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Otters is a 10-minute strategy card game for kids and grown-ups. And it's full of adorable otters!
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Production update - first test decks arrived! And Speedy Otters are done!

Posted by Michael Iachini of Clay Crucible Games (Creator)

Hello again otter lovers! I wanted to check in to let you know how things are going with production at Otters HQ.

Speedy Otter shipping is complete

First of all, I'm proud to say that all of the Speedy Otter rewards were shipped by the end of last week, which means that with the exception of one or two international backers, they have probably all arrived by now. Huzzah! If you're a US-based Speedy Otters backer and you haven't gotten your game yet, please email me at And if you have your decks and are loving your game, I'm always excited to see photos of happy gamers with Otters! If you're a BoardGameGeek member, I'd also appreciate a rating of Otters, too (good, bad or otherwise).

Second, I was excited to have this package from DriveThruCards waiting for me when I came home from my day job today:

It's the two Otters test decks I ordered, complete with all of the new otter and alligator photos! Oh boy, I can't wait to see them...

Now let's look at the cards...

Uh oh. There's a problem.

See the problem? The borders on the cards are supposed to be a watery blue, but they're mostly a textureless off-white.

So what happened? Well, the post-Kickstarter files needed a few rounds of edits to get everything right. Eventually, everything was looking good with all of the main game cards, but there were some tweaks to make to the rules. And when I got the final files, I double-checked the rules to make sure they looked good... but I forgot to go through all of the other cards again. And somehow, the blue borders were lost on everything except the very first otter in the deck (top left in the picture above) and the very last pre-alligator otter in the deck (middle of the bottom row).


Well, this is why publishers order test decks before ordering the big run! Maybe these two decks will be like rare stamps that are misprinted upside down or something; valuable collectors items. :-)

Next step: Update the card files to restore the borders, double-check every last card this time, send the files to DriveThru, and order more test decks.

Timing - still great!

On the bright side, production is still ahead of schedule. This campaign has an expected delivery date of May, which allowed me a cushion to get illustrations done (if we had gone that route) and to work with a different manufacturer. Working with photos and the manufacturer I already know means that things are still looking fantastic from a timing perspective.

I'll put up more photos when I get the next set of test decks. Until then, be comforted to know that I'll continue to double check everything before ordering big print runs of anything!

Michael Iachini - Clay Crucible Games

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    1. Michael Iachini of Clay Crucible Games Creator on

      kc2dpt - This comment makes me so happy! Thank you for sharing. I'm glad your daughter loved Otters.

    2. kc2dpt on

      I received my Speedy a bit ago and already played with my 6 yr old. She loved it and I found it has just enough strategy to keep me interested. And it's cute to look at. It was exactly what I had hoped for. Thanks. :)

    3. Karl Schmidt

      wish i was speedy :)