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Protect and relieve your back and neck + improve your posture + make your favorite backpack ergonomic with patent pending technology
Protect and relieve your back and neck + improve your posture + make your favorite backpack ergonomic with patent pending technology
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#3 Project on Kickstarter(!!) + Production Update

Posted by BetterBack (Creator)

Hello old friends + new!

We are now ~5,000 strong and thanks to you incredible souls, SuperStraps is the third most popular project on all of Kickstarter — out of 3,839 projects!! We are shocked, awed and forever grateful. This is translated into not-so-much sleep and loads of super hard work. YES. 

This update is all about production, but before we jump into it: we are live on Product Hunt as of a few moments ago. That means we are in a popularity contest inside of a popularity contest (I can’t help but feel like I’m back to “clear” braces and pimples in middle school). Please take a moment to hop on over here to ask me anything (I'll be answering Qs all day) + give us an upvote if you like what you see:!

Production Update I

As many of you know, I popped on some airplanes to meet with everyone in our supply chain on March 5th. I am so excited to announce that, because of the trip, SuperStraps will now be 100% gluten free:

Just kidding!!

The meetings went great and we have been furiously improving our component designs as we move to phase two in the production process:

Design > Design For Manufacturing > Tooling > Production > Fulfillment

Nerd out with me for a sec on some of the incredible machinery that will be making SuperStraps:

If you want more pics like this, write +1 in the comments below and I'll be sure to share more in our next update. :) 

We are now making our very last pre-production prototype before we kick off the big show. Can't wait to shore more pics soon!!

SuperStraps Burning Question

Thanks to the 998 backers who filled out our 2 question survey so far, here's your #2 question answered (yes, deja vu):

Can you share photos or videos of how SuperStraps attaches to my backpack?

Sure thing! 

 If you still have Qs, read our last update where we shared more details. 

Can't wait to share even more progress soon. Sending you guys so much love!!

xo Katherine

PS Here is the link again to our Product Hunt page;  it takes just 30 seconds to help us out: !!!

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

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