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A modern minimalist wallet system that blocks RFID signals yet allows users to express their individuality. Simple, slim, purely HuMn.
1,300 backers pledged $81,294 to help bring this project to life.

We're a GO!!

Posted by Scott Hussa (Creator)


Just halfway into our project funding period and we are a go!

We have started the production process and we are looking at some other finishes that we think are pretty sweet! If the samples for the new finishes come out as we hope, we’ll post photos in a future update.

Please keep in mind that as much as we want to offer additional plates, two-tone Minis, and more colors, the main thing that we want to do is get backers fulfilled as quickly as possible. We are trying to get backers the options that have been voiced the most, but need a bit more time to make sure that offering these options will not slow down getting rewards out to everyone.

           **** CLARIFICATION ON COLORS ****

We apologize if we caused any confusion on the colors as the reward level description on the right of our project page lists Black, Silver, and Pink. This should have been taken out, however once the project is live we are unable to make any changes to the reward levels. Please disregard the colors listed to the right.


Single Plates (a.k.a. add on plates): We would like to be able to offer single plates to our backers and are working on a system that will allow us to do so, without bogging down the fulfillment process. We are running some tests at the moment and will keep everyone updated on this.

Two-Tone Plates: A number of backers have voiced that they’d like to be able to mix and match plates. We are still looking at how we can do this in a manner that will not slow down the fulfillment process. While we are unable to offer two-tone wallets at this time, we are working on it and are hoping to have a definitive answer for backers before the project ends.

Color Survey results to date: We’ve had a total of 263 respondents so far. If you haven’t voted yet, we hope you’ll click on the link below and cast your vote!

1) Flat Black: 21%

2) Royal Blue: 13%

3) Cool Grey: 12%

4) Red: 10%

5) Showboat Silver: 10%

6) Forest Green: 7%

7) Sun Kissed Orange: 7%

8) Lemon Yellow: 6%

9) Mint Green: 5%

10) Powder Blue: 4%

11) Hot Pink: 2%

12) Purple: 2%


-The Dudes


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    1. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Jennifer - worry not, we have something in store for backers regarding colors, so stay tuned as we are looking at opening up more colors :D

    2. Jennifer Tsui on

      Aw~ seems like we're not going to get pink at this rate!

    3. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Shenando - sorry for the late reply. you will be able to choose your wallet color via the backer survey that will go out once the project has ended :D

    4. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      AJ - many thanks for helping us out on the comments! :D

    5. shenando on

      Sorry, I do not understand, we can no longer choose the colours we want for the mini you level?

    6. Missing avatar

      AJ Wolf on

      Charlie, if you're asking about the color survey that Scott is talking about in the update, the link is on the main KS page for the project in the text right under the image showing all the examples of colors.

    7. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Charlie - the survey won't be sent until after the project time is over. We should have the surveys going out a week or so after the project ends :D

    8. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Chris - we should have this sorted out by the end of next week (I hope) and will include any info on the Update.

      Could you please send me a message when you can? Many thanks :D

    9. Chris Howe on

      Cool, I look forward to the update. Frankly, without a two tone option, or the right colours, my wife and I are considering withdrawing.

      We love the mini (my wife especially) but there's little point in compromising and buying a wallet that doesn't fit what we want, especially when it was available for the original, and will be available after this project.

    10. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Wayne - that could be an option :D We're waiting to hear back from our web guy as we're trying to get a system in place that will allow for backers to get the things that they have been asking for. We should have this sorted out and a final answer ready by the end of next week :D

      If it works out the way that we are intending, I think you and the other backers will be pretty stoked! :D

    11. Foundry Labs on

      Scott -- I don't want to throw a wrench in your plans, but I have a suggestion for those who really want a two-tone me! : ) What are your thoughts on agreeing to a delayed delivery (i.e., after Christmas if necessary) for those of us who want a two-tone option? Ideally, I'd love to have this by the first half of December but might be willing to wait until later if that means I can get a two-tone Mini instead. Just my two cents. Thanks for being so transparent and responsive!

    12. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Jenn - we are working on the colors at the moment and should have an answer for you very soon on the colors. We think it will make all of the backers pretty excited. Just waiting on a few things before making the announcement :D

    13. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Ross - thank you for the comment and suggestion :D Will add it to the main project page. YOU ROCK!

    14. Jenn Barkenhagen on

      Wait, so pink might not be an option? Will backers be able to wait for their order to be filled until you guys are doing more colors? I really wanted a pink one.

    15. Ross Thompson

      While you can't change the pledge levels after they're backed (and I think that was the right decision on KS's part), you *can* add explanatory comments to the project description. It would probably help to put the "clarification on colors" section somewhere obvious on the main page.