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A modern minimalist wallet system that blocks RFID signals yet allows users to express their individuality. Simple, slim, purely HuMn.
1,300 backers pledged $81,294 to help bring this project to life.

Our Backers are AWESOME!! :D

Posted by Scott Hussa (Creator)

72% Funded in just over a week!

Thank you all for backing and supporting us! We're at 72% funded since we launched last week!

The feedback, comments and suggestions have been great and we love hearing from you! Thank you so much for your support!! YOU ALL ROCK!!

Weekly Updates:

We will be posting weekly updates to keep backers informed on what's going on with the project and to also address any items that may have been discussed on the comments page.

Kickstarter Limited Edition:

We have had quite a few requests to open up another Kickstarter Limited Reward level from backers. However, as one of our backers pointed out, opening up another Kickstarter Limited Reward level would be going against the spirit of having limited rewards, and we're inclined to agree. However, Kickstarter is a community and having an open discussion on this would be great :D We would love to hear from our Kickstarter Limited Edition Backers and get their input. We'll go along with what the majority of them have to say on this.


Center Plates:

Another great question that has arisen is the possibility of adding a center plate to the Mini. Based on our original testing, we found that due to the size of the Mini, adding a center plate made it difficult at times to access the contents. For the time being I don't believe we'll be offering a center plate for the Mini as we don't want to put something out that we aren't 100% comfortable with.

Two-Tone Wallets:

Several backers have also asked about the possibility of getting a two-tone HuMn Wallet: Mini. This is something we may consider, but at this time we want to keep things simple as it will make the fulfillment process smoother. Our goal is to get your rewards to you as quickly as possible. (ideally before Christmas).

It may seem that mix and matching wallet plates shouldn’t be that difficult however, we did find it had a significant impact on slowing the fulfillment process during the first project.


With the US Presidential election less than a week away, we encourage and hope our backers will get into the spirit by voting for the colors they want to see in the Mini. If you haven't voted yet, we hope you'll take a few seconds to vote on the colors you want.

The top four colors chosen at the end of the project will be the colors we will be offering to our backers.


       **** Wallet Color Survey on Facebook ****

              (click on the link above to vote on colors if you haven't already)

Below are the most recent results from the HuMn Wallet: Mini Color Survey on our Facebook page.

1) Flat Black: 18% 

2) Royal Blue: 15% 

3) Cool Grey: 11%

4) Red: 10% 

5) Forest Green: 9% 

6) Showboat Silver: 9% 

7) Lemon Yellow: 7% 

8) Sun Kissed Orange: 7% 

9) Mint Green: 5% 

10) Powder Blue: 5% 

11) Hot Pink: 2% 

12) Purple: 2% 

We will continue to post the results of the survey in a weekly update to keep backers informed on what colors are trending.

Lastly, we would like to take a moment and say to everyone who has been affected by tropical storm Sandy that you are in our thoughts and prayers. We hope you are all okay.

- The Dudes 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Greg DeFore on

      I just found this oppotunity, going with the $55 pledge...but I didn't see where I would select the color. Did I miss it, or will I select a color prior to shipment?

    2. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Fei Jing - you should be able to click on the "Kickstarter" logo and that should take you to the main page. From there you can navigate by category to the right or just click on the "Discover" button at the top :D

    3. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Carsten - thank you for your feedback! We have been discussing this and are considering possible options :D

    4. Fei Jing on

      can someone tell me how to navigate the site to see new projects? I was able to find it once before, but then I forgot and has never been able to do it again. maybe I'm just blind...
      Thank you!!

    5. Carsten Borg on

      Really looking forward to my "wallet" - but I'm a bit torn about the colour issue...

      While most of the colours are fine, it was definitely the yellow one that caught my interest. Is it a matter of sheer quantity before it's possible to include a colour? Would it be possible to, say, increase your pledge with $10 to get a colour that isn't part of the "standard"4?

    6. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Larry - thank you so much for writing out such a great comment! We appreciate the feedback that we've been getting as it not only helps us in knowing what our backers are thinking but it also helps newer backers to get some insight into how Kickstarter projects are run.

      We're definitely looking at Donald's suggestion along with a couple of others and should have a solution ready to go before the end of the week :D

    7. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Chris - thank you for posting your comment and we are considering what you wrote as one possible option :D

    8. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Donald - thank you so much for your feedback and view :D Very much appreciated!

    9. Missing avatar

      Larry Tyner on

      The point of the LE is to get backers to pay a few more bucks for something unique. It spurs interest in the project and can help get a project on the popular products page. Now this is a good marketing technique, but if a second tier is offered that is perceived to be better then buyers will be disappointed and could drop the early award. I have gotten in on closed LE tiers because of this, backers shifted tiers and I got the level I desired. Some get in on the LE and some do not, luck of the draw and timing. I recently missed out on a “flash” Kickstarter, only 100 of the Aurum playing card decks were offered and they sold quickly. I missed out so had to wait a few days and pay retail price, some days you are the windshield and some days you are the bug.

      I have seen tiers open late, that offer more for less later in a project and backers drop their early pledges for the more favorable ones. In the big picture do I gain anything by having one of the first 100 LE mini-wallets, no. However; I put up the extra $10 to support the second Kickstarter effort of a product I really like. I still use the original larger wallet from the first Kickstarter, direct people who comment on it the website, and added a second standard wallet here to the LE level. I would like to see the current LE left alone and hopefully whatever other tiers open up will not convince me to save $10 and shift to the standard wallets. Donald Kalasardo has offered an interesting solution with the LE/Kickstarter edition, and I believe that approach has merit. A Kickstarter Green edition at the same price as the LE and the ability to get the numbered LE in Green would help spur sales and keep the LE unique.

    10. Missing avatar

      Chris R Martin

      Hi guys,
      First off, I have the original HuMn Wallet and I love it. I was not lucky enough to get the LE, but I came on board early enough to sign up for the Mini LE. I think it is best to keep the LE at 100 units. I have backed several projects, sometimes I get in early enough to sign up for limited editions, sometimes not. That's just the way it goes.
      I will say that when your original project opened up the Kickstarter Green to everyone as an option I was thrilled and added an additional wallet to my pledge so I could get the KS Green as well as the backpacker. Coincidentally, I use the KS Green wallet every day. I think it would be great if you guys made the KS Green and black wallet available to everyone.

    11. Donald Kalasardo on

      I also agree with the LE backers they are the first 100 and very well got the ball rolling, I also think there is a difference between a LE and a Kickstarted Edition. An Kickstarter Edition is to show that we as kickstarters help launch a project. I suggest if you can section off people in the 100% or under can add to their pledge to get a Kickstarted Edition while the LE backers still get numbered plates to show they were the "First 100." I will be fine with what ever you chose to do, its just nice to get something that shows we helped make a project a reality.

    12. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Donald - thank you for the comment :D What you wrote is really at the heart of our dilemma. We totally agree with you that all of our backers are the main drivers for any successful project and we don't want anyone to feel as though one level of backers are more important than another. At the same time, we do feel that it is important to keep limited rewards as being something special. We're talking over possible alternatives and so far have received some great suggestions from our backers :D

    13. Donald Kalasardo on

      Kickstarter Limited Edition is in the spirit of the community backing a project in the first place. I feel anyone that backs before 100% is reached should have an option to add say 10$ to get a Kickstarter Limited Edition. After all i might not have been in the first 100 but without us 100% would never be reached.

    14. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Douglas - thank you for your comment and we're inclined to agree with you. We fully understand that there is value in the LE level and certainly do not want to dilute or diminish it.

    15. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Kelvin - thanks so much for your comment and sharing your experiences with other KS projects!! This truly does help us!!

    16. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Brys - spot on and you're certainly having the same thoughts that we are having :D YOU ROCK!!

      We'll be discussing this over the weekend and hopefully will have a happy solution for all parties in the coming week :D

    17. Missing avatar

      Douglas Hanisch on

      As a LE backer, I have to say it's not limited if you give it to everyone who wants it. I missed out on the original HuMn LE, and am glad I got in on this one.

    18. Kelvin Tong on

      I am a KS-LE Backer gor both your first and this project. I think the reason of kickstarter being hard to navigate got nothing to do with being a LE backer. The fact is 100 others already navigate their way and that's it. There are many other projects that I participated and in many cases, I am too late to get the limited editions, and NONE of them opens up additional slots. This makes their project special, and makes me want to get into their next project earlier to get the limited awards. Let the backers know the valued of LE awards instead of devaluing it by opening to demands. If not, don't call it LE, just cal it SE (serialized edition) and you can open to as many and serialized according to their position in backing. Leave LE be LE.

    19. Brys on

      I remember a similar conversation happening when the numbered edition for the original HuMn sold out, too.

      As a LE backer I think you have two options to keep everybody happy.

      The first is to do what you did for the original HuMn: leave the numbering limited, but allow non-LE backers to nab the KS green plates. In this case you could open up another tier for the dual tone wallet (perhaps a bit more expensive) and leave the production numbering tier alone. That keeps the LE limited but allows other backers to get a wallet that's still a bit more special than what'll be in the online store under $100.

      The other option is to open up a new tier of numbered wallets, at the same price, but in a different color. You could let backers vote on what that dual tone should be, maybe made up of the colors trending low on the other poll, and have it as a "backer's choice" LE. That'd leave the original LE untouched in it's rarity, both in number and in the color of the plates, but give everybody a second chance with the possibility of current LEs switching for the different color and opening up spots there. Plus it might allow some of the less popular colors a chance to shine.

      I'd probably be a bit grumbly about outright extending the current LE's numbered run but I'd be fine with either of the above ideas. Adding a new tier with KS green/black wallets would likely be the easiest for you guys, but there is something to be said for backer participation. :P

    20. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Katy - that would totally be possible, and may be a possible solution :D Thanks for the great suggestion!

    21. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Michael - thank you for the great comment and background on your experiences with Limited Rewards on other KS projects :D Very, very thoughtful and much appreciated!!

    22. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Joshua - thank you so much for your comment! We do feel that the limited rewards should be "limited" but also understand that some people may have missed out on it as navigating KS can be difficult at times for people who are not familiar with the site. We'll wait to hear what others have to say and before taking any actions though :D

    23. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Katy - thank you for your comment and sharing your thoughts :D We definitely want to hear from our KS-LE backers before taking any type of action.

    24. Citizen Irene on

      I'd be all for another run of the limited edition style for those who missed out as long as only the original 100 got the limited production number included. Is that possible?

    25. Missing avatar

      Michael Canning on

      I was the first to jump on the EtchPop combo pack, and one of the first 7 backers for the Mini. I've been in Fei's position many times. I can't troll the Kickstarter pages frequently enough to catch many limited rewards, but when I do, it feels good to be part of something special. If the EtchPop limited reward were sold out, and another 100 added, I'd feel a little less special. However, I've also been in that position before, and I think the additional support funds for Scott and HuMn would outweigh any harm to my (our) psyche. I was still the first to pick up the EtchPop reward, regardless of how many end up with it. Katy, you were within the first 100, regardless of how many Scott offers. My advice to Scott is to open up a new level, which allows supporters like Fei to get what they want, but either tweak the price (as many Kickstarter projects do) or do something to differentiate the first offering from the second.

      All of us have to remember that Kickstarter is a community built to support new products and fantastic creators, inventors, and visionaries. Not just a retail site dedicated to extreme pre-orders...

    26. Missing avatar

      Joshua Clarke on

      As a Limited Edition early-adopter, I'm torn between Katy and Fei's statements. If the HuMn team see the Limited Edition as an early-adopter reward, then I would agree with Katy that to open it up to more people now would tarnish that sentiment.

      If the team just sees it as a limited product, and not necessarily a reward of any sort, then I would agree with Fei that opening it up to a few more is fine. It's ultimately up to the HuMn team and how they think the customer perception of the Limited Edition favors their brand. I'm happy either way, 'coz I got in. :)

    27. Citizen Irene on

      I was able to get in on the limited edition and I would really like it to stay at the limited level of 100. Limited means limited and it's a reward to those who signed on as backers early. The fact that so many people want it just makes it that much better to have been able to be the lucky few to get one. Sorry, but it's just not the same if you increase the number available because of demand.

    28. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Brett - we have plans to eventually offer all of the colors for retail sales. However, for Kickstarter we are trying to keep the color choices somewhat limited so we can get pledges fulfilled before Christmas. I do know that for our testing period, Pink was a very popular color so I'm a bit surprised that it isn't trending higher in the polls.

    29. Brett Fox on

      So if one of the colors on the pledge I selected, pink, isn't voted for then I will not be able to get it as pink? That's the sole reason why I pledged for a second time. Is this true? Thanks guys.

    30. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Fei Jing - thank you for your input and we do want to hear from our backers as this is your project as well :D

      We hope that we'll be able to hit the numbers you mentioned, but we aren't about to complain either about the phenomenal support we've received thus far.

    31. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Sean - sorry for any confusion on the colors. The colors listed on to the right of the project page should have been taken out, however once we went live we aren't allowed to make any changes to backed levels. So backers should ignore the colors listed.

    32. Fei Jing on

      I do agree limited reward should be kept limited. However, Kickstarter is not the most easiest site to browse new projects. By the time the project enters the spotlight, the very limited 100 spots are already gone. Given this project will probably easily end up with more than 1500 backers, I don't see the harm of increasing the limited edition by just a bit more.

    33. Missing avatar

      Sean Hazlett on

      Great to hear the update. I am glad the colours will also be updated as I wondered why it was only showing (Black, Silver, Pink) for the base pledge of $55.