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Help finish production on a documentary about issues people face on both sides of the Arizona-Sonora Border.

THE BORDER: Issues in the Arizona-Sonora Borderlands

When news organizations cover the Arizona-Sonora border they often focus on illegal immigration and drug smuggling. While these issues are a reality, there's another side to the border experience that’s seldom discussed by the national news media.

“THE BORDER: Issues in the Arizona-Sonora Borderlands” will feature five different realities people face on both sides of the fence.

Issues like:

-The Tohono O’odham Nation split by U.S.–Mexico border

- The effects of SB1070 in the Arizona-Sonora borderlands

-Trade in the Arizona-Sonora borderlands

-Water rights between the U.S. and Mexico

-The fight over ethnic studies in Arizona public schools

The documentary also weaves together border history and recent news coverage from Southern Arizona, and interviews with the reporters who produced the coverage. 

We intend to give the viewer an educated, unbiased view of the Arizona-Sonora border from the people who live here. “THE BORDER” will feature non-linear storytelling, with little to no narrative voice-over. The goal is to make an organic documentary that uses the human element to show the above mentioned issues for what they are, for better or worse.

The video above is a sample of one story that will be shown in the documentary.

Where you fit in...

What we need is your help to finish production. So far, we’ve filmed and edited about 50% of the documentary.

Your donations will help us pursue the remainder of the stories mentioned above and the post-production process. Specifically, we need to be able to pay for gas for transport between interviews/filming locations, pay the production staff to edit and build animations as well as pay for manufacturing of DVDs, promotion and rewards.

We’re setting our goal at $1,500 and have until May 1st to make this happen.

This is an all or nothing deal...we have to make $1,500 in donations to receive any funding. If we make $1,499.99 on May 1, we won't receive any of your donations.

...and while we’ll be grateful if we’re able to raise that amount, it's 

the bare minimum required to finish production (according to our estimations).

The truth is, the quality of the film, it's manufacturing and promotion will suffer if funding stops there.

The ultimate goal is to raise $5,000 to ensure quality production values for animations, editing and promotion during the first DVD pressing. We also need to build a website for promotion and have the necessary funds on hand to submit the documentary to film festivals across the county (large and small) while starting out.

The main reason why you should help fund this project is to visually preserve the cultural climate in the Arizona-Sonora borderlands during this time in our nation’s history (SB1070, Arizona Boycott, Rep. Giffords shooting). It’s easy to form perceptions about the area and it’s inhabitants based on articles and one-minute clips on the nightly news, but we strive to give the viewer an in depth, fair and balanced look at the people and issues of the Arizona-Sonora border.

The production team of “THE BORDER: Issues in the Arizona-Sonora Borderlands”, as well as the staff from the Sonoran Chronicle would like to thank you for your support.

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