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If you're looking for something totally cute and slightly horrifying, Puppy Cow is the plush toy for you.
If you're looking for something totally cute and slightly horrifying, Puppy Cow is the plush toy for you.
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Look what I got in the mail yesterday! It's so fluffy! They sent over the Puppy Cow prototype so I could give the final approval and it's so much cuter in person. I'm so excited! Now I've got to do some paperwork, design a tush tag, and fax some things and Puppy Cow will officially be in production. I'll have more information on when it's shipping and all that once things are finalized.

Oh, I can't wait til you guys get your hands on this lil' thing!

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Introducing Puppy Cow!

This is the final version! I freaking lurv him/her/it!! When I get more information in terms of production schedule and shipping and all of that, I'll let you all know. In the mean time, here's Puppy Cow! Thank you all so very freaking much for making this all possible!!!

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Prototype Ver. 2

WOW! That was fast. They got back to me with the second version. They really did a great job with all the corrections I sent. The only thing I want changed is the angle of the head, but this looks really great. Almost there you guys!

On another note, I'm still working on sending postcards. They're coming slowly but surely. I'm signing and sketching on every one! I'll post again when they're all sent.

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First Sample!

Got photos of the first sample that was produced. It's so cute! It's not Puppy Cow, but it's still very cute. I made some corrections and sent them back to the factory. Hopefully round 2 will be much closer to what I envision.

I'm also relieved to actually see the little thing. I've never done this before so I've been sitting on pins and needles waiting to see the sample. Now that the process is rolling and I actually see a thing, I can relax now. I really love the colors and the fabric and the spots. The udder material is also really nice.

I'll keep you updated when I hear back.

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Digital Thank Yous Have Been Sent

I wanted to wait until everyone responded to the Kickstarter survey that I sent out asking for additional information. There are only a small handful of people who have yet to respond, but I wanted to continue to work on getting thank you art out to everyone. So as of right now, all the digital sketches have been sent out. There was one email address that doesn't seem to exist anymore and only one bounced back my message. Please check your spam folders and look for if Puppy Cow didn't show up in your inbox.

The postcards have arrived so now I will be working on writing individual messages on each one and maybe throwing in a little sketch. Then it's off to the post office to get stamps and to send them on their merry way. And I'm well into the process of sketching and inking those ink sketch requests. I'll scan some in so you can see all the fun things Puppy Cow is wearing now!