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A collection of children's clothing incorporating hand screened, original art onto all garments, helping to keep the arts in schools.
A collection of children's clothing incorporating hand screened, original art onto all garments, helping to keep the arts in schools.
110 backers pledged $9,000 to help bring this project to life.

Update To Our Amazing Backers

First and foremost, we here at Neve Inspired want to say "thank you" to all of you for, well, being you. Your support means a great deal to us... more than you can even think. It has been a whirlwind 25 days. The most exciting? REACHING OUR KICKSTARTER GOAL!!!!

Forgive us for the late update, we actually thought we emailed one out the night we met our goal and hadn't. Total fail. We apologize. So, let us recap what was going on the night we crossed over to the $8,000 mark:

I, Kris, was en route home to Charleston, SC from an incredibly emotional, humbling, exhausting, exciting, life changing two weeks in Los Angeles. Our line, neve / hawk will be produced in LA and I was out there trying to figure out the massive clothing industry and its inner workings. We were blessed beyond belief to have someone reach out to us and get us on our way regarding names of sewing contractors, pattern makers, etc. Armed with this information, I set out to try to accomplish getting all of our designs made into patterns and then the whole lined sampled in 12 days. HAHAHAHA! That is too funny looking back, now having more knowledge of the whole process. It took me over two days to even pick out our fabric. But, ambitious nonetheless. After getting this incredible initial information, meeting my angel pattern maker, George, and knocking on many doors in the garment district begging people to help me (many doors being slammed in my face), I am happy to report that I came home with our whole line made into sew-bys. (Initial samples made out of generic fabric in order to make changes before getting them sampled in our real fabric). HALLELUJAH! I picked them up just in the nick of time before heading to the airport to catch my plane home...

One tiny fraction of the fabric store, AKA meltdown heaven.

So, there I was, emotionally exhausted and thrilled at the same time as to the knowledge I acquired and everything that was accomplished in 12 days. All of these emotions hit me on my leg home, feelings that I can't even explain. I was so happy that we were going after a dream but very worried about the insanity of this adventure  (way more insane than we thought, as we found out while in LA) And, I was missing my kids like crazy. Tears started flowing from my eyes, a combination of what I was feeling. We landed in Charlotte and I get a text from Bob saying that we were almost to our goal on Kickstarter. Really? Could it be? He called then, so excited that the numbers were climbing. (The two weeks had been straining on him, balancing work, being the sole parent and providing all of my emotional stability :-)) And then, as I was eating a fatty sub on my layover, still emotional as ever, I see the number go to EXACTLY $8000.00. I just stared for a minute in disbelief. We were only 11 days in.... In 11 days we accomplished our goal BECAUSE OF YOU. The timing couldn't have been more perfect. I knew then that even though I had doubts, it didn't matter because it was happening and we were going to do this. Needless to say, I started to ball my eyes out in the Charlotte Airport. Literally, balling. BECAUSE OF YOU.

So, thank you so much. So very, very much. Beyond grateful.

Cut to today:

We are continuing to work from our house in Charleston. Fabrics are getting lab dipped at dye houses in LA and changes are being made to our sew-bys. We are designing new shirts like crazy and starting our pencil illustrations to be hand sewn on each garment. All samples should be finished in late January. We are also finalizing our relationship with a non-profit affiliated with keeping the arts in public schools. We will announce this relationship when we launch, excited beyond belief that we can create clothes and support a cause important to us at the same time. How freaking wonderful. Things are moving in the right direction.

Our sew-bys with notes for changes:

Altering a very cool little lady sweatshirt. (Again, not in our fabric)

The near future:

We have 5 days left of our Kickstarter. Yes, because of you we have met our goal. AMAZING. But, we have 5 more days to raise as much money as we can to help us launch. We feel blessed and grateful that we are not wondering if we will cross the minimum line...

We will be emailing out this next week to get specifics regarding your backer rewards.


Blessings this holiday,

Kris and Bob Galmarini (Neve and Shepard {Hawk} too!)

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    1. Neve Inspired Creator on December 24, 2011

      That would be awesome! No. They just provide the platform where we spread the word and the ability to receive funds. Amazing concept that allows many to create
      On bigger scales, but no monetary contribution. I hope you guys have a great Christmas Hannah!!!

    2. hannah ball on December 23, 2011

      just a quick may have already answered this question, but i'm too lazy to go search for the answer (; so does kickstarter match what you raise dollar for dollar?