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Legume Bistro is moving. Raising $8,000 will help us build two beautiful tile walls in our kitchen and create a nicer work environment.
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Trevett Hooper

89 backers pledged $17,195 to help bring this project to life.

Thanks to YOU, we've met our funding goal!

We reached our funding goal this week!  It's been so busy winding things down in Regent Square that we didn't get a chance until today to update you on the good news!  

Last Sunday we served our final dinner in Regent Square.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were spent cleaning and moving our gear to our Oakland location.  While it's always been a pleasure to be serving Regent Square, it's also a relief to finally be able to put 100% of our attention towards the new space.

Things are steadily moving along.  Finished areas of the renovated dining room are painted, and it is very exciting to get a sense of what the place is going to look like.  The workers are all doing a fantastic job of getting this place ready.  There is still a lot of work to do in the kitchen and basement areas, but I can tell its going to be an exceptionally functional and beautiful work space when it is ready.  

While we are not open for business at the moment, Legume still rolls along in other ways.  The staff is dispersed doing interesting things while we are closed.  Jamilka is off to Charleston to stage in some fantastic restaurants, while Justin and Beautia are staging at some of Pittsburgh's best restaurants.  Andrew will be cutting meat at two area meat processing plants.  A special shout out goes out to all the chefs and meat cutters opening their doors to our cooks.  

We also have some exciting staff trips to look forward to.  Chris and Aeros from Who Cooks For You Farm have invited us to tour their farm.  Alex is making arrangements for everyone to visit a local winery to help make more real the actual wine making process.  I'll be tagging along with Brian Greenawalt on one of his weekly pickups of produce and eggs from Sam and Nettie Yoder's farm in Somerset.  Sam and Nettie are responsible for the Shaker dried corn we use in the fall in winter, and will be experimenting this summer with growing navy beans for our cassoulet.  With a whole summer of amazing produce ahead of us, I'm already excited about next winter!

Of course meeting our goal is fantastic. We would be delighted if you'd continue to share our kickstarter with your friends as every little bit always helps! Whatever is over and above the goal will add to the dining and bar areas. 

Thank you again. We're honored, amazed, and truly delighted by the response this project has received. 

Best, Trevett