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A collection of six different artworks showing some of the most exciting places of the Cthulhu mythos, illustrated by Nele Diel!
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Final chapter – unleash the Crawling Chaos!

Posted by Cthulhuscape (Creator)

Only a few more days before our marvelous journey to the perilous places of H.P. Lovecraft’s fantastic writings comes to an end. 

But we don’t want to move to the end silently! 

We want to celebrate our tour with a really big bang! 

Still there are many of you that are hiding in the shadows instead of joining our ambitious circle. 

Step up and join the Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh in order to worship the Crawling Chaos, messenger of the Outer Gods, the great Nyarlathotep!

We really want our brotherhood to grow as big as it can in order to tame the wraith of the Great Old Ones! 

So we desperately chant and proclaim, that we will add “Imprisoned with the Pharaos” to our collection if we reach 160 or more backers with physical rewards

Imprisoned with the Pharaohs (preview sketch!)
Imprisoned with the Pharaohs (preview sketch!)

This all new illustration will be available as an add-on to every regular pledge through our post campaign manager. 

Just add:

- 2,00 Euro for either 2 modern look, 2 antique look or 1 of each version postcards (see “The mailman” tiers)

- 11,00 Euro for an additional art print (see “The novice of the art” tier)

- 13,00 Euro for an additional poster (see “The advertiser’s apprentice” tier)

- 40,00 Euro for an additional FineArt print (see “True art devotee” tier)

For all you undecided souls, please consider:

The possibility to get your hands on these amazing artworks ends when this campaign is over! 

We have no plans for a follow up campaign and you will not find these artworks on other platforms (like e.g. Etsy).

If you want them, you have to become part of our sinister circle and back this project! 

So don’t miss your chance! 



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