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Remix Mini is a tiny PC. It gives you a PC experience unlike anything on Android and an Android experience unlike anything on a PC.
Remix Mini is a tiny PC. It gives you a PC experience unlike anything on Android and an Android experience unlike anything on a PC.
21,975 backers pledged $1,647,155 to help bring this project to life.

$1Million, $40 tier reopened, HDMI cables for all, and let’s have some fun!


We are absolutely astounded to be one of the very few campaigns (only 0.01%!!) to have hit and surpassed $1 million with so many days of the campaign still to go! This awesomeness is completely due to our backer community here on Kickstarter. To each and every one of you, THANKS FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!

To celebrate our community and how much we've been able to achieve together in the past 20 days, let's have some fun! This Thursday, let's show the passion our community of almost 14,000 strong has, and let's see if we can REMIX TWITTER!

  • Just tweet about us with the following link (, at us @RemixTablet and include the hashtag #RemixOn.
  • Tweet any time this Thursday, August 6th - from 7am PST/10am EST/3pm BST on and see if we can Remix Twitter!

We've also decided to reopen the $40 2GB Early Bird tier as a token of our appreciation for all of you, and extend the savings you enjoy to any of your friends and family who are interested in getting their own Remix Mini!

And, we didn't forget... now that we've reached $1M, HDMI cables for all!

Well, that's all for this update. As our campaign rolls on, we continue to be amazed and inspired to do better, work harder and give you guys the best Remix Minis we can!

We leave you with a little demo taste of Remix OS 2.0 and what your Remix Mini experience will feel like! Enjoy it while knowing it'll get even better!

As always, big thanks to everyone for the comments, the critiques, the questions, the encouragement and the support! #RemixOn!

-The Remix Team

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    1. Jide Tech 3-time creator on

      @Guillermo Pietranera - Yes, the resolution is 1920 x 1080 in the video.


    2. Jide Tech 3-time creator on

      @Lorenzo Lazzari - Thanks for the comment!

      We are currently working on optimizing the Remix OS experience and dpi scaling is one on a pretty long list! Keep tabs on us as we'll be releasing more and more content to show off Remix OS 2.0 as it gets developed and optimized further!


    3. Paul E Heggblad on

      Hurry up I'm old and excited about this product.

    4. Missing avatar

      Andy Aw on

      @Gizmo, I understand how the bookmarks work on a normal browser, it's just the planned use for my remix mini, is that it is for my parents who understand little on how to open their favourite websites so the bookmarks bar is essential for their use :D

    5. Abdullah Mohd Nawi on

      Wicked good video guys. Can't wait for it to come out. Was this tested on the 1G or 2G? Slight lag during resizing windows but nothing that I can't bear for the price. Awesome job!

    6. Gizmo on

      @Andy Aw,
      Forgive me if I misunderstood you but are you after a list of your favourite web pages via bookmarks or similar for quick access on the Remix OS browser?.
      If so that option is available as I utilise it.
      On the far top right of the screen(at the end of the url entry line) are 3 horizontal lines, click this & it gives you your option to view your Bookmarks.
      To save a web address into your bookmarks just click on the "Star Symbol" at the right of your web address & then click save etc.
      I hope this helps

    7. Missing avatar

      LAM Yiu Ki on

      keep on and add oil~~

    8. Missing avatar

      Guillermo Pietranera on

      Good Demo...
      What is the resolution in this video? 1920x1080?

      Great work

    9. Rhema Chan on

      Good job! seems no reason to spend a few hundred bucks (USD) for a Windows PC at home :P

    10. Missing avatar

      Andy Aw on

      Is there no way to implement a bookmarks bar on the remix os browser? a proper browsing experience if there was :D

    11. Liam Bhardwaj on

      @Mathias Scheurer
      I believe its: Another Chance by Bob Bradley / Matt Sanchez / Sarah Wassall (instrumental version)

    12. Mathias Scheurer on

      Nice preview and cool background music too (which artist?).

      I can't wait - in the meantime I will use my Remix Ultratablet ;-)

      I hope 2.0 will come to the tablet too!

    13. Missing avatar

      Staron on

      Congratulations and thank you for this great work

    14. Missing avatar

      Bruce Bergman on

      My bad. I watched the wrong video. D'oh! I take it all back. Sorry guys!

    15. Liam Bhardwaj on

      2.0 demo video!
      Thanks for putting that together. It was great to see the 2.0 features finally and the UI is amazing.
      Fantastic job, keep it up!

    16. Missing avatar

      OldEvil1 on

      Nice video!
      Keep 'em comming ;)

    17. Brenson Atomsk Humphreys

      I think you should consider adding a 4k hdmi in passthrough port.

    18. Nick Martin on

      Awesome Video Guys! Well done! Any chance of a keyboard or mouse as a stretch goal for $2Mil?! Cheers & Good Luck! I'm locked & loaded ready to tweet tomorrow!

    19. Missing avatar

      Mark Brough on

      Congratulations! Any news yet please on whether we can send audio out of USB to an external DAC (such as the Dragonfly), as can be done on many but not all Android and Nexus devices?

    20. George Westrup on

      Just need to get Kodi compatibility!

    21. Missing avatar

      Hammad Mohammad Al-Hammad on

      Sounds awesome, I liked it.
      I can not wait.

    22. Missing avatar

      Lorenzo Lazzari on

      What about dpi scaling?? The web page in the video demo is extremely zoomed, surfing like this is impossible

    23. Missing avatar

      Kade F Hoff on

      I think Bruce presumes himself a board member. I'm in the hardware business, and I'm excited about what you guys are doing. Keep up the good work, and I can't wait until product launch!

    24. Jide Tech 3-time creator on

      @SergiuB - Thanks for your support of Remix Mini so far! We're sorry to hear that the shipping might cause you to unback. While we're still looking into shipping alternatives, we cannot offer anything different at this point to Romania or any other countries.

      We do hope you find it in you to stick with us and experience Remix Mini in October. We don't think you'll be dissapointed!

    25. Dean Osborne on

      The demo from update 10 is great! RemixOS is looking fantastic!!! I can't wait to get my hands on it.

    26. Missing avatar

      Andy Scott on

      most excellent....keep rockin it guys....

    27. Jide Tech 3-time creator on

      @Anwar Basir Ahmad - Awesome to hear of your support of our REMIX TWITTER event; let's have some fun with this and see if we can blow up our little corner of Twitter!


    28. Jide Tech 3-time creator on

      @AFIF - Thanks for the continued support!

      We'll get a video of Remix Mini in gaming action up shortly! Please be patient and stay tuned...

      Thanks again!

    29. Jide Tech 3-time creator on

      @Matthew Siebenhühner - This is a great question!

      We'll be testing out scenarios with touch enabled displays shortly. Can you give us an idea of the touch enabled display you had in mind? We'd be able to give you a more accurate answer based on the type of touchscreen display you're thinking about. Feel free to PM us here on KS or write to us at so we can go into more details and manage the conversation easier than through a comments board.


    30. Mitchel Goben on

      I am so incredibly excited for this. Definitely a revolutionary step in utilizing an android OS.

    31. Jide Tech 3-time creator on

      @Dave Woodruff - Great comment and atttention to details!

      YouTube only resized to a smaller full screen because it was in phone sized windows mode. When YouTube is opened in Full Screen mode, videos will take up the whole screen!

      Thanks and I hope this helps!

    32. Jide Tech 3-time creator on

      @Игорь Гамаюнов - Please check out our FAQs about the language question. I'll repost the answer here for your convenience:

      "For foreign languages, we have actually just unlocked all stock Android languages on Remix OS. That means 80-90% of text will appear in your native language. Also, you will have access to keyboard input for your selected language. For the remaining 10-20%, we will need a few more months to fully localize for all languages."

      Thanks for the support!

    33. Jide Tech 3-time creator on

      @Bruce Bergman - Thanks for the comment!

      Not sure what you meant by 16 secs of pictures of the UI. You can actually see some of 2.0s functionality live in action and some images of the UI when you get your Remix Minis in the video that's attached to this update.

      Also not entirely sure what you meant by "You spent one full minute spouting opinions on the state of the world" or by "grandiose update". If you meant our Intro video, that would be independant of this update as this update has a different demo video of Remix OS 2.0.

      I hope this helps and feel free to PM us here on KS to get in more detail about your issues with this update!


      -The Remix Team

    34. Matthew Siebenhühner on

      So will you guys give any recommendations for touch-enabled displays that might work well with this?

    35. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Wanner on

      Awsomer than ever!

    36. Dave Woodruff on

      So why when YouTube was fullscreened did it only conform to that small of a size and not actually go full screen? If I hit full screen, I want full screen. That better be possible or I really dont see myself using this product for my intended purpose.

    37. Anwar Basir Ahmad on

      Brilliant guys!And just for you awesome peeps am redownloading twitter app for the REMIX TWITTER!!Thanx a bunch for the HDMI!

    38. AFIF on

      Show gaming performance next!

    39. Missing avatar

      SergiuB on

      If shipping stays the same I'm gonna cancel my pledge!

    40. Игорь Гамаюнов on

      Hi. Will you support Russain language?

    41. Missing avatar

      Bruce Bergman on

      C'mon guys! 16 SECONDS of pictures of the UI? That's your update? You spent one full minute spouting opinions on the state of the world, and 16 seconds on pictures (not even live ones) of what we're going to get. Seriously, I would expect more for such a grandiose update.

    42. Rahul Tomar on

      You guys rocks with your amazing product