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How Come? is an irreverent comedy series, that parodies iconic educational shows.The host, Hugh Holcomb, is as arrogant as inane… Read more

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This project was successfully funded on February 23, 2012.

How Come? is an irreverent comedy series, that parodies iconic educational shows.The host, Hugh Holcomb, is as arrogant as inane…

About this project

Thank you to everyone who helped make this project successful!!!

To continue following the story of How Come, stay tuned for the website at:

A personal message from the producers:

What it's all about

Remember the educational TV and classrooms films we all grew up with? Now, imagine they were turned upside-down, run over by a train, dropped from a 30-story building, and trampled by a giant iguana. Well, that's How Come.

It's a comedy series - a parody of everything from Mr. Wizard to Mythbusters. But all the information is all wrong. And the characters are even wrong…er

Your hosts are Professor Hugh Holcomb, whose only qualification is his family's ownership in the station on which How Come airs, is as arrogant as he is inane. His co-host is Mia, whose television career has fallen on hard times, and is seeking a comeback at any cost - and this opportunity stretches her to the limits, especially considering how much Hugh likes the smell of hair, and likes to reminisce about that weekend in Poughkeepsie that Mia would rather forget. 

Along with a cast of characters including an over-anxious roving reporter, a revolving door of strangely familiar guests and extremely unlucky interns, and the show's misguided female question & answer computer – who has a crush on Hugh – they guide the audience each week through a downward spiral of misinformation on unexpected topics such as hair, death, chairs, statues, luck, etc., by exploring the science, history, and application of each through a variety of experiments, interviews, montages, "vintage" films, and location segments, all with bizarre and hilarious results that will make you ask "How Come?"

Who's involved?

We have some great people coming together to make this project. Some of the key people involved:

Co-Executive Producer:

Kevin Tucker is the co-owner and Director of Momentum of Collide LLC, an award-winning, multi-disciplinary "boutique" creative services & brand consulting company in Nashville. Collide produces creative solutions for a variety of clients including Pepsi, Warner Bros. Records, Sony, EMI, Amy Grant, Willie Nelson, Big & Rich, and Larry the Cable Guy, among others. Kevin is also a producer, director, and writer for Chute! Pictures - an award-winning studio that has produced several short films and independent commercials, along with documentaries, informational videos, and book trailers. 

Co-Executive Producer:

Becky Tucker is a producer, writer, and director of photography for Chute! Pictures - an award-winning studio that has produced several short films and independent commercials, along with documentaries, informational videos, and book trailers. She's also is the co-owner and Director of Trajectory of Collide LLC, an award-winning, multi-disciplinary "boutique" creative services & brand consulting company in Nashville, at which she specializes in marketing strategy, project management, and online media promotions.  Becky is also an actor, playing roles in short films, commercials, and advertising shoots. 


Emmy award winning TV director Steve Feldman has worked with talent as varied as Bill Nye, Linda Ellerbee, Bill Maher and Elmo for PBS, CBS, Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, MSNBC and Discovery. His credits include Sesame Street, the ‘Nick News, Politically Incorrect, The Wubbulous World of Dr. Suess, the current Nickelodeon hit, Lazy Town and the debut musical theatre production for Walden Media, Rock Odyssey.


Josh Cherry has performed on stage and screen since his youth in a myriad of humorous character portrayals. He has acted in several big production films including the beloved Ernest comedy film series of the '80s.  He has also been featured in several short films, five of which were award winning. He has acted in several TV pilots and music videos as well. He was trained at "The New School" in New York and was a part of an off-Broadway Improv comedy group called Chicago City Limits before he came to Nashville and was a part of the long time running cast of the "Uncle Sonny's Pudding Parade" Improv Troupe. He then became involved with a set of trained squirrels that used interpretive dance as a way of showing their emotions to the human world. His time with the "Nuts-n-Motion"  was full of trials and tribulations for the illustrious Josh Cherry. But with the help of friends and family he pulled himself out of the broken shells and became a shining star worthy of an E! True Hollywood Story.

Director of Photography:

An award-winning, Nashville-based producer and director of photography, Jason Marlin is the owner of J.Marlin Productions, Inc. He has over 10 years experience shooting and lighting for television, film, corporate and industrial projects, documentaries, EPKs and music videos. Jason is extremely creative and dependable. 

Consulting Producer: 

Dustin Ballard is a freelance entertainment professional based out of Nashville, TN.  A screenwriting and storyline expert with years of screenwriting experience, Dustin also operates as a producer or director for live-action films of all lengths.  Dustin’s most well known work is the short film Leave Me, though he has also worked on VeggieTales, the indie feature Greyscale, and various and sundry development projects and productions.

Production Manager:

Gloria Ballard is a freelance videographer and editor based out of Nashville, TN.  Talented in an array of production and post-production skills, Gloria owns and operates Moving Scarf Productions, which produces short video and film content for commercial customers.  She served as Assistant Director for the indie feature Greyscale, as well as videographer and editor for a variety of other projects from web to film.


DJ Goller is an award winning Creative Director at Zoe Creative Services who has helped to set industry standards, and is well-known for his passion, drive, and honesty. His varied creative abilities, technical knowledge, and innate talent are continually evinced during the production process. His ambitious approach to production generates consistent quality, creativity and superior service for each client. DJ’s technical curiosity and creative vision have guided his evolution into a seasoned video production professional. He has held the titles of director of photography, videographer, director, producer, editor, animator, compositor, graphic designer, and production manager.


Torry Martin has a long list of accomplishments as an actor, author, storyteller and a standup comedian. He's appeared in numerous short films, series, and commercials, including the award winning short "Long Haul Lovin'" and recently was featured in Taylor Swift's "Ours" web series. 

Assistant Director:

Ryan Dunlap is a full time narrative and documentary feature-film director from Tulsa, OK currently living in Nashville, TN.  A self-proclaimed fictionsmith (writer/director/actor/editor), he finds himself familiar with the creative roles throughout the lifespan of a project.  He is most known for his feature directing debut, Greyscale, as well as producing, co-writing, and acting in the short films Leave Me and Dear Shane.  He works for BrightBulb Entertainment as a documentary filmmaker and considers himself a student of Kickstarter campaigns and the ever-changing face of independent filmmaking.


Jimmy Patterson

Production Designer:

Brian Roberts

On-set Audio Mixing:

Lee Kebler has been a professional sound designer in Nashville Tennessee for the past decade. Working in music, live sound, audio for video, and broadcast engineering, Lee is one of the rare professionals that can create, edit, and produce Anything Sound. Starting in the music industry in 2002, Lee produced songs for Gotee Records and Sony/BMG, holds production credits for multiple pop/hip hop and rock artists. Soon after, Lee expanded his work beyond music production and teamed up with major broadcasters to develop and design sound for video, live events, radio, TV, and web content, and has become an expert in sound design for media and wants to work with companies, products, and organizations that are eager to make their voice heard loud and clear.

Why are we doing this?

Why are we doing this, you ask? Well, let us tell you. We are Kevin Tucker and Becky Tucker and we're the producers of How Come, and members of a collaborative development group called "Barking Chicken Studios" which unites several independent professionals to collaborate in the development of original content, with the goal of producing these concepts in Nashville. We are excited about the local film and television community and the talent this area has to offer. We believe in Nashville and want to see the community grow into a hub for these kinds of productions. This is the second television project from Barking Chicken Studios (the first was Strange Times, which many of you helped support) and there will be many more to come! 

By backing How Come you're not only helping us to create OUR dream, you are helping a group of passionate creatives, further and grow an industry that we feel could be a prominent part of of Tennessee commerce.

Thank you for taking time to read this! If you are unable to make a monetary donation, please share this with your friends through facebook, twitter, email, snail mail, tattoo or by whatever means you feel prompted!

Thanks again and remember, you don't have to wonder, you just ask, "How Come?"

Where does the money go?

There are many people excited to work on this project, but even will all the help we have, there are still hard costs. Studios, costumes, equipment rentals, set production, legal and insurance costs and so many other things! That's why we have to have help. Without you guys, non of this would be possible!

What happens if you make more than your goal?

If we go above and beyond our minimum goal we can make substantial upgrades to the set design, which can help tremendously to enhance the show. With the extra money we would be able to have some items custom-created exclusively for THIS set, rather than relying solely on "creative shopping" - it can make a big difference. 

Extra money will also go toward food on set. Working 10-hour days continuously on set is draining, and have you ever tried to feed 30 people for 4 days on $200? It may not sound hard, but from experience, it is. So, we would be able to have something a little heartier on set and provide snacks to keep us going, which can make a world of difference toward productivity and making the end product really shine. 

Additionally, backers who contribute beyond the minimum goal will enable us to greatly improve the quality of our marketing materials, which, along with the completed pilot, will be used to pitch the series. 

What can I do to help if I can't contribute monetarily?

Share this video by Facebook, Twitter or any other means you feel would get the word out! Thank you so much!

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    Dr. Brooks' Science Enthusiast's Club:
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    Everything from the previous tiers PLUS an autographed prop from the set of "How Come?".

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    Straight from Hugh:
    Add all that other cool stuff together and THEN throw in a walk-on role appearance on "How Come?" and an invite to the exclusive wrap party (Nashville area only, transportation and lodging not provided, talent release required).

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