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Aurga helps you shoot perfect photos, make timelapse videos, and also serves as a secure personal cloud storage.
Aurga helps you shoot perfect photos, make timelapse videos, and also serves as a secure personal cloud storage.
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New apps and firmware released!

Posted by Aurga (Creator)

Hi Backers,

Phoenix is here. We’ve released a new firmware (v4.4.14.10084) and new apps in last two days. The new apps support firmware upgrade, and fix lots of bugs and crashing issues, also it improves the help documents based on backers’ feedback (the full help subjects shows up when the app connects to Aurga).

Before upgrading new firmware, please make sure you have a micro SD card or USB drive (<32 GB is recommended). If the app upgrading is failed, we could use micro SD card or USB drive to do the final rescue (see

To upgrade firmware with app, please do the followings:

  1. Power on Aurga, connect your phone to Aurga’s Wi-Fi.

  2. Run the app, and check if the Aurga indicator icon is highlighted or not. If the icon is never highlighted. Please try to upgrade firmware with micro SD card/USB drive.

  3. Go to Settings -> Device Settings, tap Firmware Upgrade

  4. Follow the steps to upgrade firmware if the new firmware is downloaded.

  5. When firmware is upgrading, the two LEDs on Aurga should be blinking together. Please wait about 3 minutes to finish the upgrade.

  6. If Aurga doesn’t reboot automatically (it is a known bug on firmware which version is below, please reboot it manually and check the new firmware version in app -> Settings -> About.

For HDR/Focus Stacking, due to the memory limitation of mobile devices. The app might crash when composing large size photos and many photos. We’ll improve this in new versions by reducing photo size and using memory mapping technology.

For smart scene mode, there are limitations on old cameras. But we are implementing a new algorithm to improve that.

Also we are making a compatible list of functions (live view/auto focus/manual focus/bulb/focus stacking/video and so on) for all cameras on our website. And we’ll complete the help document and put it on website too.

Thanks & Best, Phoenix

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    1. Missing avatar

      Quentin Mecklenborg on

      I am very please with Phoenix and there team I have received my device and very happy to be able to explore .

    2. Missing avatar

      Quentin Mecklenborg on

      Would be so much better if I actually received the product. It was shipped and never arrived and since there is not insurance because it is shipped from China there is no guarantee you will every get the product after you purchased to even try it.

    3. Jan Macalla on

      It still doesn’t work, maybe it’s time to give the money back to the people who invested in Your product.

    4. Missing avatar

      Luis Seda

      Thanks, I am going to try with the 64GB.

    5. Aurga Creator on

      @Luis Seda: Normally the 64GB even 256GB card is fine. But if it fails, maybe we could try with a 32GB or smaller storage. Best,

    6. Missing avatar

      Luis Seda

      (<32 GB is recommended) but the included card for some pledges was a 64 GB...

    7. Missing avatar

      Radu Constantine on

      Very shaky product from the beginning of me using it. I was expecting a firmware like the one today to make it better. It did not. Aurga is still disconnecting from the camera after only one shot. So far I deeply regret buying this. The way the producer is handling this product leaves a lot to be desired as well, as they did not seem interested in understanding that a product like this should not be sold without including a cable compatible with the camera model which one was asked to provide in the pledge survey.