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A game of paranoia and survival, in a drugged-out, dystopian English city in 1964. From the studio that brought you Contrast.
A game of paranoia and survival, in a drugged-out, dystopian English city in 1964. From the studio that brought you Contrast.
7,433 backers pledged CA$ 334,754 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      El Samuels

      Congrats again! Release official!
      Any thoughts on when there'll be GNU/Linux OS support?

    2. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      There is no such thing as too much Uncle Jack.

    3. Keyrock on

      Wonderful! Now that you'll be supporting Linux (and Mac) I've happily backed this project. This game looks like it;s going to be awesome.

    4. Steve Burnett

      I wasn't going to back it because I don't have a Windows system, and your adding a Mac OS X version convinced me to back this so I just did. Looking forward to it!

    5. Xella on

      Hooray! I've been on the fence about contributing—you'd already reached the goal and money is tight—but there (at least eventually) being a Mac version in the works clinched it. Thank you for that <3

    6. Missing avatar

      Robert Andrews on

      I literally cannot have enough of Uncle Jack!

    7. Sasha Reid

      Just bumped from Beer to full copy with the Mac announcement! :D YEY

    8. Sarah T on

      Love the idea of audibooks or hidden audio collectibles in the game even. Love Cliff Church's idea of the Wellies rewriting the stories to fit their version of morality. That would be creepy and awesome!

    9. Howard Kistler

      I posted your expanded Mac and Linux support on the forums and it has been warmly received by people who wanted to back the game but couldn't when it was Windows-only. So a wise move by you all to expand platforms. Thanks!

    10. Missing avatar

      Martyn Goodman on

      I would totally be on board for an audiobook! Uncle Jack is so enchanting, it would be marvellous

    11. Elizabeth Carver

      10/10 I would love an audiobook. It would be fantastic.

    12. 77explorer on

      @Nicholas Russell Weible: I second this! We can only hope he will howl during the telling of Red Riding Hood or The Three Little Pigs.

    13. Robert Westlake on

      Yeah gimme that Uncle Jack

    14. kellie jeanne peterson on



      I'd play it to my nephew and my boyfriend and everybody!

      I love Uncle Jack!

    15. Findlay Copley on

      Oh god yes, please make the audio book!

    16. Bahasa Inggeris

      Uncle Jack rocks! Would absolutely LOVE to have more stories from him.

    17. Monica Sheakley on

      More Uncle Jack? Yes, please! I'd be happy to hear some Aesop's Fables thrown in as well!

    18. Missing avatar


      Totally need to delete the first "have" in my comment but too drunk to figure out how to....(sigh) :)

    19. Missing avatar


      You didn't need have to seduce me for a couple of weeks to get a signed collector's box pledge out of me, you could have had me at Linux!!!!!!!

    20. Noah Gibbs on

      That would make a lovely add-on or collectible. I'd really like that, and would cheerfully pay a bit extra for a digital copy of the audiobook.

    21. Eric Blackburn on

      Audio books on cassette tapes that you could find in game of him reading bed time stories would be legit XD

    22. Nathan on

      More Uncle Jack is always a good thing indeed.
      I do agree with dion though having them as extra collectibles in the game would help increase replayability because you bet your ass I would want to find them all ;)

    23. Jennifer Wilkinson on

      What a lovely day! Yes please to more Uncle Jack! Loving him here in England. I agree with Cliff Church's comment below about the take on the stories...

    24. Nicholas Russell Weible on

      I think we have found the new Three Dog

    25. Hayden Locke on

      An audiobook of Uncle Jack reading bedtime stories. That would be something I'd put money down for indeed.

      Also, why not try and get the game onto the Humble Store as well?

    26. Amy Yacullo on

      Penguins aren't mammals, so if that's what the Wellies see when the Linux version comes out, I don't blame for them for being suspicious!

    27. Missing avatar

      Robert Flynn on

      I would absolutely love an audiobook, Julian Casey IS Uncle Jack. The atmosphere of the game world is insanely detailed in just these tiny sneak peaks we are getting. I can't wait to get the alpha for this.

    28. Cliff Church on

      I would love an audiobook of the bedtime stories. A thought, though. As Wellington Wells is such a happy and Joyous place, I almost feel that they would not enjoy these fables as originally written. Wouldn't they instead prefer to rewrite the ends into a story that better fits the morals of the town?

      Maybe the last day the Piper returns, the townsfolk once again swarm the man, knowing the unhappy message he wishes to bring. Before he has the chance to play a single note on his long bone flute, the townsfolk break the flute, and use it to again beat the Piper, until he finally agrees to forgive the debt owed, and requests to live in this now perfect town. The townsfolk yield, sensing the true regret in the Piper's voice, and bring him to the doctor, to get his wounds healed, and his medicine dispensed. And from then on, the Piper, within his new town, and the villagers live happily ever after.

      Of course, for this retelling to work, the "mean, evil townsfolk" spin needs to be downplayed, but I feel that a story like this would better fit into the morals of Wellington Wells, and be much more creepy for the player to witness. Destruction of classic stories to fit a new moral is always unsettling...

    29. Dion Johnson on

      hmm, perhaps an Easter Egg could be that Jack's Audiobooks are hidden in Wellington Wells? like inside of some day care or something.

    30. Janina McDaniel on

      Please make an Uncle Jack Audiobook, and I would love more Uncle Jack shows too. An Audiobook with Uncle Jack telling jokes would be amazing too as well as one with Grimms fairy tales. His persona really adds a special smooth, suave and likable but utterly disturbing touch to the Wellington Wells dystopia. Lovely Day from Germany

    31. Guy Johnson on

      Great idea! Huge fan of audiobooks AND fairy tales. And Uncle Jack is so creepily enchanting. Please do this!

    32. Matt Kay

      Uncle Jack audiobook sounds amazing!

    33. Missing avatar

      Jon on

      We need more games like this. With love, from England.

    34. Stephen Grice

      I will legit add paypal slacker backer funds every time I get paid if there's a chance at having an audiobook of Uncle Jack reading Grimm's.