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A collection of six different artworks showing some of the most exciting places of the Cthulhu mythos, illustrated by Nele Diel!
114 backers pledged €6,412 to help bring this project to life.

That is not dead which can eternal lie

Posted by Cthulhuscape (Creator)

We kept quiet for some time but we’re still alive and kicking! 

A bit more than one week after our exciting campaign came to an end, we thought it would be time to give you a better insight into our flight plan for the post campaign, and most important, for getting the rewards to you. 

Before we provide more detailed information on the next phases, we would like to ask you for your participation!

As this was planned as a small, compact campaign we initially did not think of going for a complex campaign management tool besides the Kickstarter embedded tools. 

But we are still thinking of choosing a post campaign manager allowing you to upgrade your pledges, add additional products and allow late backers to enter the campaign even at this point. 

So the questions for you guys would be:

- are you interested in buying add-ons -> postcards, art prints, posters or even single FineArt prints (limited to the total number of 50 per illustration, currently 42 available)?

- are you interested in upgrading your pledge (e.g. postcards to art pints, choice of three to complete set etc.)?

We have been asked by backers if there’s a chance to get access to these options, that’s why we want to delegate this question to you. 

As a proposal we would put that to debate starting from now and closing the discussion at the end of phase 1

So let us hear your thoughts in the comment section or simply drop us a message! 

Talking about phases… 

We divided the post campaign into phases, so you can clearly see what is happening at the moment:

Phase 1 (current) –> Detail increase for all achieved stretch goals:

Thanks to your ambitious support, our wonderful artist Nele got back to work and started to do all the detail increase for the artworks you unlocked. 

Here is the actual status: 

1.) The Shadow over Innsmouth -> done! 

2.) The Temple -> in progress, scheduled for week 7

3.) The Whisperer in Darkness -> planned,  scheduled for week 8

4.) The Music of Erich Zann -> planned,  scheduled for week 9

So, if we do not come across serious problems that delay the process, we will be able to enter the next phase beginning of March! 

Phase 2 (beginning of March) –> Surveys will be sending out to all backers:

Some tiers require your input on which illustration you would like to get as a reward. This is relevant for all backers that will not receive a full set but just one, three or more artworks of choice.

We hope for your understanding that we will wait until the very last illustration unlocked has been upgraded to the higher level of details so that the people that have to make a decision, see the final version of the artwork.  

In fact we’re pretty sure that seeing an updated version of the unlocked illustrations every week will compensate a bit of the waiting time. 

After we received the information of all sent out surveys, we will evaluate the products and quantities that need to be printed and start the ordering process. 

Phase 3 (approx. mid of March) – evaluation of orders volumes and order placement:

After every survey has been returned and we are able to calculate what exactly needs to be printed in what quantities, we will give our orders to the printing companies.

We will send out an update with the actual delivery dates that are confirmed from the printing companies, so that you are always on the same page as we are. 

Important note-> different pledge levels will have different shipping dates! 

Which leads us the next phase. 

Phase 4 (approx. end of March) – preparation of all “non-FineArt tiers” for shipping / shipping of first orders:

We hope to start preparing the shipment of all tiers except the FineArt print tiers at the end of March, which means that most of you will presumingly get their stuff in April. 

We will have a different schedule for the FineArt tiers simply because we have a more complex validation process for these products!

That’s why it will take us approx. one month more to get your orders delivered to you. 

And last but not least for the lucky one who decided to take this once in a lifetime opportunity and let Nele illustrate his/her very own Lovecraftian nightmare, we assume that it’s ready to be shipped, when it’s ready to be shipped… it’s a pleasure working out this masterpieces together with Nele so we don’t want to set a time limit to’s totally up to you.

Phase 5 (after all is done) – Reflection of the campaign:

As this is our very first project and we really put so much effort in everything we did and we will do until every backers has received his /her rewards, we would be very happy to hear your comments.

Although there are currently no distinctive plans of a follow up campaign, we stick to the good old…”Never say never” and hope that we may have made some new friends here. 

Let us know your thoughts, feel free to post your ideas, advice…whatever comes to your mind!

We will keep you posted! 

Cheers Ron 


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    1. Cthulhuscape Creator on

      @ Sarah Kohtz:

      We heard from several backers that they came in late and didn't have the chance to really get a proper view over the different rewards we were offering.

      So, this is clearly an argument!

      Thanks for bringing that up!

    2. Sarah Kohtz

      I think it would be nice to have add ons particularly since I came into this campaign late.

    3. Cthulhuscape Creator on

      @ Andrew Elsenheimer:

      We're totally with you!

      Upgrading your pledge got especially interesting for all "non-complete set" backers after we unlocked the "At the Mountains of Madness" artwork.

      Your comment is taken into account!

    4. Cthulhuscape Creator on

      @ Steffen:

      I hope it will be a pleasant surprise for you (and others), that we unlocked the "At the Mountains of Madness" artwork even not having reached the stretch goal completely.

      It will be added to every complete set automatically!

      Unfortunately Kickstarter won't allow us to change the stretch goal symbols after the campaign has ended.

    5. Cthulhuscape Creator on

      @ Sebastian Pawęska:

      That's a very helpful comment!

      We haven't found the perfect post campaign manager yet and will definitely take this one into considoration!

      Thanks a lot for sharing this!

    6. Steffen on

      An extension would be interesting. Is it possible to get the not unlocked picture "At the Mountains of Madness" in addition? Thx

    7. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Pawęska on

      so..yes, I'm interested in add-ons and you should take a look at - pledge manager created by/for the guys from Awaken Realms and used to manage their campaigns. What's more, according to their page 'Our Pledge Manager is free for creators and users. There are no fees.'

      From the user's point of view (used it twice) - it's very comfortable and simple.

    8. Missing avatar

      Andrew Elsenheimer on

      As a late backer I think we should get the chance to upgrade/add onto our pledges.