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Make every chair ergonomic! 15 mins a day to perfect posture. Now with heat/ice for back pain relief & healing. Instant health boost!
We are in production! Click below to pre-order your BetterBack Therapy for delivery in May!
We are in production! Click below to pre-order your BetterBack Therapy for delivery in May!
10,838 backers pledged $1,021,481 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

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      Vishvas Handa about 7 hours ago

      Hi Betterback, I have not received any email for the feb shipment till now, can someone check for me if its been shipped yet or not?

    2. Daniel Hain about 7 hours ago

      This is seriously a game changer to the community thank you so much my parents love it and it's helping my back also. My mother recently broke her back in three places and is barely able to walk. She tried the better back today and said that this is better than daily therapy. Much love to everyone who supported this project and blessings from up high ! :)

    3. Teresa Kines
      about 18 hours ago

      Hello. I still don't have mine. Teresa

    4. Missing avatar

      賴小平 1 day ago

      I want to know when can I receive?

    5. Ricardo Davalos M 1 day ago

      Hi @betterback I haven't received any notification yet and the time has past.let me know what happens as it feels like I am an april backer and paid more than guys in April.

    6. Missing avatar

      Cortney Hall 1 day ago

      I just received my BetterBack and I could not be happier!! Thank you for making a wonderful product!

    7. BetterBack 2-time creator 2 days ago

      JP: YES! Music to my ears. So so happy to hear this! :D

    8. BetterBack 2-time creator 2 days ago

      Kerri: Hi Kerri! Thanks so much for this, I'm so happy to hear that you received your BetterBack!! :) I'm so sorry to hear that you didn't get your therapy pack, just contacting you now about this!

    9. BetterBack 2-time creator 2 days ago

      Daniel: Hurrayyyy! I'm SO happy that you received your BetterBack Therapy! I'm super glad to hear that it arrived earlier than it said it would! That's fantastic :) Yes, all our our backers in the first shipment should definitely be getting their shipment much sooner than the second shipment! Definitely keep us posted with how you're liking your BetterBack and have a great day!

    10. BetterBack 2-time creator 2 days ago

      Tzfardaya: Hey there! Thanks for this — the packages are going out in batches, but I'll pass your comment on so that we can make sure that it's on its way :) Thanks so much and have a great day!

    11. BetterBack 2-time creator 2 days ago

      Andrew + Kevin + Blizz: Hey there!! Thanks so much for your comments :) Unfortunately, not every backer will receive a tracking number. We're using a variety of courier services to get you your BetterBacks ASAP at this point, so whether you get a tracking number will depend on where you live (country and region of that country). But, you will definitely get an email confirmation when your BetterBack Therapy ships out, and after that rest assured that your BetterBack Therapy is on the way! :)

    12. Blizz Lim
      2 days ago

      Feb backer from Singapore n have yet to receive my tracking number

    13. Kevin Liu 2 days ago

      Hi, I am also Feb backer and wondering when will I get a tracking number?

    14. JP Gagnon 2 days ago

      Got mine today. Already used it twice. Really nice design. Easy to use. Now I just have to try it with the hot/cold pack. Woohoo.

    15. Kerri Jean 3 days ago

      Received mine, thank you. I did not receive the extra pack however.

    16. Missing avatar

      Ignasi Corney 3 days ago

      Hi, I have not received any mail yet. Can you check, please, that all is correct? Thank you very much! I'm glad to be in your hands and I value a lot all your positive feedback ever.

    17. Missing avatar

      3 days ago

      I received my package today via FedEx Surepost. Since I had previously signed up for FedEx Delivery Manager, I was notified that a package was being shipped to me due to arrive on Sat., Mar. 28. One of the features of Surepost in that it is delivered to your door by the USPS with your regular mail so you do not have to be home to sign for it when the FedEx truck would come by. It only took 5 days although it said it would take 11 days (including weekends).
      For those who are bothered that they paid extra to get earlier delivery that has been delayed, remember that even the later delivery can get delayed too. From what I read, those who are expecting April delivery may not receive their BB Therapy (+) until May.

    18. Missing avatar

      Andrew 3 days ago

      Hi, I am a Feb backer and wondering if I will get a tracking number? I have not received any email yet. Will I get it before the april backers?
      Thank you.

    19. Missing avatar

      3 days ago

      Still no betterback here, no shipping notice either.. :-(

    20. BetterBack 2-time creator 3 days ago

      Michelle: Hi hi! SO great to hear and I am so thrilled that you have your BetterBack Therapy! It's just too exciting to hear about everyone receiving them, so thank you so much for sharing :) Definitely good to know! If you or your husband need any help with finding a way to wear BetterBack Therapy that's super comfy and keeps your back supported, I'm always here to help. Hope you love it and have an amazing day!

    21. BetterBack 2-time creator 3 days ago

      Kevin: Hey there! Thanks so much for your comment :) We're pushing to do our best to get it out at the end of April, and while we still don't have the exact date, we'll be sure to update you as soon as we find out more :) If you think you might be moving, I'd recommend changing your address just in case! If this sounds good to you, please send us your new address whenever you can! Thanks so much, Kevin, and have a great day!

    22. Missing avatar

      4 days ago

      For what it's worth, I got no notifications of shipment and so it was a surprise delivery last night (USPS delivers late for us). The lack of notifications is usually the fault of USPS in my experience, so just watch the mail if you're the early backer group but don't have a notification at all. :)

    23. Missing avatar

      4 days ago

      Mine arrived yesterday as well. It became a belated birthday gift for my husband, but he tried it out last night and seemed to like it. Will take a bit to get used to and figure out the best position for it, but hopefully it helps resolve some of his back issues (related to his poor posture!). Thanks!

    24. Kevin Miao 4 days ago

      Just wondering, when should we expect the April shipment to come out? Im moving towards to end of April and would like to hopefully receive it by then

    25. BetterBack 2-time creator 4 days ago

      Brandi: Hi there! HURRAY! I'm SO happy that your BetterBack Therapy reached you... music to my ears! :) Although, I'm sorry to hear that you're disappointed by the extra shipping cost for the hot/cold therapy packs — even though they're small, the extra weight certainly adds up. If it helps at all, we did charge you about half the cost of how much they actually cost to ship... although I agree, it's surprising that something so small can change the price! In terms of the texting support, we haven't received a message from you, but I'll definitely look into it — it's a new system we're testing out so there might be a little issue. For your knees, if you're feeling uncomfortable with the pressure, you can try loosening the straps, or moving the pads further down on your knees — the best way to wear your BetterBack Therapy is however you feel most comfy and supported. :) If you have any more questions about wearing your BetterBack, I'm ALWAYS here to help you out, Brandi! Thanks so much for your feedback. :) Much appreciated.

    26. BetterBack 2-time creator 4 days ago

      Peter + ScottC1s: Hey there! Thanks so much for your comments... first off, I am so sorry about the shipping delay. We paid extra to get your BetterBacks out ASAP and our fulfillment company in the US quoted us the 3-5 business days, but we just found out this morning that a few backers have tracking information which says much longer :( :( This is completely unexpected but we're doing our best and have been communicating with them on and off all day to see if there's anything that can be done. So sorry again about this, really :( Thank you so much for your patience and I'll be sure to update you when I find out more!

    27. Missing avatar

      Brandi Glover 4 days ago

      Since having used it today, I am hoping my back is just getting used to the device. The heat and cold packs are way thinner than I expected from the pictures. In addition, I'm disappointed that I had to pay extra shipping for my extra therapy pack but it came shipped in the same package with everything else, I don't believe it cost as much extra to add this thin pack to the package.

      I am trying to use the texting offering from the backers where they said they'd text us answers back directly but I haven't heard anything. It adds odd pressure to my kneels and I'm unsure of how tight to wear the straps and there are a few manufacturing flaws that bother me.

      Looking forward to hearing what everyone else thinks once they get theirs.

    28. ScottC1s 5 days ago

      knowing what I know now, I wouldn't of paid the extra 30 dollars for the first shipment. Also saddens me you choose one of the slowest shipping options after already being delayed. I back because I felt valued by you and now I just feel taken advantage of.

    29. Missing avatar

      Peter 5 days ago

      I just read the FAQ and it shows shipping should take 3-5 days and it was suppose to be upgraded to the fastest delivery, so why was mine sent FedEx SmartPost? Doesn't really seem all that fast at 12 days of shipping. Shipped out 3/16, due to arrive 3/28. Looks like I got downgraded in the shipping department. Kind of disappointed here, had I known this I would have just saved myself $30 and waited for the April batch.

    30. Missing avatar

      Peter 5 days ago

      I'm glad that my Better Back has shipped. But I am kind of disappointed it is going to take 12 days to get to me. I would have thought with the delays and the extra cost for early delivery, it would have shipped FedEx Express rather than FedEx Ground. But regardless I'm still glad it has finally shipped.

      Next time it would be nice to ship via FedEx Express so those who paid to have it early can have it soon rather than later.

    31. Missing avatar

      Brandi Glover 5 days ago

      Got an email today saying my BetterBack had shipped, clicked on tracking and saw it's been delivered! I can't wait to get home and have it for work tomorrow!!!

    32. Missing avatar

      Pete 6 days ago

      Fellow Feb backers! Which lucky folks have gotten their shipments!? Tell us how awesome it is!

    33. BetterBack 2-time creator 6 days ago

      Wong Ho + Michelle: Thank you both so much for your comment! :) We did just publish an update a couple of days ago with tons of news/info about shipping I would definitely recommend checking out! :) We have started shipping out — basically what this means is that our fulfillment center can send out hundreds of BetterBack Therapys every day, but not thousands, so they've been batched into a couple different days. You'll get a shipping confirmation as soon as yours is on the way :) The April shipment won't be going out until later in April, so you're still a whole month-ish ahead of them, if that helps. Let me know if you have any more questions and thank you both so much for your support. Excited for you to get your BetterBack Therapy! :)

    34. BetterBack 2-time creator 6 days ago

      Cindy: Hi! Tzfardaya is correct! :) Kickstarter may say this, but no worries — we received your shipping survey. :) We still don't have the exact date we'll be sending out the April shipment, but I would just keep an eye on your inbox for our project updates and we'll be sure to post on there when we know more!! Have a great day, Cindy! :)

    35. BetterBack 2-time creator 6 days ago

      Kaushik87: Hey there! We did just publish an update a couple of days ago and are officially shipping out the first round of BetterBack Therapys! Wahooo! Just click "Updates" above to read more :) Thanks tons and have a great day!!

    36. BetterBack 2-time creator 6 days ago

      Techheng: Hi there!! Just checked on your pledge — unfortunately, you didn't fill out our shipping survey, and without doing that we don't have an address where we can send your pledge! :( Just sending you a message via Kickstarter with more info on next steps. Thanks so much, Techheng!

    37. Missing avatar

      6 days ago

      Agree, early backers are now getting dangerously close to the April backers who paid $30 less for the product. Any news on shipping? Is there any compensation if we barely ship 3 weeks apart at this point?

    38. Wong Ho Lam
      6 days ago

      @creator backer 517, still nothing heard about shipment but you said you have begun shipping out?

    39. Missing avatar

      KM 6 days ago

      @Kaushik87 "No news or update?" Are you serious? look 2 comments below your last comment... Or an update that was issued 3 days ago...

    40. Missing avatar

      7 days ago

      @cindy woo
      Kickstarter won't show the survey, as it was sent via backerkit.

      Go to the Backerkit website and enter the email you signed up to Kickstarter with.

    41. Cindy Woo on March 19

      Hi, can you please check my pledge? As it is showing "no survey sent" on my page...
      I am in UK London, when will I get the product? As I might need to move to another country later, I just want to make sure I will be still in this address when it is delivered. Thx :)

    42. Missing avatar

      Kaushik87 on March 18

      No news or update? Please can u refund the pledge amount if delivery takes months..

    43. Techheng Lim on March 18

      @creator: can you check me my pledge? Still no tracking number so far

    44. BetterBack 2-time creator on March 17

      Steven: Hey hey! Thanks so much for your comment:) Currently we're on-track to ship out the second run in the second half of April, and we're crossing our fingers that we won't hit any snags! But, of course, we'll be sure to update you if anything changes! Have an awesome day, Steven!

    45. BetterBack 2-time creator on March 17

      Tzfardaya: Thanks for having our back, Tzfardaya! :)

    46. BetterBack 2-time creator on March 17

      Ritrup: I just checked on your pledge, no worries, it's all filled out!! Thanks so much for checking in :) :) Have a great day!

    47. Steven Meldrum on March 17

      Is the second run going to be on time?

    48. Missing avatar

      on March 16

      Go to and enter in the email address you use for kickstarter.. Should find any surveys for projects that you've backed that use that site.

    49. Ritrup on March 16

      @creator in you latest update you have talked about some servey. But unfortunately I have not received it yet. I really needed this product ASAP, hence paid extra for it. So could you check and let me know when my shipment will start and does the servey has any repercussions on my delivery time. Hope you understand my problem, participate a response asap.

    50. BetterBack 2-time creator on March 15

      Alejandro: Hey there! So sorry to have disappointed you about our shipping :( :( If it helps at all, you'll definitely still be getting your BetterBack Therapy in your first batch, before the April backers. We were planning on doing an update on Monday, but are just waiting for a bit more info before we publish so that you are all getting the most up-to-date and accurate possible shipping info. Again, so sorry on this. Stay tuned for an update coming at you with more precise info on all of this! :) Thanks tons for your patience, Alejandro. Have a great day!

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