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$57,012 pledged of $340,000 goal

Update #6: Austin Comic Con, Stretch Goals & Stream Tomorrow!


Our first con! I’m super excited to announce that we’ll (or at least Avery Coleman) will be at Austin Comic Con from Friday, September 23rd - 25th! There’s gonna be a few cool things there if you go…  

  • T-shirt raffle every day!  
  • Stickerrrrsssss!  
  • Taking any of your questions & hanging out, we wanna be BFFs  

Look for us near Studio Woe in Artist’s Alley. Here’s a map with the whole area circled, just make whale calls if you can’t find us.   

Stretch Goals!  

A lot of people have been asking, so we wanted to share some of our first stretch goals. Here ya go :]  

Some Clarification…on the Secret Room *shh*  

There have been a few concerns about our “Secret Room” tier in the rewards and I wanted to clarify what it will be. We do NOT want to lock anyone out of awesome content (no matter how small) but we also don’t want to give away what that content will be just yet. So we updated the Secret Room description:  

“Get integrated into one of the more untraveled sections of your space clinic! Everyone gets access, but you get to be a part of it.”  

Fan Art!  

The outstanding Paul Kwon has made this most elegant fan art of Eva. Cheers!  

Shout Out!  

Mmmmechs! And lots of them. If you can’t get enough 2D platforming in your life, then Code:Hardcore is for you!  

There are so many cool things about this game, I’m not sure where to start. The art itself is amazing and the gameplay is right up our alley! Tons of action, items, and great rewards. Be sure to check them out!    

Prototype Livestream + Q&A! It’s tomorrow.  

The stream will be TOMORROW! Tuesday, September 20th at 1:00pm PST on TwitchTV. Please join and ask us what kind of pizza we like...and maybe we’ll even order one. We’re daring like that.   

Reminder: Sketchbook Page Raffle & Community Level Design Poll!  

Don’t forget to participate in our Sketchbook page raffle and vote for the community level whale design! Community level voting ends tomorrow! 

‘Til tomorrow, Busters. 

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