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Remix Mini is a tiny PC. It gives you a PC experience unlike anything on Android and an Android experience unlike anything on a PC.
Remix Mini is a tiny PC. It gives you a PC experience unlike anything on Android and an Android experience unlike anything on a PC.
21,975 backers pledged $1,647,155 to help bring this project to life.

Progress Update: Packaging and Gaming Sneak Peek.

Posted by Jide Tech (Creator)

Are you guys getting excited yet? 

Do you imagine what the box that your Remix Mini comes in will look like? Are you an Android gamer who has longed to see Remix Mini in some gaming action?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this update is for you! 

We've been a bit on the down low this past week, but everyone's been working hard around the clock to keep up with the incredible size and scale of what this campaign has evolved into. The incredible success of this campaign so far is completely due to you guys, our backer community!

So, we're excited to post a couple of updates on some of the progress that's taken place in the past few of days. 

  • First, we've gotten our initial packaging samples in, and we're excited to share a few photos with you. 
  • Second, there have been a few backers asking us to show some gaming on Remix Mini, so we have a little sneak peek video of a couple of games in action. 

Though we're still in the middle of developing and optimizing Remix OS 2.0 for the Allwinner H64 chipset, I got one of our engineers to download a couple of games and play a bit while I captured it on camera.

Finally, I wanted to share a thank you video we made as a token of our appreciation for our backers in case you haven't seen it yet on our YouTube channel. I'll let the video say it for us, but just to reiterate... A MILLION THANKS!

Remix Mini Box - Top View
Remix Mini Box - Top View
Remix Mini Box - At an Angle
Remix Mini Box - At an Angle
Remix Mini Box
Remix Mini Box
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    1. Missing avatar

      Earick Chhoun on

      The fps on hearthstone looks pretty bad but I wasn't expecting the r. mini to run it very well in the first place haha

    2. Gabriele Rizzo on

      Any chance to have a keyboard and a mouse included? Maybe stretch goal?

    3. Cyrus Choi on

      I can't wait to get the production now.....

    4. Jide Tech 3-time creator on

      @Giovanni Scognamiglio - It's the 1GB.

    5. Giovanni Scognamiglio on

      Is the version shown in the video the 1gb or 2gb version of the remix mini?

    6. Jide Tech 3-time creator on

      @Stan Zdonick - Thanks for the question!

      The cable hard-soldered to the board you see in the video is for de-bugging purposes. We have a couple of engineers who have it and the purpose is solely to work on optimizing Remix OS 2.0 onto the Allwinner board.

      Thanks and I hope this helps!

    7. Jide Tech 3-time creator on

      @Brian German - My pleasure! Any chance for us to get the word out about Remix OS is invaluable to us. Please help us spread the word!

      -The Remix Team

    8. Stan Zdonick on

      What's the cable hard-soldered to the board used for?

    9. Brian German on

      Excellent explanation! Thank you! You guys are great.

    10. Jide Tech 3-time creator on

      @Hector Silva - Thanks for your question!

      Perhaps the easiest way to know is to write to Lightpack and ask them if they're compatible with the Allwinner H64 chipset. If you do so, please share and let us know here!


    11. Jide Tech 3-time creator on

      @Brian German - Great question!

      Remix OS, our re-engineered version of Android is what really sets us apart from other Android based PCs. You can check out Remix OS in action here:…

      and for our latest sneak peek into Remix OS 2.0:…

      In essence, rather than most Androids that are good at allowing people to consume content, we've re-engineered Android to allow folks to create content easily.

      Thanks and I hope this helps!

    12. Missing avatar

      gonmir on

      @Jide: Yup, 33s into the movie, I see it now. The layout is the same as that described in the Campaign, it's just upside-down in this video (or flipped inside the Mini pebble housing). MicroSD will be at the other side of the HDMI.

    13. Brian German on

      I had no idea there were so many 4k android devices out there already;

      Your slogan says "the world's first true Android PC"; What are the big differences between the Remix Mini and the devices shown in the link above that make it 'first true Android PC' and not just another Android PC clone?

    14. Missing avatar

      Hector Silva

      Anybody knows if this will be able to work with a Lightpack? I've read that Lightpack doesn't work with some chipsets.

    15. Jide Tech 3-time creator on

      @Erik de Vos - Glad you enjoyed the Bomb Squad preview! We're aiming to test out some of the more popular Ouya games to see if there are compatibility issues. So far, so good!


    16. Jide Tech 3-time creator on

      @Michael Delozier - Yes, the microSD slot supports up to 128GB of expansion.


    17. Jide Tech 3-time creator on

      @gonmir - Thanks for the interest and support!

      Nice to see folks paying attention! To the left (from the vantage point of looking right at the back of the Remix Mini) of the HDMI is the 3.5mm audio jack.

      I hope that helps!

    18. Erik de Vos on

      Good to see bombsquad running! It's a game we've been playing at work for a while now. This would be a good host for our lunch break sessions.

    19. Michael Delozier on

      Hope the SD Card will be able to handle a 128gb card.

    20. Missing avatar

      gonmir on

      I see things are progressing smoothly, we finally get a glimpse at the final board (it's not the square development one we've seen before). Although the input socket positions look different as those described in the Campaign. What's to the left of the hdmi? The micro-SD card reader?

    21. Jide Tech 3-time creator on

      Hey guys!

      Thanks for all the love and support!

      This is our first crack at the packaging and it looks like the final version will be pretty close to the one in the photos.

      As for Hearthstone, since I posted this update on a Friday night, give me till Monday Beijing time to go over some of the technical questions, including the screen resolution on the monitor we had the PCBA plugged into and the touchscreen question.

      I can say that there is still work to do on optimizing Remix OS 2.0 for the chipset, but the gameplay was decent. It can and will get better though!

      @Wildcoder - yes, the taskbar can be minimized to go full screen. You can check out other videos on Remix OS here for an idea of how that would work:

      @ Saulo Tristao - Bluetooth keyboards will be supported, and in theory, Mac BT keyboards should work. However, I'll let the testing team know to put this on their list and I'll get back to you.

      @Bernie McGlone - Yes, there is a VLC player for Android!

      @vermont @Liam Bhardwaj - Our engineer (Mr. Qian Wu) is quite proud of his keyboard and had mentioned to me that those in the know would appreciate that detail. ;)

      @Timothy Malahy - Thanks for taking care of the controller question!

      Thanks again guys and I'll be back with some more accurate answers in a day or two after I've talked to the engineers in more detail.

      As always, Remix On!

      -The Remix Team

    22. Missing avatar

      Avonej on

      Fps is abit on on Hearthstone gameplay. What screen resolution are you guys testing on?

    23. Thierry Foissier on

      super, beau travail, continuez vous êtes formidable!

    24. Pascal Achermann on

      ohmy can't wait to play around with it

    25. Cosmos Zhu on

      Good job guys. I was wondering the other day if the remix could handle hearthstone. Glad to see that it did!

    26. Missing avatar

      Vin on

      Good progress guys! Will this be able to playback 4k media smoothly?

    27. Missing avatar

      WildCoder on

      will it be possible for games that support Android's immersive screen mode to be displayed without the bar at the bottom?

    28. Bernie McGlone on

      Looking great guys, I'm was wondering if there's a VLC player that works with this remix I plan on using it as a client to play movies though. Great job!!!!

    29. Saulo Tristao on


      Congrats for the awesome job.

      Looking to the video one question came to my mind.

      What kind of Bluetooth keyboard will Remix support? Will it support Mac Bluetooth keyboard?

    30. Alain Deschênes

      @Seth Cheung: I'm also interested in Hearthstone and found that it seemed laggy a bit. I think it may be due to the camera recording vs framerate and video compression. Also they stated that they we're still optimizing the OS for the core they chose.

    31. Tom on

      Can't wait then buy an non smart TV and make with this Remix mini a smart TV ��

    32. Author Aspen Hight on

      Extremely excited for this!!! Can't wait to get it in home and hooked up!!!!!

    33. vermont on

      Good video, it reassures me about gamepad and gaming.
      HKB keyboard : for people who have good taste ;)

    34. Missing avatar

      Brian Sugrue on

      I can hardly wait. It looks impressive.

    35. Jaime Amador on

      Awesome. The game looks great and the Packing is simple and clean.

      Great work Guys.

      Can't wait to get my hands on it.

      Keep up the Good work!

    36. Missing avatar

      morgreek on

      Wow, I love you, guys! =)

    37. Liam Bhardwaj on

      Thanks for the update!

      Also, please give your engineer a high five for rocking a HH pro 2!

    38. Missing avatar

      Timothy Malahy on

      The controller used in the video is found here

      It's a Lemon S600 Portable Bluetooth Game Controller Gamepad Joystick

    39. Missing avatar

      Miguel Lopez on

      Love the package. Love the video. Now how about some answer to already asked questions by my fellow backers?? I wont bother with re asking, just scroll

    40. Missing avatar

      hyojun on

      Is this hearthstone be driven smoothly via a future update?

    41. Missing avatar

      ahmad ridzuan on

      Are we able to change the icon size?or to choose whether to use standard or small taskbar?Btw awesome work!

    42. Eugene Chizhov on

      Can't wait to have mine with me ^__^

    43. Andy Law on

      Ditto brian fough's comment - what's the gamepad?

    44. Giuliano Gagliardi on

      I liked the minimalist style of the pack.. ;-)

    45. AFIF on

      NICE! Minimalist packaging looks great (although I would prefer if it is in black). And thanks for the gaming action. Just curious how well it will handle graphics intensive gaming though :)

    46. Kjell Ims on

      How about games that rely on touch-screens for panning/zooming and certain menu selections?

    47. Missing avatar

      brian fough on

      What controller are you using in the video? and what controller(s) will be compatible with the Remix Mini?

    48. Antony

      Awesome - can't wait!

    49. Seth Cheung on

      Any lag while playing hearthstone?