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A modern minimalist wallet system that blocks RFID signals yet allows users to express their individuality. Simple, slim, purely HuMn.
1,300 backers pledged $81,294 to help bring this project to life.

The Quickie Update

Posted by Scott Hussa (Creator)

122% Funded!!

A huge "THANK YOU" to you all for continuing to ROCK the HuMn Wallet: Mini project!!

We do apologize for this Update coming in a bit late, we were at the Mr. Man Event in Portland and just got back to the HuMn HQ.

Not much news to update, so we'll keep it short and sweet.

Production is in full effect!

We've already started cutting the plates and should have these ready for powder coating by the time the project ends. We had hoped that we'd be able to give some answers to backers wondering about what colors will be available, however we need a bit more time to suss some things out.

We are currently working with our web guy to fine tune the system we will put in place for backers to claim their rewards. As this is still a work in progress we are waiting a bit longer before we fill backers in on it. However, what we can say is that it should address the color concerns that many backers have brought up. We're pretty excited though!!

As always, if you have any questions you can always send a message via KS or email us directly at:

Thank you all again!!

- The Dudes


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    1. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Carsten - we have some big news planned for once the project has ended, regarding colors :D What I can say is that we'll be offering more than just 4 colors :D

    2. Carsten Borg on

      3 days to go and still no update on the colours?

      Will you be offering black, blue, grey and red only - as decided by the survey?

    3. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Chris - we are planning on making an announcement soon, however we cannot go into details until the project has ended as we don't want to ruffle any feathers from Kickstarter. What we can say at this time is that we will be offering (very likely) more colors and are looking at how we can offer two-tone wallets to backers that won't bog down the fulfillment process. :D

    4. Chris Howe on

      With only five days to go, will you have your announcements regarding colours and two-tone wallets before the funding date?

      Not much use after the fact.

    5. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Sorry HuMn Nation, we forgot to include the updated color survey results. Please see below for this week's updated results:

      1) Flat Black: 23%

      2) Royal Blue: 12%

      3) Cool Grey: 11%

      4) Red: 9%

      5) Showboat Silver: 10%

      6) Forest Green: 7%

      7) Sun Kissed Orange: 6%

      8) Lemon Yellow: 6%

      9) Mint Green: 6%

      10) Powder Blue: 5%

      11) Hot Pink: 2%

      12) Purple: 2%

    6. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Chris - shouldn't be much longer now!! :D

    7. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Justin - have some things in the works and more colors are definitely a part of that :D

    8. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      William - doh!! Our bad. I'll amend the Update with new poll numbers. Thanks for the keen eye!! :D

    9. Chris Choi on

      Can't wait to get rid of my Duckbill Clip.

    10. Justin Maughan on

      maybe add an additional colour for each 10k you get over the goal?

    11. William Carew-jones on

      What are the polls looking like