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We're on a journey to bring you eco friendly, "mind blowing" mess free disposable chopsticks.
We're on a journey to bring you eco friendly, "mind blowing" mess free disposable chopsticks.
We're on a journey to bring you eco friendly, "mind blowing" mess free disposable chopsticks.
284 backers pledged $21,816 to help bring this project to life.

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      Mika Shamoto Hill on

      My friend in Hawaii received his. I'm still waiting for mine! I did the College pack pledge.

    2. Pat Ritter on

      Received mine yesterday. Thank you!

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      Shy on

      Where is the link to the survey? I'm pretty sure that I have already filled out something with my shipping address included but since these are finally here, I don't want to take any chances.

    4. Wayne Tamane

      As we're on track with the timeline from the updated post, we are working to ship Cropsticks out on Jan 14th while being compliant with customs and our vendors. We are excited to get them to you asap. I got this message
      From Mylen Fe Yamamoto
      Thank you again for everything!

    5. Wayne Tamane

      Any updates on shipping?

    6. Pat Ritter on

      I like the new design. Looking forward to receiving them. Is there any way to get some individually wrapped units so I can pass them around and spread the word?

    7. Wayne Tamane

      When do you expect to be shipping the cropsticks?

    8. Mylen Fe Yamamoto Creator on

      Hi @Wayne Tamane and @Edon van Hess! We are working on a larger update soon... but happy to share that things have been going very well with Cropsticks! Our machine is up and running in China and I've done a trip there to make sure the quality is up to our standards. Also, we just graduated from an accelerator program, XLR8UH. We've kept insanely busy but are better through it all! Thank you for your continued support.

    9. Wayne Tamane

      When is the next update.

    10. Edon van Hees


    11. Mylen Fe Yamamoto Creator on

      @Ross P - Hi, we've secured our manufacturer and are on track to fulfill rewards on schedule. We'll be posting a larger update to the whole community soon. Thank you so much for checking in and for supporting Cropsticks!

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      Ross P

      An update would be nice.

    13. Missing avatar

      Colett on

      Great job fundraising! Go for it!

    14. Laughing Cat


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      Matt on


    16. Thomas Brannon


    17. Melissa Jawaharlal on

      Love this! Good luck Mylen!!

    18. Mylen Fe Yamamoto Creator on

      @Laughing Cat - Hello! We're working hard to create our packaging from recyclable materials and make sure we're able to keep costs affordable for future restaurants partners. We signed on a sustainability consultant who is digging deep into where our materials are sourced. Sorry I don't have more concrete answers for you yet as we're still in development stages with packaging but we're taking the steps to focus on staying green! Thanks for stopping by :)

    19. Laughing Cat

      Because these are disposable and you're including bulk packs for restaurants, I'm assuming the cropsticks come with some kind of individual wrapper. What materials are you using for those and how are they sourced/developed sustainably? Thank you! :)

    20. Mylen Fe Yamamoto Creator on

      @David, We're working on the shirt designs now and plan to release it as an add on reward soon much lower than the 100$ price point! @Lex we definitely are mindful of that too and plan to release more products in the future, there will always be disposable chopsticks though so our goal is to help reduce the amount of wooden chopsticks being used in the market with this cool alternative @Otaku Kani @Roberto @Edith @Nicole @Felicia & Duke THANKS for your support!!!

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      Roberto on

      What an extraordinary concept for an otherwise ordinary disposable chopsticks. Kudos to the Cropsticks team!

    22. Missing avatar

      Edith on

      Love it! Imagine using cropsticks for my sushi, sashimi and tempura too. Talk about eating these and resting your chopsticks properly.

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      Otaku Kani

      @Creator Mylen-san, I saikeirei (in deep respect) to your ingenuity at redesigning the simple Chopstick... You are going to change the world with the Cropstick and I expect that I will be seeing it everywhere in the future!

    24. Missing avatar

      LEX on

      Would rather see a re-usable product

    25. Missing avatar

      Nicole on

      Awesome idea! Can't wait to start eating with my Cropsticks :) Best of luck on this endeavor!!!

    26. Felicia & Duke on

      Super excited for this!

    27. David

      Hi and good luck on your project! Will you be offering the t-shirts as add-on goals, or do only backers at the $100 pledge and up get them?