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By Rejwan Bin Sulaiman
£5.00 pledged of £3,000 goal


Voice Controlled Wireless Home Automation Based on internet/Bluetooth/wi-fi is a project is integrated system with mobile phone (application) to facilitate elderly and disabled people with an easy-to-use home automation system that can be fully operated based on speech commands. The system is portable and constructed in a way that is easy to install, configure, run, and maintain. We are building a system that can turn on or off any home utilities via voice command, that are very needed for the person.

The reason behind the idea of this project is to help the elderly or disabled people. I wanted to make change in the life of the disabled people so that they feel like a normal people, and get inter linked with their life more comfortably. I got interested in doing IOT projects, when I realised that ,why don't I make my life easier. I wanted to turn the light/fan/heater on/off without getting up from my sit. I think , this was also a reason for coming up with this idea.

Risks and challenges

* The main risk is making the device usable for every one, so we must make the product as simple as we can.
* Mobile application. building a mobile application is one challenge. But I have to think what kind of app need to make. I have to make application that take command from voice and execute the command in the Device (arduino/raspberry pie ).
* Security is also a great risk, We will provide Security in the mobile app, like password, so that no unauthorized access can do undesired act.

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