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A comprehensive collection of infographics, maps and charts looking at the history of incomes and occupations in the U.S.

I want to create a collection of clear, easy-to-understand infographics about incomes and occupations that will help people understand the history of income in the United States.


Seven years ago, as part of my master's thesis, I created a poster "How Much Do You Earn?" in order to visualize the income distribution in the United States. However, I discovered that income was more complex and interesting than I originally thought. So I continued my research and began posting new infographics to a website: While I cover other subjects that catch my fancy (stock markets, growth of countries, taxes), I keep returning to income as I find new and interesting data. You may have seen my work at,,, MSNBC, PBS Newshour and on popular financial blogs. is recommended as a resource for teachers by the Library of Congress. Also some graphs have been reproduced in college textbooks.

The Average Income graph below is one of the most popular posts on my site. Other examples of my work can be found at


What is the income for different types of jobs?... Who makes the most money?... How does income in United States compare to other countries... How has income changed since the 1920s? 1950s? 1980s?

I will design a collection of infographics that tells the story of income in the United States. This will be a comprehensive overview of the subject using data placed in historical context and will include NEW infographics created just for this collection. It will have explanations for economic terms like CPI or GDP for those readers who don't have a background in economics.

All the data will come from public data sources such as the US Census, IRS, Congressional Budget Office, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bureau of Economic Analysis plus data from academic articles and other research on the subject.


First look at early drafts of the infographics I create.

Infographic Zine PDF copy (A high resolution format suitable for presentations or printing on 8.5x11" paper.)

Infographic Zine Paper copy (A full color printed booklet, 32-40 pages saddle-stitched like a magazine.)

Infographic T-Shirt (I will design this t-shirt based one of the income infographics used in my zine.)

Income Tape Measure

When I first started working on my poster How Much Do You Earn? I struggled to display the range of income from $10,000 a year to $200,000,000 on the same scale. Later, when I tried adding hedge fund managers, I had to increase the scale to 1.5 billion dollars. Therefore, for my last reward I plan to solve this problem by creating 10 measuring tapes (each at least 30 feet long) that will map income dollars –> inches. Each measuring tape will cover the entire income distribution in the United States (which could exceed $1.5 billion according to the Wall Street Journal).

The minimum pledge amount is $5. All pledge amounts include shipping costs.


I estimate 4-6 months to complete this project.

Tasks include: Analyzing the data. Sketch new visualizations. Design and create infographics. Write and edit the copy. Gather feedback and iterate as needed. Print zine for supporters. Design and print t-shirts. Design and create Income Measuring Tape. Mail everything.

After the infographic zine is mailed to my supporters, I plan to post low-resolution versions of the final visualizations to All the infographics in the zine and online will be available through a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license.


Where's this money going? First, pay for the cost of producing the zine, t-shirts & tape measures, and second, allow me to focus exclusively on research/writing/designing for a few months.

Your credit card won't be charged for the amount you specify unless I get $6,000 (or more) in pledges by the deadline. After this deadline has passed, no more pledges can be made.

(P.S. thanks to The Noun Project for some of icons used in my proposal)


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    You get an "Income Tape Measure" designed, created and autographed by me illustrating the income distribution from the poorest to the richest in the U.S. You also get a Visualizing Economics T-shirt + a print copy + a PDF copy + exclusive first look at early drafts.

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