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One Night in Seattle & The Race to Sundance's video poster

Film. Race. Rally. Red Carpet. "Have you ever wished..." Read more

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Film. Race. Rally. Red Carpet. "Have you ever wished..."

Part 1 : 1st Cut of Director's Edit : Pages 1-25


I've been tucked away out of civilization, deep in the Northern Kootenay Mountains to work through the 1st cut of the film and I am finally able to check in with some AWESOME NEWS!

The 1st Cut of Director's Edit of the FULL FILM is COMPLETE! Woot! Took me 3.5 weeks and many hours and a few glasses of wine and a whole lot of paddleboarding between the scenes.

So, all you behind-the-scenes film buffs, here begins your viewing ticket to my 1st edit pass, my first cut of the film! I will be adding the others as they get uploaded with my newly found (but weirdly not sorely missed) internet connection. I think the remote mountain life with my paddleboard and hammock-tree-fort has been  winning me over....

While I am still semi-civilized, here is Part 1, the first 22 minutes, 25 pages, of the film. Be reminded, this is only the 1st pass at the picture edit. More work is to come, including all sound work (dialogue, sound fx, foley, ADR), music, score, color correction and a wee bit more... :)

I hope you enjoy. Again, thank you for making this film dream come true. xoxoxo. 


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