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Protect and relieve your back and neck + improve your posture + make your favorite backpack ergonomic with patent pending technology
Protect and relieve your back and neck + improve your posture + make your favorite backpack ergonomic with patent pending technology
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SuperStraps Shipped + How To Activate & Optimize

Posted by BetterBack (Creator)

Hello Wonderfuls!!

We finished shipping SuperStraps last week! That means you're just days away from receiving your reward if you haven't received it yet (you can grab your tracking # in BackerKit if you missed your shipping email:—and our 35,000th crowdfunded product that has shipped on time!

Now the fun part: wearing your SuperStraps!!!

Like a pair of really great shoes, SuperStraps takes some time to break in and conform to your body. In our testing, we found it to take 2-7 days. While you won't get weird blisters on your feet, this isn't the fun part. But it's worth it.


Our instructions hit a snag, but here's what you need to know:

  • Put your backpack on and place your right SuperStrap on your right backpack strap. Repeat on the left. 
  • The zippers will face each other on the inside of your chest. 

On any given day—depending on how much weight is in your backpack, how tight your straps are, what clothes you're wearing, etc.—you'll love wearing SuperStraps higher up or lower down on your shoulders. Adjust until you find the sweet spot. 

Here's a quick video that will walk you through all the details:

    Our #superstrapsstory competition is under way. Last week's winner is Perseus Pang from Singapore:
We love seeing SuperStraps on a Peak Design bag!
We love seeing SuperStraps on a Peak Design bag!

You could be next. Snap a pic of your SuperStraps or share your adventure on Facebook or Instagram with #SuperStrapsStory to win a $50 gift card this week!

Last up: please share your feedback with us at This is the very first backpack booster known to wo/man and we'd love your help making it better and better.

Hugs, love and all the gratitude. I mean all of it. 



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    1. BetterBack 3-time creator on

      @Grabriel - great to meet you! I just sent you a DM. :)

    2. Gabriel Cheng on

      I have no updates on shipping nor the product till this day.

    3. Austin Radus on

      I have not received email or delivery of said project. Can I please get an update?

    4. Missing avatar

      Lily Kiu on

      I still have not receive email about delivery.... nor receiving the actual thing yet! Who do i need to contact??

    5. Billy Bradford on

      @Intouch Tharanon, can you please share how did you manage to get the sweet spot to relieve some weight please?

    6. Missing avatar

      Chris Tettero on

      Still no straps here. Send bij Send From China to the Netherlands. Stuck at PostNl? They cant tract it because it's not an 3S code. Why is er nu tract/trace from you to my frontdoor?

    7. BetterBack 3-time creator on

      LOVE, LOVE, LOVE @InTouch Tharanon!!! So happy to hear you get to walk tall and get some of that sweet relief :) The new feeling around the collar bone should fade as you continue to break your set in. Another tip is to move them a bit higher up your shoulders. Thank you so much for your absolutely incredible support -- it means the world!

    8. Missing avatar

      Intouch Tharanon on

      @BetterBack - Been a week since I used them. It works wonder, I have to say, still long way to go to find most comfortable position for them. But it feels so much better carrying 2 laptops on my back, dont have to lean forward while walking anymore!! May I ask if it is normal to feel little ache around shoulder musclr and collar bone? I thought it might be normal since my backpack is a little heavy and due to equal distribution of load to different places.

    9. BetterBack 3-time creator on

      @Chris M - YES YES YES! SO EXCITED! Thank you oh so much for supporting us. Sending love.

    10. BetterBack 3-time creator on

      @Karin - ahhh yeahhh! So excited too! Please do share feedback if you can. I hope they see you through many amazing life adventures.

    11. BetterBack 3-time creator on

      @Intouch - Loooooove! It's no problem at all to wear SuperStraps on multiple backpacks. :) I switch mine out regularly among two. Cannot wait to hear how they feel!

    12. BetterBack 3-time creator on

      @Pablo - very happy to help, but I'm so sorry I don't quite understand the question. Any chance you can ask it a different way? Thanks and hugs!

    13. BetterBack 3-time creator on

      @John Collins - no prob at all! We have the next batch going out Monday, so yours will arrive soon!!

    14. Chris M


      Just got mine. The build quality is fantastic. Looking forward to trying these things out. Thank you again for all your efforts!

    15. Jones on

      I go to and cannot find my tracking number. Please help.

    16. Karin Pradhan on

      Thank you for the video – it was very helpful and thanks to the tips it took no time to get my straps set up :) Looking forward to breaking these in and seeing how they feel after a week or so!

    17. Missing avatar

      Intouch Tharanon on

      Got it today!! Love the look and will try it out!!
      But I have one question and if it is already answered somewhere, can u plz show me the link or sth. So when the break system occur, can I install the straps for other backpacks as well or they are formed to only the original backpack?

    18. Pablo Lagos Eyzaguirre on

      How I will know when my item arrive?

    19. Missing avatar

      John Collins on

      I overlooked my survey confirmation e-mail and hadn't noticed it until today. I just completed it a few hours ago. Will this effect my shipping time? I hope I won't have to wait long to receive it. I'm eager to try it out. :-)

    20. BetterBack 3-time creator on

      @michael - tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow!!!

    21. Jonathan

      One issue I'm running into is that the backpack I'm using these on has straps that vary in width so it's difficult to slide the superstraps upward without the velcro piece coming completely out of the loop. I'll continue working with them to see where the best positioning is.

    22. BetterBack 3-time creator on

      @Luk - SO SO SO HAPPY TO HEAR!!!!!! Sending big hugs

    23. Michael McClain on

      Mine are schedule to arrive today at San Antonio, Texas.

    24. Missing avatar

      Luk Gof on

      Got it
      Even better than I expected
      Love it