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If you're looking for something totally cute and slightly horrifying, Puppy Cow is the plush toy for you.
If you're looking for something totally cute and slightly horrifying, Puppy Cow is the plush toy for you.
132 backers pledged $4,813 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Joseph Garcia on March 31, 2011

      My niece loves PuppyCow: I hope she doesn't bring this it for show and tell... XD

    2. Jamie Noguchi 3-time creator on March 26, 2011


    3. Sameer Vasta on March 26, 2011

      I just have to say...I adore my Puppy Cow. :)

    4. Jamie Noguchi 3-time creator on October 13, 2010

      @SiriusHPfan, when they're finally made and shipped, there will be a massive amount of puppy cow plushies. They will be available for purchase once the kickstart ordered ones are shipped. I will keep updating this site with progress and information and all those kinds of goodies!

    5. SiriusHPfan on October 13, 2010

      I wish I would have found this when it was still being backed. I would've bought one and then dressed it up like Kamina, the way it is in the color pic in the video. haha

    6. Jamie Noguchi 3-time creator on August 30, 2010

      @Zagra, I think it only fair to do the full 50 since Roberto is doing the same. Just drop me a note about it and I'll hook you up. I might end up sending some other stuff along with.

    7. Missing avatar

      Zagra Matatrolls on August 30, 2010

      Hi there, Jamie, I wanna help by buying two puppy cows, do I get a discount for the second one or do i have to pay the full 50 dls? Thanx!

    8. Missing avatar

      monday on August 30, 2010

      I don't have the money to pledge at the moment, but I'm super glad Puppy Cow met its goal! Congrats!!

    9. Jamie Noguchi 3-time creator on August 29, 2010

      @Roberto, Sure. Just be sure to drop me a line to remind me that you want a second Puppy Cow instead of the sketch. I think there's a way to leave a comment with your donation or something like that.

    10. Roberto Zaragoza Gascón on August 29, 2010

      Hey, if I want an extra Puppy Cow plushie what can I do? Do I just put 50 in my pledge?

    11. Jamie Noguchi 3-time creator on August 29, 2010

      Don't worry about international shipping. I'll take care of all of that.

    12. Zach Marshall on August 28, 2010

      man, the damn has broken!!! Congrats !!!

      oh yeah i have to organise and extra payment for airfreight out to Australia?!? send us a pm and we will organise it.

    13. Missing avatar

      Steven Wiener on August 27, 2010

      YAYY you made it!!! I can't wait to get mine!!

    14. Blondie Caffiend on August 26, 2010

      Yay! I'm so excited about Puppy Cow. :) Can't wait to see how it turns out!

    15. Louise Potvin on August 26, 2010

      It should make the cute sound like in the video ^^

    16. Missing avatar

      David Todd on August 26, 2010

      The first time I saw a puppy cow was at Connecticon 2010 and I thought to myself "I must have one" and now it has come true.

    17. Kyle Dougherty on August 26, 2010

      Best of luck dude!
      I really hope you make it!
      I want my puppy cow!
      (Also, great Art Fight at Connecticon!)

    18. Jamie Noguchi 3-time creator on August 26, 2010

      @Tim, I'll take care of shipping.

    19. Tim van der Horst on August 26, 2010

      For that $25 pledge with the puppy cow plush, what's happening with the shipping? I live in Australia.

    20. Missing avatar

      zipperwhipped on August 25, 2010

      Have you considered finding someone who would make them for you here in the us, like maybe someone on Etsy? Might make start up cheaper for you.

    21. Thunderclaww on August 25, 2010

      C'mon. We can do this!

    22. Missing avatar

      Andy on August 25, 2010

      So cute! I hope you're able to make it!

    23. John Troxell on August 18, 2010

      HAHA good luck!! I cant wait to get my Puppy Cow Plush. I'd Love to see this as a web based animated series. -NNy

    24. Missing avatar

      deleted on August 17, 2010

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    25. Zach Marshall on August 14, 2010

      WANT!!! my little genetic monstrosity will be the disturbing office mascott first and then my workshop mascott and finally the tour mascott...

      Hey Jamie I'll send you Photo's of Puppycows World Tour; Australia!

    26. fluffy on August 5, 2010

      This is completely adorrible and I hope it gets made.

    27. Missing avatar

      Joyce Smith on August 4, 2010

      Weird but irresistible...

    28. Jamie Noguchi 3-time creator on August 3, 2010

      @Emily, you're most welcome!

    29. Missing avatar

      Emily Robinson on August 3, 2010

      Thanks for making me laugh

    30. Jamie Noguchi 3-time creator on August 2, 2010

      Thanks lindsaytron!!!

    31. Missing avatar

      lindsaytron on August 2, 2010

      I can't wait for PuppyCow the toy to happen. So cute and disturbing. PuppyCow is everything I desire in a companion.