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A modern minimalist wallet system that blocks RFID signals yet allows users to express their individuality. Simple, slim, purely HuMn.
A modern minimalist wallet system that blocks RFID signals yet allows users to express their individuality. Simple, slim, purely HuMn.
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    1. Eric Jeffrey on

      just want to say that after using the mini for about six months I like it a lot. Even more after removing one plate... Well done guys!

    2. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      JP - thank you so much for the feedback :D We are expecting the new shock straps in the near future - amazing that something so small can take so long to get right.

      We'll keep backers updated on the shock straps!

    3. JP on

      Hey there. I backed both the original HuMn Wallet 1.0 and the Mini. I really liked the 1.0 but was kind of annoyed by the sharp corners. That's why I backed the Mini. Unfortunately I just don't get along with the Mini's opening mechanism. I guess the 2.0 might be the right thing for me. Combining the size and opening mechanism of the 1.0 with the round edges of the Mini. But I will definitely not order one untill you guys have come up with a strap without that nasty metal ;)

      Anyways: Anyone interested in buying a brand-new Mini (black plates, red strap)? Message me at jochenp (at)

    4. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Candice - could you please contact me directly at and I'll get you a replacement shock strap. Sorry that you've had this happen. The fasteners shouldn't be rusting at all, so if possible, any photos you could provide would be very helpful.

    5. Candice Gay on

      Have any backers experienced issues with the metal on the strap rusting? Just noticed that mine is covered in rust and I haven't gotten my wallet wet. Even while walking in the occasional downpour, it's safely in an interior jacket pocket.

    6. Missing avatar

      Giles on

      Coins are impossible to avoid in the UK and my black wallet is chipped quite a lot (especially around the sides. I still love the wallet but I'm considering removing the powder coating completely and having it raw.

    7. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Matt - this is a bit tricky to answer as wear and tear will vary from person to person. One thing that I personally do is keep my keys out of the same pocket as my wallet. I don't normally carry around a lot of change, so a few coins in the pockets may cause some minor dings, but shouldn't wear out the powder coating.

      With that being said, not everyone is the same so I do understand where you are coming from. We are considering treating future powder coated plates with a clear coat, and are in a testing process now to see if it helps prevent micro scratching on the plate surfaces.

    8. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      Thanks for the response Scott.

      One more thing. Any suggestions on how to keep my Humn wallet looking new? My aluminum (silver) wallet is already showing signs of wear and looks a lot older than it actually is.


    9. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Matt - thank you so much for the feedback! :D

      We are working on a Polyurethane fastener and we are expecting to get these in very soon. We'll be sure to keep all backers up to date on the new shock straps.

      Thanks so much again for the feedback and please do feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

    10. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      I love my HuMn wallet.

      Once piece of feedback though. The metal clasp-like piece on the elastic strap scrapes against cards and wears them down pretty quickly. This has now happened to my most often use credit card and my work ID.

      I think that piece should be removed or change do a less abrasive material for future straps.


    11. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Lynn - thank you so much for the kind words! We're super happy that you and your brother-in-law are loving the wallets! As always, please feel free to contact us if you ever have any questions or need assistance with your HuMn Wallets :)

    12. Lynn Iwamoto

      I know this is late, since I received the wallets in January, but I want to thank you and your business partner for having such good quality control over your products. They are high quality (smooth, consistent machining, and consistent amount of paint everywhere) and true to the colors you showed. I received two wallets: red and orange. I gave one as a gift to my brother-in-law. It takes some practice to getting the cards out smoothly and quickly. I am enjoying my red one. Thank you!

    13. Chris Choi on

      Is there a way to change an order? I want to add to it.


    14. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Chris - sorry for not getting back to you sooner, was in a dinner work meeting with Ken.

      Regarding your question, at the moment the shock straps are still with the metal fastener. However, we are waiting for the Polyurethane (PU) shock straps to come in - which should be very soon.

    15. Chris Choi on

      You guys got me again. Disregard my email Scott. Sorry. I was like OMG CF plates! Ordered! So the straps, are they still metal or leather like pictured in the previous pictures.

    16. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Jorge - thank you so much for the message! :D

      We sent out emails to backers, however if you accidentally deleted it the easiest and fastest way would be me send me the following info to:

      1) wallet color
      2) Shipping address

      As soon as we get your color choice and shipping info, we'll get your pledge out ASAP :D

      Thanks so much for backing us!! YOU ROCK!! :D

    17. Jorge nava Samano on

      Hey how are u guys !!! Couple questions. how I get my wallet ? And . Did my card was charge ?

    18. Missing avatar

      Kenneth on

      Didn't work, but it's really easy to slide the card out and back in after reading, so it's not really an issue for me.

    19. Missing avatar

      Kenneth on

      I'll give it a try tomorrow. If it doesn't work I'll just make sure I don't store receipts and such behind the card in case I need to pull it out when reading the card.

    20. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Kenneth - we've had some issues with this as well. What we've found is that the strength of the reader can vary, so that's likely the issue. One thing you might want to try doing is pressing the wallet with the card against the reader and/or slightly pushing the card to the top or bottom of the wallet so that more of the card is exposed :D

    21. Missing avatar

      Kenneth on

      Getting better at it by the minute!

      Kinda bummed that my public transport card can't be read when I have it stuck to the outside of the wallet though.

    22. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Kenneth - the holes are if you want to attach a key ring or fob; just be sure to only loop it through one of the holes and not both :D It may take a few days to really get adjusted to using the Mini, but once you have it down, it's super easy.

    23. Missing avatar

      Kenneth on

      What is the purpose of the two holes in the top corners?

      It's still quite awkward to open it and get cards out and such, but hopefully it gets easier with some more practise.

    24. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Kenneth - ROCK ON!! :D We're happy your Mini arrived! If you have any sweet pics you can either post to our FB page or send the pictures directly to Ken at: :D

    25. Missing avatar

      Kenneth on

      Just received mine in the mail today! It looks PHENOMENAL.

    26. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Felix - Excellent!! Thank you so much!!

    27. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Ilyas - l,et me do some checking and I'll get back to with any info I can find :D


      I got mine here in Jakarta, Indonesia. Send 01.01.2013, received 22.01.2013.

    29. Missing avatar

      ilyas on

      I am having exact same problem with Cody. Can you please follow up my order via email too? It was processed on the 6th instead of 4th

    30. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Trol - Could you please send us a picture of the scratch at: I'll take a look and will send out a replacement if necessary :D

    31. Trol Lolol on

      I just received my wallet and i found out that its a little scratched :(

    32. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Cody - I'll be sending you a message directly to follow up :D

    33. Missing avatar

      Cody Peters on

      Hi there ... My wallet was shipped Jan 4 and was processed through the USPS sort facility on Jan 6, yet I still have not received my wallet. I called the 1-800 number but it was no help. Any problems with shipping or ideas why shipping is taking so long? Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated. Thnaks

    34. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Zachary - we're one step ahead of you :D

    35. Missing avatar

      Zachary Devore on

      Hey guys I have been using it for a couple of days now, and as much as I like the size, I like the rounded edges more. Might be a cool idea for the full size.

    36. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Brys - fantastic to hear that you're enjoying the Mini :D

      We'll definitely have news soon on the carbon fiber and the all fabric shock straps - they're in the process of getting made. WHOOOHOO!!

    37. Brys on

      Hey guys!

      I've been using my LE mini for the last two weeks and I'm very impressed with how much better it feels for daily use over the original. I have a soft spot for the anodized finish over the powder coated, but both look great.

      I'm definitely looking forward to news on the carbon fiber plates (or other finishes) and fabric shock straps as well. I've got a founding backer code looking forward to those. ;)

    38. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Sylvia - there was an error on our end. I'm sending you a message for details.

    39. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    40. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Ben - one thing we found was that different RFID readers have different signal strengths. One thing you can try is pressing the wallet against the reader to get it as flush as possible with your key card on the outside. Hopefully that should do the trick.

      Thanks for letting us know that your Mini arrived!! ROCK ON :D

    41. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Jon - thank you so much for the kudos!! :D We're stoked you're digging your Mini!!

    42. Missing avatar

      Ben Marshall on

      Got mine yesterday, the RFID is fantastic! so much so that my work pass no longer works when on the outside of it :). Beautiful, well-made and just the right addition to my EDC!

    43. Jon Burke on

      I received my Mini today (Taiwan), and I already love it. It's exactly what I hoped it would be, and it's perfect for my needs. Thanks for an extremely professionally run campaign.

    44. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Chris - Outstanding!! :D Just an FYI, the shock strap will relax a bit after a few weeks of use. ROCK ON!

    45. Chris Henriquez on

      I got mine today. feels great, the band is a lot stronger than i expected so i'm sure it will last a long time. thanks guys!

    46. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Zachary - thank you so much!! :D We have you and the other backers to thank!!

    47. Missing avatar

      Zachary Devore on

      Guys this is amazing, you really hit a home run. I back the original and while it was better than anything else on the market, the mini really is the best daily option. Great Job!

    48. Scott Hussa 3-time creator on

      Derik - the Bulle and EtchPop backer rewards should get done this week and we'll get these out as soon as possible :D

    49. derik alfaro on

      Anyone received a bulle pack yet? I'm itchin for my wallet! :p

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