Wear a backpack? Lift the lbs + strain instantly SuperStraps

by BetterBack

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    1. Ivan Di Salvo on

      how we can see the live recorded?


    2. Missing avatar

      Thevapol Tantikittipisut on

      I've same question too.
      How we can see live stream recorded ?

    3. BetterBack 3-time creator on

      Hey there Thevapol and Ivan, great to hear from you both! I have some sad news, unfortunately - Kickstarter was having technical issues during our stream, so we had barely any time with our backers before we had to end it. :( So we don't have any material to share. I am SO sorry!

      I'm here for you need anything at all, so don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you so much for your amazing support!