry. (Helping educate the public why it is imperative to take care of those who take care of us.We also plan to help educate the hospitality professionals on how to better understand and appreciate the hospitality patrons.) 

2.  An Anonymous Waiter App where hospitality professionals and guests can leave their rants safely without fear of being found out. 

3. T-Shirts and a lot of other fun merchandise that hospitality professionals and those who support them, can buy to help promote our message.

4. A Show and Charity for hospitality professionals whom have had some hardships and need to know that there are good people in the world. Anonymous Waiter plans on showing up to venues to surprise hospitality professionals across the globe.

Help Anonymous Waiter Help You!

The creator of Anonymous Waiter has worked in the hospitality industry himself for over 20 years. 

The creator of Anonymous Waiter became an entrepreneur and has studied social media and online marketing for the last 10 years. Now he wants to use his new skills to build a brand called Anonymous Waiter to help all those who are still in the hospitality industry and show their patronage to the hospitality industry. 

The creator of Anonymous Waiter needs your help. He has put a lot of his own money into this project and still continues to do so. An app, the videos, show and all the other things planned cost a lot of money to create. If you can find it in your heart to help the creator of Anonymous Waiter help you, by making this project a reality, every dollar helps!

Risks and challenges

We have already secured the domain and social channels. We also have the first few scripts ready to launch the first few videos.

1. Intro - Who is Anonymous Waiter
2. Why we should always tip
3. Campers
4. Dining with kids

We are preparing to have these scripts above made into videos. We have over 40 other hospitality etiquette subjects ready to be written also and more stories to create in the future. Once we launch these videos, we plan on preparing to create the next and so on.

We are already working on the trademark for the logo and the LLC for the brand to become a legal business. We plan on monetizing the videos once they go viral.

Once the trademark and LLC is completed, we will be launching the first few videos, designs for t-shirts and other fun merchandise.

And once all the above is done. We are planning on working on the Anonymous Waiter app and getting many hospitality professionals and patrons across the globe involved by giving them a voice and place to share their stories.

All this takes a lot of money and we plan on doing it on our own if need be. But we would be very appreciative of anyone who helps us get our message out to the world that will help both the hospitality professionals and guests have a better understanding of each other.

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    Anyone who donates $35 or more will receive one of the first versions of the Anonymous Waiter t-shirt.

    We already have the design and we are ready to print soon. The t-shirt will have the Anonymous Waiter logo on the front and a custom image on the back with the saying "Tips Are Like Hugs, But Without All The Touching!"

    Once we receive 40 orders, we will print and send to all supporters.

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    Anonymous Waiter is going to create a unique app where hospitality professionals and patrons can Anonymously leave their stories and rants.

    We hope to have the beta app out by next 2018, but we aren't sure on the exact date.

    Anyone who donates $100 or more, will be added to our list of VIP Anonymous Waiter list and kept updated on our progress.

    Supporters who donate $100 or more, will also receive a free t-shirt like listed in the $35 donation.

    As long as we reach our goals, We will send out the t-shirts by the date set for the t-shirts, and we will add you to the Anonymous Waiter VIP list to become beta testers of the app when it launches in the future.

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