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Converting my garage into an urban cidery to share my passion for making complex, flavorful and delicious dry ciders.
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Posted by Abram Goldman-Armstrong (Creator)

It's been a busy time lately, just got the mechanical permit signed off today on the natural gas piping, another electrical inspection, picked up the engraved mugs for the "Joe Hill" donors, found out that the scarves for the "Loyal Supporter" rewards have been shipped from Germany, and got some gaskets made for the two grundies that we got from Lucky Labrador brewpub. They have had the grundies since opening in 18 years ago, when they bought them from a distributor in California who'd bought up a bunch from England. Grundies are the cute tanks you can see in the picture below, they began life when English pubs were tied houses, meaning they were owned by the breweries. Instead of sending out kegs of beer, breweries send round a tanker truck and the deliverymen simply hooked it up to the grundies and topped off the tanks. When most of the pubs became Free Houses, meaning they were no longer tied to a single brewery they began buying kegs, and soon real estate in pub cellars became very precious as multi-tap pubs with a selection of beer became the norm and publicans needed somewhere to stack all of those kegs.
Craft brewers in North America loved the vessels and the Grundy family came over the water. I am really honored to have such storied vessels.

Now, what to fill them with...Funny you should mention it, I spoke with a cider apple grower today, and it seems that the apples are ripe early this year. Which means it's time for a Picking Party! We'll be heading to the wilds of Yamhill County to pick apples on Saturday, September 28th!

Cheers, Abram

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    1. Abram Goldman-Armstrong Creator on

      Thanks for the poem Andrew! Cheers!

    2. Missing avatar

      Andrew Grether on

      Cider Grundie,
      Born on a Monday,
      Christened on Tuesday,
      Filled on Wednesday,
      Fermented on Thursday,
      Grew stronger on Friday,
      Bottled on Saturday,
      Drank on Sunday.
      That was the end,
      Of Cider Grundie.