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If you're looking for something totally cute and slightly horrifying, Puppy Cow is the plush toy for you.
If you're looking for something totally cute and slightly horrifying, Puppy Cow is the plush toy for you.
132 backers pledged $4,813 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Puppy Cow White Board "Thank You"

In the spirit of The Chive's quittin' girl hoax, Puppy Cow says "thank you" for getting us past the 50% funded mark. Let's keep it rollin'!

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Achievement Unlocked, Puppy Cow Now 50% Funded!

Who has two thumbs and loves the internet? THIS GUY!

Thanks to all the internet lurvs, Puppy Cow is now 50% funded! All of you get great big virtual hugs along with all the other goodies you signed up for if/when we hit our end goal.

I've found some more lovely interwebs people who have given Puppy Cow some linkage love:

First up is Bryan Prindiville who was our first investor, a good personal friend, and an awesome cartoonist.

Next is the Trashed Ideas blog which gave Puppy Cow a really nice plug.

Finally, Busy Bee comics from funder Fluffy gave us a nice shout out.

Thank you all for your generous support! We're over the hump!

The Internet Loves Puppy Cow

A big gigantic thanks goes out to some really excellent blogs out there for giving Puppy Cow a nice shout out.

First up is Comixpedia, a webcomics news site with a large community of creators and fans.

Next is Fleen, one of the best places to go for webcomics news five days a week.

Finally, Super Art Fight gave Puppy Cow some internet love which is kind of nepotism because I'm kind of one of the founders of the organization.

Thanks to everyone who's blogged about, facebooked, or twitted about Puppy Cow. If you've seen Puppy Cow out there on someone's blog or you are going to blog about Puppy Cow, please let me know so I can spread the word!

The System Lurvs Puppy Cow

My friend and fellow web cartoonist Ross put up a really nice shout out post for Puppy Cow over at his site. You should definitely check it out. And you should definitely check out his comic, The System.

The Prince Rolls Puppy Cow

My friend Kelsey put this awesome video together to help keep the Puppy Cow momentum *ahem* rolling. You can check out her amazing work at

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