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Aurga helps you shoot perfect photos, make timelapse videos, and also serves as a secure personal cloud storage.
Aurga helps you shoot perfect photos, make timelapse videos, and also serves as a secure personal cloud storage.
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USB Cable Clarification

Posted by Aurga (Creator)

Hi Backers,

Phoenix is here. Many backers complain why we don't send correct cables to them. In the pledges we only have one option with cable. It is a coiled standard mini USB 2.0 cable. Many Canon/Nikon cameras use such cable to communicate with the USB host (PC/Mac/Aurga and so on). But some other cameras, they might use different USB interfaces, like Nikon D500/800/810 uses micro USB 3.0 interface. And Sony cameras use micro USB 2.0/3.0 interfaces. Some Nikon cameras like D3200+/D5000+/D7100+, they uses Nikon standard cable. Here are some solutions:

Aurga has a short charging cable, it is a micro USB 2.0 interface. If you camera uses micro USB 2.0/3.0, the camera might be able to use the charging cable if it is long enough. 

If your camera doesn't use standard micro USB 2.0 or mini USB 2.0/3.0. Please check if you have such USB cable when you bought the camera. Otherwise please go to manufacturer's website, view the tech spec of your camera model and get the cable information, buy such cable from Amazon or eBay. For Nikon cameras, please go to this link:!/tag:7WA:Cords%20and%20Cables

Select a cable (such as UC-E6) and browse "Compatible With"

It is the right cable if you camera model is in the list. 

By the way, we are looking for vendors if we could provide more types of coiled cables as choices.

Thanks & Best,



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    1. Aurga Creator on

      @Gary: We’ve released new firmware and apps. Please check the latest update. By the way, the full help document is in app -> Settings-> Help when the app connects to Aurga. Best

    2. Missing avatar

      Gary on

      received everything but can't get it to work, is there better instructions anywhere ?

    3. Aurga Creator on

      @Quentin Mecklenborg: Seems you parcel was delivered. Just sent an email to you. Please check the tracking link. Thanks

    4. Aurga Creator on

      @Peter Afman: Sorry for the delay. You parcel was returned. We'll arrange a new shipment. Best

    5. Missing avatar

      Quentin Mecklenborg on

      Would like to know where mine is since I was one of the first backers and have yet to receive an email with a tracking number or anything

    6. Jan Macalla on

      Aurga is a scam and it doesn’t work as they say on the video.

    7. Missing avatar

      Peter Afman on


      Still didn't receive my Augra? Is it shipped?


      Peter Afman