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A sketch review exploring the phrase “I’m not going to be that girl” and how we are all "that girl".

“I’m not going to be that girl” is a thing young women say nowadays. A lot. Like, too much. It’s even a hashtag. But who is That Girl? While exploring this question throughout the process of creating our show, we found out: She is all of us, and she cannot be avoided.

In a post-Sex and the City world where it’s not unusual anymore to be an outspoken, independent, sexually free woman, where do we go from here? This revue’s sketches explore that question by highlighting the female characters that many of us strive not to be, that modern society tells us we should avoid being. 

While we are four very supportive females who believe in girl power to the point of still unashamedly blasting Geri Halliwell, we value the importance of the male voice throughout this show as well. As young women figure out where to go next in modern-day society, so do the men. They might not know whether or not to hold the door, or if they should still pay for the whole dinner or just split it down the middle, just to name a few confusions. We also value the importance of GLBT voices. Remember – That Girl is all of us.

We invite you on this journey to help us find That Girl as we delve into her issues, dilemmas, confusions, sexcapades, explorations, stiletto sufferings, mistakes, tears, cake eating, fake confidence, and moments of pure, self-assured strength. 

After years of vague insults and unabashed mockery, That Girl has a lot of shit she’s been wanting to say. So come listen.   

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With live theater, there is always going to be the risks of things going wrong on stage, missing cues, forgetting props, etc. But hey! That's what makes it exciting, right?!

Second City will provide us the space and a stage manager, but that's it! We have to take care of the marketing, props, costumes, re-writes, and we'll be acting in our own show, too.

We've hired a director to help with our stage vision. And two actors have graciously donated their time and energy to also be apart of our show.

Scheduling has already been an issue, trying to find a time when all of us can get together. We've already had to re-cast one of our actors, which is unfortunate, but we also all agreed it would be for the best and everything happens for a reason.


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