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The world's first $350 robotic arm with computer vision and state of the art AI.  Replicate your motion precisely without coding!
The world's first low cost robotic arm with computer vision and state of the art AI.  Replicate your motion precisely without coding!
The world's first low cost robotic arm with computer vision and state of the art AI. Replicate your motion precisely without coding!
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    1. Missing avatar

      zhengtian on

      @7bot 不行啊!我等了2个小时多,毫无变化,

    2. 7Bot Creator on

      @zhengtian, GUI在某些windows系统下运行可能需要等比较久的启动时间才能正常工作,这跟windows系统的兼容性有关。你等三到五分钟或者更长时间看看有没有变化。我们这边测试过有一台windows电脑需要5分钟才能完成正常启动。

    3. 7Bot Creator on

      @Ben, 已经私信给你了 麻烦提供一下中文邮寄地址。 谢谢

    4. Missing avatar

      zhengtian on

      @7bot GUI程序好像是在运行只是界面没有显示,整个屏幕是灰白的,我试着调整屏幕分辨率也不行,

    5. Ben on


    6. Missing avatar

      Ryan Faulkner on

      Hi 7Bot team, the previous version for Linux64 was working however the new version does seem to. It just sits at a gray screen with a small black box in the middle, it doesn't reach the white connecting screen with 7Bot logo. I ran from terminal and there are a number of errors output to terminal similar to one I copy below. I hope it might be helpful for debugging. I then went back to the first 7Bot GUI release for Linux64 and that continues to work ok.

      Here's one of the errors output from new release:
      "java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "-halo"
      at sun.misc.FloatingDecimal.readJavaFormatString(Unknown Source)
      at java.lang.Float.valueOf(Unknown Source)
      at processing.core.PShapeOBJ.parseMTL(

    7. Missing avatar

      zhengtian on

      @7bot 我换了台电脑安装GUI 是win7 64系统,执行安装屏幕是灰白的,Arduino指示灯一直闪,过了好久也没变化,com口连接正常,7bot连接正常,上载程序正常,这是为什么呢???

    8. Missing avatar

      WAI LEUN on

      &zentrickster, I think in your case, it's a case with your Java? That's my guess. Or your laptop hang trying to communicate with the serial port?

    9. Missing avatar

      zentrickster on

      And before your say it... my 7bot was not conected...the GUI software should be able to say that.

    10. Missing avatar

      zentrickster on

      I know something is wrong when I launch 7bot GUI on my Win 10 Lenovo T61...64 bit..... and dont even have the 7bot connected.... and the laptop freezes...The Gui ties to open.... and fails.... and slows down my laptop

    11. Missing avatar

      zentrickster on

      [quote]@zentrickster, @Almond Lee, for Win 10, you need to wait for 1 to 2 minutes for the software to setup, before setting up the screen of the computer will be black. And after 1 to 2 minutes, the software will work OK.[/quote]

      No this does nothing... I have just waited 30 minutes on my Lenovo T61 4b Win 10 64 Bit laptop... and nothing happens,,,The GUI software for Win 10 64 Bit does not work on my and apparently anothers machine.. and so you know.... I have been checking the black screen where I launched the 7Bot GUI,,, and its now been almost 35 minutes,, and nothing,,,,. The laptop is frozen....

    12. Missing avatar

      zhengtian on

      @7bot 我已经用代理服务器下载到GUI,但是在win7 32下安装的时候提示更新java,我更新后再执行安装程序一点反应都没有,什么原因?

    13. Missing avatar

      Almond Lee on

      @7bot, I 'd crossed my fingers and kept waiting for many times but still in the black hole. Hope the new update can fix it.

    14. 7Bot Creator on

      @All, we will post a new update today.

    15. 7Bot Creator on

      @zhengtian, 我们会尽快给出国内能下载的链接的。谢谢!

    16. 7Bot Creator on

      @zentrickster, @Almond Lee, for Win 10, you need to wait for 1 to 2 minutes for the software to setup, before setting up the screen of the computer will be black. And after 1 to 2 minutes, the software will work OK.

    17. Missing avatar

      Almond Lee on

      I have the same problem as what zentrickster mentioned, my computer is Samsung i5 CPU with win 10, the computer can recognize the 7bot arduino mega connected to COM5, and I can upload the system file without problem, I can also use Processing to run the examples well. One thing is quite strange that when I check the port_id with Processing, it shows 0 instead of 5 I supposed. Any idea?

    18. Missing avatar

      zhengtian on

      我下载不了GUI,https://www.dropbox.com这个网站一直登不上去,麻烦您发到我的邮箱好吗! 十分感谢!!!!you tube上的视频也看不了,中国人都知道的拜托您给个能访问的网址,再次感谢!!!!

    19. Missing avatar

      zentrickster on

      I haven't been able to get the GUI software to work at all... trying to run it on a Lenovo T61 running 64 bit Win 10, 2.5 hz processor, 4 Gb RAM, When I launch the GUI, nothing happens... and then the pc locks up.. ctrl/alt/del> task manager kill the GUI Java app... I can push things to the 7bot using tr arduino portal.. I figured I'd post here as the 7bot forum hasn't got much traction

    20. Missing avatar

      Frode on

      I just downloaded the SW and and it works perfectly. I really like the recording function so it works standalone. Can't wait to show my kids tomorrow.

      @creator: the GUI is great, but it doesn't scale very well to 4k resolution. Nevertheless it works as intended and is very neat.

    21. 7Bot Creator on

      @qjqiao, 您一直没有完成Survey提供收货信息,我们已经发Kickstarter私信以及发邮件询问收货信息,一直没收到回复。请您检查一下您的Kickstarter Message,将您的收货地址回复给我们,或者将您的收货地址发到。我们再收到地址信息后会马上发货的,谢谢!

    22. Missing avatar

      qjqiao on


    23. Missing avatar

      qjqiao on


    24. Missing avatar

      qjqiao on


    25. Missing avatar

      WAI LEUN on

      @Andreas, the simplest and quickest way to make the robot moves according to certain steps is to use the buttons at the back of the robot to record the steps that you want it to take.
      As there are 6 joints in the robot, I think you will go nuts writing the steps for the individual joints. Its doable, but tedious.

    26. Missing avatar

      andreas hummer on

      @florian: ofcourse i checked the spam folder, nothing, i even tried it once more by simply requesting a new password - nothing !!!
      ahaa, another technical term I didn't know 'the latest IDE' ... thanks for puzzling me.

      I might be able to let the arm 'play' in autonomous mode, but that's what I don't want,
      what I want is to operate it by either typing in digits for each joint or, even better list them in a kind of textfile and let the bot move to the desired positions.

    27. Flo on

      @andreas you need to check your spam inbox.
      Just upload the software firmware you downloaded from 7Bot's github with the latest IDE described in the simple unofficial guide.

      with this loaded you can easily play around with programs on your PC to communicate with the arm. Nethertheless your arm is still autonomous. Check the videos from @7Bot to see how to save poses and play them without any pc etc connected to it! ;)

    28. Missing avatar

      andreas hummer on

      @Pinaut: I wanted to register at… as I'm highly interested in experiences of other users and to learn about the programming.
      unfortunately the registration at this forum doesn't work (email is known bur no instructions were send) ...
      so I'm asking my first question here:
      what is the secret about the arduino and win gui ?
      I always thought I could use one(!) program to operate the arm. As I'm not familiar with
      arduino at all, all these 'updates' and 'firmware' and 'github'and 'libs' sounds far too complicated for me.
      I don't wanna ruin the software/hardware with installing/using a piece of software that is not properly working without some other.
      So, can't I simply use the gui without the arduino stuff ?

    29. Missing avatar

      Jia Chun on

      @7Bot: Good project!
      I encountered a problem about downloading GUI @Win 64bit in dropbox from 苏州 , could you share me by email

    30. FN27350 on

      @7Bot: great Videos !

      Finally I can teach 7Bot motions by Pose and Traj with GUI win10@X64, however it is impossible to save motion data both Post and Traj.

      Anyway,Thanks! And please keep update and open sources.

    31. Pinaut on

      Someone interested working with processing and share ideas, knowledge, sketches? I opened a discussion in the forum.…
      Also added 4 simple examples and a application i'm working at it.
      At 7Bot Team: i'm still excited about your product! Great story!

    32. Flo on

      @7Bot: great Videos explaining what is possible! Happy to see it working with ROS! Considering RasPi, it would be great not to load a pre configured image.. A installation guide that should work on other similar small pc's too would be great as well.

      The Communication Instruction is great! But I would like it to have 1 or 2 examples near to the KL commands. I'm certainly not familiar what you mean with High and Low Bits for the same motor. Not getting clear where each bit is set precisely..

      thanks again for this great openSource work!

    33. Yves Morrissette on

      @Jaakko: Perfect. That's what we've been waiting for. Clear simple step by step procedure just to play around. Many thanks!
      @7bot: Great product! Keep up the good work.

    34. Flo on

      the drag option is pretty cool.!! is there any way to activate the vacuum pump in this mode? or close the grapper?

      left mouse changes head orientation and right mouse click moves full arm

    35. 7Bot Creator on

      @All, we have released 4 instruction videos of how to use 7Bot on YouTube:…………

      The GUI softwares have also been updated:
      GUI for Mac OSX:…
      GUI for Win64:…
      GUI for Win32:…
      GUI for Linux64:…

      We have also updated the Communication Instruction.
      Communication Instruction(v1.0.1):…

      The documents and new update is under writing. We will release them soon. Thanks a lot for your support!

    36. Flo on

      @WAI LEUN Thanks! :) Will check it!
      @7bot @creator : I would be interested in the source code too! The GUI has already a coordinate system and I want to know how to make use of it! ;)

      would be great if you could update the forum to something more good looking and powerful like a bbs ;)

      @Chris: any standard arduino UART bluetooth module should work! I bought two of those and will check if they work! ;)…

      you might get them cheaper from china but those are from Berlin (if you are a German great, if not search for a suitable offer in your country! ;) )

    37. Chris Katzbichler on

      @Jaakko: I love that style... :-)
      @all: Does anybody know a good bluetooth module for our baby? I want to add a hefty battery pack and bt-communication to enjoy the great weather outside with my bot without cables. Thank you so much and have a good time!

    38. Missing avatar

      zhengtian on


    39. Missing avatar

      Duncan Campbell on

      @7bot @creator can you post the source for the OS X version on your github repo? I am a Mac developer and can help you build a proper signed version that will stop all the gatekeeper problems people are seeing (may also be able to help with fixing bugs too).


    40. Missing avatar

      Jaakko Nygren on

      Unofficial Beginners' guide for Arduino and 7Bot.

      7Bot is installed in 13 easy steps: :grin:

      1.Download, install and open Arduino Software from:
      2.In Arduino Software, click 'Tools'->'Board:...'->'Board Manager', and install 'Arduino SAM Boards'
      3.Download from: (Hit 'Download ZIP' button on right)
      4.In Arduino Software, click 'Sketch'->'Include Library'->'Add .ZIP Library' and open
      5.Download and unzip 7Bot-Arduino-lib from: (Hit 'Download ZIP' button on right)
      6.Create ZIP-file called that contains files from "Arm7Bot" directory
      7.In Arduino Software, click 'Sketch'->'Include Library'->'Add .ZIP Library' and open
      8.In Arduino Software, click 'File'->'Open' and open Arm7Bot/Examples/softwareSystem/softwareSystem.ino
      9.Connect 7Bot to power adapter and to your PC
      10.In Arduino Software, click 'Tools'->'Board:...'->'Arduino Due (Programming port)'
      11.In Arduino Software, click 'Tools'->'Port:...'->'COM1-5 (Arduino Due (Programming port))'
      ^ Port might be something else, but you should see only one Arduino Due board there.

      12.Make some room for the robot, as in the next step, it comes to life!
      13.In Arduino Software, click 'Sketch'->'Upload' and wait while the new firmware is compiled and uploaded to robot

      Now Arduino Software and 7Bot libraries are installed, and 7Bot can be programmed using Arduino.

      For GUI usage, there is two extra steps:

      1.Download and unzip GUI for Windows 10 from…
      2.Double-click the GUI application. If 7Bot is not detected first time, just open the app again and keep your fingers crossed this time.

      That’s it! You should now be able to move servos with sliders (UI -mode), record poses (HW -mode and '+' -button) and run routines (Pose -mode). There seems to be some minor bugs, but it is working much better than I expected for first release!

      For OS X the steps are the same, but to app does not work, yet, because the package is not signed properly. It's and easy fix for @Creator or, like Florian said, you CAN bypass the gatekeeper by completely disabling it in settings. However, I personally would not do that, since it compromises security for any malicious apps.

    41. Qi Liu on

      How could I do this? (which software do I use? how do I compile the src file?)
      Before using the GUI, you should update your 7Bot Arduino Library here:
      Then upload "softwareSystem" to your Arduino Due board with your 7Bot.

    42. Missing avatar

      WAI LEUN on

      @Florian, the drag box is for you to move the robot with your cursor. When you set it on, you can move the robot by holding on to the right mouse key and move the cursor around. Careful! dont stay too near to the robot arm.

    43. Missing avatar

      WAI LEUN on


      I have downloaded the GUI as per Creator's instruction which he posted several messages down.
      I am reattaching here for your reference "GUI for Windows:
      Before using the GUI, you should update your 7Bot Arduino Library here:
      Then upload "softwareSystem" to your Arduino Due board with your 7Bot.
      From our testing, it will take about 40 to 60s for the Windows GUI setup if you are using Win10."

    44. Missing avatar

      Mikeyuen on

      Please post a operational instruction on the website but not the specification.....

    45. Missing avatar

      Mikeyuen on

      Where can I download the general GUI for my 7Bot?

    46. Flo on

      Another Bug I noticed:

      When the Due has the communication program to the GUI loaded and the GUI is not up and you press reset the robot tries to reach a random position. This is really dangerous if the total reachable area of the robot is not 100% clear. what is mostly the case due to the fact that the robot can reach positions beneath the platform...

      A little safty process would be nice. And also check where the robot is at the moment of start up and drive than to the default position (maybe not with 100% speed). I.e. when the head was laying turned off on the ground it might first try to drive into the ground and after that rush to the default position.

      Things I would like to have:
      tell the robot a certain position in the coordinate system that is already displayed in the GUI.
      more safe initialization of the robot

      But the more I test my device I'm gonna getting to love it! :)

    47. Missing avatar

      Mikeyuen on

      The development of instruction and software of 7bot is completely disappointed at this moment!

    48. Flo on

      @Jaakko Nygren you need to completely disable gatekeeper in settings then it's working for me

    49. Missing avatar

      Jaakko Nygren on

      Nice! Robot is working great with GUI on Windows 10 and with Arduino API; however OS X GUI is crashing on startup. I'm not comfortable bypassing the gatekeeper for modified / damaged applications ..

      Can someone with enough karma set up a subreddit for 7Bot?

    50. Flo on

      uuurgh.. sorry.. DueFlashStorage is working... but I needed to reinstall the DUE board for arduino because there where some issues with old firmware data I had and it deselected my board type..

      Where can I find to which pins K1 and K2 are wired? So I can use them for storing pose, play/stop etc..
      GUI on MAC is working now beautifully! Only little problem I had so far is when I want to zoom in or zoom out the CAD modul the last selected slider was changed a bit. You definitly notice this because your Arm is moving corresponding to the slider! :P
      And I was not able to save a set of poses nor the teached path. Only loading a file was possible.. maybe it is saving to a default direction and I just do not know it?

      Enabling the vacuum pump while choosing a pose position in hw mode is not possible, or is it?
      It only worked for me when the pump was already on from UI mode..
      And what does the drag check box do? only grapper related stuff?

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