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A modern minimalist wallet that blocks RFID signals while keeping your money, credit cards, and business cards organized and secure.
A modern minimalist wallet that blocks RFID signals while keeping your money, credit cards, and business cards organized and secure.
3,491 backers pledged $295,402 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Lee Jacobson on

      Just an observation.....You guys do an outstanding job in communicating with your backers. I appreciate your enthusiasm and commitment to customer (backer) service.

    2. FULONGAMER aka Johannes Bowers on

      ::shakes head::
      and another correction/expansion of the pricing menu:
      +$147 = 3x 2-Plate Al HuMn + 3 Bands + 3 Bags (each) [3x 2p : Pick 3 colors]
      +$187 = 2x 2-Plate Al HuMn + 2-Plate CF HuMn + 3 Bands + 3 Bags (each) [2x 2p : Pick 2 colors]
      +$227 = 2-Plate Al HuMn + 2x 2-Plate CF HuMn + 3 Bands + 3 Bags (each) [2p : 1 color]
      +$267 = 3x 2-Plate CF HuMn + 3 Bands + 3 Bags (each)

    3. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Fulongamer - many thanks for the suggestion and we can totally see where you're coming from!! We are talking about the changes you are suggesting and are seriously considering changing it to your format. Thanks for the great input!! YOU ROCK!!

    4. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Joseph - thanks for backing our project!!

      To answer your questions, please see below:
      1. the wallets come in a solid color, so if you'd like to mix and match the plates, you might want to consider modifying your order to the Backpacker Level ($69). This would be the cheapest way to change plate colors.

      2. We met with our laser engraver today and are waiting to hear back from him on what he thinks is possible regarding personalized laser engraving - so stay tuned, as we hope we'll be able to post an update on this!

      3. We do plan on selling replacement straps in the future, and are also waiting to hear back from our seamstress who will be stitching the straps and attaching the fastener. We hope to offer our KS backers with a level that will allow them to get additional straps at a reduced price while our project is running - so (sorry about this) stay tuned.

      Hope that helps you out a bit and we're doing our best to address the engraving and strap questions as quickly as possible. Thanks again for backing us!!

    5. FULONGAMER aka Johannes Bowers on

      oops, almost forgot...
      +$138 = 2-Plate Al HuMn + 2-Plate CF HuMn + 2 Bands + 2 Bags (each) [2p : 1 color]

    6. FULONGAMER aka Johannes Bowers on

      Scott - I think your math example is a bit offputting in the newly added "Sky's the Limit" level.
      It may be easier for backers to reference their desired combination if the text of the entry included essentially an invoicing menu they can add from:
      **Accessories & Upgrades**
      +$10 = International Shipping
      +$10 = Limited Edition Al HuMn KS Upgrade (each)
      +$?? = Extra HuMn Band (each)
      +$?? = Extra HuMn Partition (each) (TBD)
      +$25 = 1-Plate Al HuMn + Band + Bag (each) [1p : 1 color]
      +$49 = 2-Plate Al HuMn + Band + Bag (each) [2p : 1 color]
      +$69 = 3-Plate Al HuMn + Band + Bag (each) [2p : 1 color + 1p : 1 color]
      +$?? = 1-Plate CF HuMn + Band + Bag (each)
      +$89 = 2-Plate CF HuMn + Band + Bag (each)
      +$98 = 2x 2-Plate Al HuMn + 2 Bands + 2 Bags (each) [2p : 1 color + 2p : 1 color]
      +$178 = 2x 2-Plate CF HuMn + 2 Bands + 2 Bags (each)
      +$187 = 2x 2-Plate Al HuMn + 2-Plate CF HuMn + 3 Bands + 3 Bags (each)
      +$227 = 2-Plate Al HuMn + 2x 2-Plate CF HuMn + 3 Bands + 3 Bags (each)
      +$196 = 4x 2-Plate Al HuMn + 4 Bands + 4 Bags (each) [4x 2p : 1 color]
      +$236 = 3x 2-Plate Al HuMn + 2-Plate CF HuMn + 4 Bands + 4 Bags (each) [3x 2p : 1 color]
      +$276 = 2x 2-Plate Al HuMn + 2x 2-Plate CF HuMn + 4 Bands + 4 Bags (each) [2x 2p : 1 color]
      +$316 = 2-Plate Al HuMn + 3x 2-Plate CF HuMn + 4 Bands + 4 Bags (each) [2p : 1 color]
      +$356 = 4x 2-Plate CF HuMn + 4 Bands + 4 Bags (each)
      or something like that.........

    7. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    8. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Joe - thanks for backing us and we think you'll love the wallet as much as we do!!

      Regarding the wallets being TSA friendly, we would recommend that you take out your wallet when passing through airport security. Based on our experiences in various airports it's been hit and miss with the carbon fiber. The aluminum wallet will definitely set off the metal detectors. Most international airports we've been to outside of the US make you empty your pockets. Hope that kind of helps you out.

    9. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Matthew - congratulations on getting the 100th Wanderer and thanks for backing our project!! The way Kickstarter has their system set up, only one reward level "button" can be selected. As long as you've added the $25 to your order you should be fine. You'll be able to reconfirm your order in the survey that we will send out once the project ends.

      An important note - if you are thinking of using the additional plate as a divider, please note that we are working at the moment with our manufacturer for a plate specifically for this purpose and hope to be able to have that as an added level soon. We expect the price to be the same as the single additional plate. So stay tuned!

    10. Joe Iovinelli on

      Hello guys. Awesome product. I have been looking for something like this for many years.

      I was wondering, do you think it would be TSA (airport security) friendly?

      P.S. I can not wait to get mine! Thanks!

    11. Missing avatar

      Matthew Zakibe on

      So I picked the $59 Wanderer package (I got the 100th one!) and I wanted to get a third aluminum plate to maybe use as a divider. So I added $25 to my order for that but it doesn't let me pick 2 rewards. I'm guessing this can be taken care of in the survey?

    12. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Stephen - very cool that we're your first Kickstarter project!! You'll be able to choose your color options after the project ends. We will be sending out a backer survey to everyone to get mailing addresses and color choices, so no worries. Thanks again for backing us!!

    13. Stephen DiMartino on

      The HuMn Wallet is my FIRST Kickstarter pledge! I can't wait! Question, there was no way to choose color options during checkout...will this be done at a later date? Just curious and thanks again!

    14. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Tyler - very excited and happy that you're backing our project! Regarding sizes and passports, we are already working on this and are in the planning and development stages!! Thanks again for backing us!!

    15. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      David - have noted that John referred you and have given him credit for it! Thanks for backing us and we are working on addressing the straps!! So stay tuned!!

    16. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Vu - We're working on getting just a strap level up and hope to be able to post it very soon! Additional colors are being discussed and hopefully we'll get to announce those as well in the near future!

    17. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      EHeff - Thanks for backing our project and we hope that the new levels will help people get what they want. We should be able to post pictures of the plates with all of the final colors and finishes before the project ends. We definitely want to give backers the most accurate account of what the finished wallets colors will be!

    18. Missing avatar

      Tyler McCauley on

      Excited to be a Backer for this project. I have been watching this since it showed up on Kickstarter and made the jump into my first backing yesterday (Backpacker). Are there thoughts to have additional sizes, say for travel needs, such as Passports?

    19. Missing avatar

      David Gonzalez on

      Thanks to John Scarmato for referring me, I am now a backer! I'm with vu on the option for a single plate with strap version. Personally, I would have a double plate "big" wallet with all of my membership and business cards, etc., and a slim single-plate one with just the essentials (credit card, ID, cash).

    20. Vu N on

      Great additional options! One thing I would have loved to see was (like Luke said) a single plate configuration. Perhaps right above the $25 mark. Perhaps $30-$35 for a single plate w/strap. I'm currently a "Backpacker" but would have loved to have an extra strap as I figure the strap would fail long before a plate would. Just a thought. Just to throw it in again, I'd love to see a yellow plate :D

    21. EHeff on

      One of the first Rover backers but had to switch it up to the Backpacker. Too good a deal to pass up!! Thanks for posting additional levels so we know exactly what we are getting ourselves into. Also, is there anyway you could post more pictures of color combos? I would love to see the bead blasted/black and orange/black color combos so I know exactly which color to make my extra plate. Thanks!

    22. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Luke - thanks for the suggestion and it's already in the works :) We should have it posted as new level very soon!! Thanks again!!

    23. Luke McCarthy on


      An idea that just occurred to me - if it's financially feasible, you guys may want to offer a single plate configuration at a reduced price for those who truly want to go minimalist. Personally, I'm a double plate man myself, but it might get other people interested who are slightly relecutant to jump at the $50 base price point. Of course, I think you're doing great as is, but it always helps to have more options

    24. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Bare Bones - many thanks for backing our project!!

    25. Missing avatar

      Bare Bones on

      Came across this whilst searching net for a new wallet. Now a backer - good luck guys.

    26. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Tyler - this is something that we have considered from the beginning and are hoping that we'll be available to offer to our backers. We're still waiting to hear back from our laser engraving person and will let everyone know if we can start offering this! Thanks!!

    27. Missing avatar

      Tyler McCauley on

      Have you considered, in your future plans, adding an option for personal laser engraving along with the Hu Mn?

    28. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Luke - all great suggestions and things we are discussing! We hope to have the stretch goals up soon, but need to hear back first from our manufacturers before posting. So stay tuned!!

    29. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Dante - we are talking about expanding colors as part of the stretch goals we hope to announce soon! We need to hear back from our anodizer as to what colors are feasible first though. A poll is definitely a good idea!

    30. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      PhracturedBlue - the wight difference will be minimal - we need to get a scale that measures in grams and will be sure to post the weights of both!

    31. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Myke - have made a note and will make sure that John gets credit for referring you! Thanks!!

    32. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      80AM - Ken has used the single plate quite a bit, but is currently using a double plate configuration. I've used the single plate on a few occasions, but typically have it set up in a double plate configuration.

    33. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Dean - without knowing the exact process that the carbon fiber accents you have on your car went through, they could be deteriorating for many reasons. It could be a bad epoxy application, vacuum bag issue, or some other production glitch.

    34. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Kangyu - it's a bit difficult to say as we don't know what "rugged" means for you specifically. Aluminum is not impervious to scratching and can get gouged if exposed to really sharp objects or surfaces. With the prototypes that we tested, the anodizing holds up very well and will help in hiding minor scratches or nicks, but cannot protect against deep gouges. If you could send us a message as to what types of situations you are considering exposing the wallet to, we might be able to provide a more detailed answer.

    35. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Fulongamer - many thanks for suggestions on the Backpacker and LE Wanderer Levels, along with answering Dean's question about the carbon fiber (which was spot on!).

      The only level that we had planned on numbering was the LE Wanderer Level, where the Backpacker Level was an option to get an additional plate for personal customization - we had not planned on numbering the Backpacker levels. We do apologize if we have caused any confusion among the backers with numbering. We will definitely discuss your suggestions about the additional pledge levels and numbering, and hope to have this cleared up for all backers very soon.

      Thanks for the wonderful suggestions and assistance with the comments!!

    36. Luke McCarthy on

      Any ideas as far as stretch goals? Ideas that occurred to me were additional colors, an extra shock band, and I mean if you guys want to throw in an extra wallet for all, I don't think we'll complain ;) but realistically, will the color palette be expanding? I don't believe I'm alone in hoping for an olive green color like the one in the first video

    37. Missing avatar

      Dante Vianzon on

      A poll then perhaps?

    38. Missing avatar

      PhracturedBlue on

      what is the weight difference between the cf and the anodizec aluminum in a 2-plate configuration?

    39. Missing avatar

      Myke Williams on

      John Scarmato referred me! The wallet looks awesome!

    40. Missing avatar

      80AM on

      Thanks for the 3rd update! I was surprised to see the single card design work better. I'm curious which config you use?

    41. Missing avatar

      Dean Ang on

      Thanks for clearing that up fullongamer. I'm just curious as i'm having some doubts due to some cars with cf bits that I see deteriorating

    42. FULONGAMER aka Johannes Bowers on

      Dean Ang - The description of the CF set is "2 sheets of Carbon Fiber with a RF Blocking Screen baked in the middle." The baking process is not just a laminate glue process, but a full melt/merge forming a single piece, not independent layers + adhesive.
      Carbon Fiber contruction material is not like Fiberglass, it will not be fraying and once "set" into the opposing plate essentially "thru" the screen, it forms a closed unit.

    43. Missing avatar

      Dean Ang on

      May I just ask, isn't it that the entire 3k twill cf is bound/baked/meld into 1 piece? What material was used for this one? Resin? I'm sure about the CF lasting or holding up to everyday wear and tear but what about the substance that is used to bind/laminate them together?

    44. Kangyu Chia on

      Hi, I have some reservations about the aluminium plates. Exactly how scratch-resistant will these be, as I envisage some very rugged use for me.

    45. FULONGAMER aka Johannes Bowers on

      From the demos I've been seeing the solution appears to be "treat it like a rolodex". Especially easy in the 2-plate config, you prop open the plates, then "page" thru the varied cards to the specific needed/wanted card.
      My current dozen or so cards occupy not 1 but 2 "plastic card insert" fans in my traditional wallet, and have pretty much destroyed their pockets (being 2-3 per pocket).
      I'm thinking this will actually be easier to manage and control. (and protect from incidental magnetic-strip-to-magnetic-strip degauss risk)

    46. Aseem Kishore on

      Hi, I'm a backer and really like this product, but I have one reservation that I was hoping you could address. I noticed in some of your videos that you put in what looks to be 10 to 15 cards in the center of two plates. The good thing about normal wallets is that you can actually see the cards and then pick the one you want. It doesn't seem like there is an easy way to differentiate between those 15 cards if they are squeezed tight between the plates. I can only imagine taking out the entire set of cards and then flipping through them to find the one I want. Obviously, having less cards is one solution, but what if I need 15? Is there any way to remedy this?


    47. FULONGAMER aka Johannes Bowers on

      Scott - So, the question then arises (again) about the Limited Edition "KS Green and Laser Etched/Numbered plates". Is there a difference between the pool of the LE-Wanderer set of plates and the LE-Backpacker Upgrade plates?
      All 100 of 100 Wanderers are sold, but there is no internal measure/tracking for the LE-Backpacker upgrade which can be any random spread within the range of 1-1000 "basic" backpackers.
      If the additional Pledge Levels are in the offing (for the different combinations of 2:1 or 3:1 wallets), I might suggest specifically generating a Backpacker LE Pledge of exactly $79 with whatever specific LE Number spread you elect to provide identified therein. All the LE-Backpacker Pledgers (like me) can then "Manage their Pledge" to select that level and clearly identify for you how many additional Numbered KS Green plate sets you'll need.

    48. Maeve K. M. on

      Scott; Noted. :3 And congrats on breaking 100k!
      I'm tempted to upgrade up, but am waiting to see what the other tiers are.

    49. Missing avatar

      Austin Mills on

      Oh hell, I missed the chance a number calling. I'd love 42 if in fact it doesn't belong to FULON like the comment indicates. That or 100.

    50. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Maeve - many thanks for being so understanding and again, do apologize for the mix up! Not sure if you are aware of this, but we have an ongoing program where if you can get two additional backers from your network to back our project at any level and have them mention your name in the "Comments," we'll give you a free aluminum wallet! :) Thanks again!!

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