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Protect and relieve your back and neck + improve your posture + make your favorite backpack ergonomic with patent pending technology
Protect and relieve your back and neck + improve your posture + make your favorite backpack ergonomic with patent pending technology
9,455 backers pledged $725,709 to help bring this project to life.

Help Us Pick A Design!

Posted by BetterBack (Creator)

Hello Lovelies!

It's your chance to shape a major design element on SuperStraps. Please step into our design lab and share your opinion!

Time to get your vote on!
Time to get your vote on!

It'll take less than a minute :)

Here is the link again:

Thanks, hugs, love and talk soon!

xo Katherine


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    1. Michael McClain on

      Update on Backer poll?

    2. Michael W on

      Which design won?

    3. BetterBack 3-time creator on

      Hey Michael! Oooh, definitely, thanks for the tip! Sweaty straps sound pretty bad. ;) Huge hugs to you!

    4. Michael W on

      @betterback can we make sure the memory foam is cooling type! or whatever that looks like for small amounts... i just know memory foam can soak up heat and make things hot quick!

    5. BetterBack 3-time creator on

      Hey guys! Hope you all are having a great one!! To answer your Qs:


      Great Q. :) We received over 1500 responses within an hour and option B received only 5% of those votes. It essentially lost quickly. I removed it as a voting option so future votes could be concentrated among the potentially winning designs. If you wanted B, I am so sorry! Let's send it off with a salute...


      We are using an EVA foam on the back of SuperStraps so it's comfortable touching your skin and to prevent your straps from pinching and digging as they often do. Working with our foam manufacturer, they explained that if we purchase another set of tooling we could offer memory foam for this area of SuperStraps. If you've ever slept on a memory foam pillow or mattress you know the unique properties memory foam brings. It's super plush and rebounds quickly. Both will be comfortable. One is just an upgraded experience.

      Hope that helps and sending l-o-v-e!

    6. Michael W on

      @Kevin it is just memory foam on the back side. makes it more comfortable i am sure.

    7. Missing avatar

      Peter Hassard on

      Asking us to pick your tagline is just asking for trouble! haha

    8. Missing avatar

      Kevin Chu on


      I'm not sure about the memory foam upgrade. Please tell me more about it. I left my answer as unsure since I don't know how this would make it better

    9. Michael W on

      B was removed from the options. Please pick a c f.

    10. Missing avatar

      Warintorn Phanichkul on

      Just open the google form and found that there’s no option B design to vote for. Can choose only between A, C and F.

    11. Jason on

      I'm only seeing A, C and F on the form when I follow the link but the email showed 4 designs to pick from. Is one missing?

    12. Michael W on

      I am guessing the bottom of the strap will have memory foam base as to make it more comfortable!

    13. Missing avatar

      Susilo on

      What do you mean by "Memory Foam upgrade"?