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Manufacturing Update

Posted by Bear Butt (Creator)

Thanks for helping us on our Kickstarter! 

We have spent the past couple months (even before the KS) working to make USA-made gear a reality!

We have been working towards this goal, but have found major roadblocks that have stopped us from doing this in our own warehouses! 

Our next step was trying to find other USA manufacturers to make these products for us! That also presented a large number of roadblocks and we haven’t been able to make that work for us either.

After exhausting the team’s efforts to make this dream a reality, we have decided to return our manufacturing to China.

We will be personally visiting China to ensure the quality is top notch.

We will be delivering the goods by August 1st.

We understand that a promise of USA-made has not been kept, and understand if you want to cancel your pledge. We will be more than willing to do that if you desire! 

Still, our ultimate goal is to provide you with the highest-quality gear at an affordable price.

If you have any questions you can contact our customer service here!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Lindy Minert on

      So it's now over a month past August 1st and I've seen no goods delivered and no updates. Beginning to think I wasted $40...

    2. Missing avatar

      Zach Horan on

      So, it's been two months. How are things looking?

    3. Gary Wong on

      I would like a refund please.

    4. Missing avatar

      Cindy on

      I will like my refund, please.

    5. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      I would like my refund please.

    6. Missing avatar

      Casey Messick on

      Hey Bear Butt, I would love to hear a little more details as to what these "Road Blocks" were. Part of kickstarter is to leverage a community to help you grow, and in return, more transparency is expected. I think many of your backers would like to see an update where you go into more detail as to why you made this decision

    7. Missing avatar

      Nathanael Wright on

      A bit of a train wreak, how the heck can I get a cancel like yesterday

    8. Morgan Funkystuff Decker on

      HOW DO WE CANCEL? I SENT AN EMAIL TO CUSTOMER SERVICE, NO RESPONSE. As much as I love your premise and my bear butt hammocks, if I wanted a chinese backpack, I could've had one by now....

    9. Missing avatar

      Brittany Rae on

      I was so happy to get my sleeping bag for summer but now if I even want to wait till August I would have to wait 12 months till could use it I can’t support this why did you say American made was top quality now you have to send them to China you guys will never compete with north face because of this waiting 5 more months for my bear butt gear I hope this bear butt campaign looses a lot of its backers so you have to make another and hopefully you will make a way better one than this but you still won’t beat north face

    10. Morgan Funkystuff Decker on

      How do we cancel our pledge?

    11. Missing avatar

      Zach Dahle-Melsaether on

      Although I am a little disappointed in the August delivery I am completely fine with the wait. Part of the Kickstarter deal is helping people succeed with their goals/dreams and I am 100% on board with BearButt and their ideals and plans as a company. Companies that are in the process of change and growth face setbacks sometimes but as long as they keep working tirelessly towards their goals they will reach them eventually. Nothing that lasts was a success over night.

    12. Missing avatar

      Rebeca Freytes DePra on

      I am sad to read about the disappointment people are experiencing. However, what made me even sadder was the lack of understanding on their behalf. If Bearbutt would have said "well, too bad could not do it, good luck" that is one thing, but the fact that they tirelessly worked to keep the jobs here, that out to say something about their commitment. I DO NOT want a refund. I want you to keep it and keep on doing the hard work you have done til now. I am more sad for you Bearbutt in the sense that you are frustrated you could not keep this heart desire. Well, hopefully more people will have more patience and let you keep the pledge so that in a few more years you can come back here. And for the record commentors (don't know if this is a word)...this is a new company...i believe 2 yrs old. You don't expect a two yr old to drive a car? right? well, think about these things folks. I love also the fact that Bearbutt is not just sending their products and run...they are going to be in China making sure you and I get the same quality expected of BB. Thank you guys...keep up the good work.

    13. Missing avatar

      Chris Sanders on

      So you are saying that rather than taking on North Face you are joining them in China? Very disappointed that you didn't have things arranged before kicking off the Kickstarter so we could get what we were promised WHEN we were promised it. I am a supporter of Bear Butt and have many of your products, however telling me I was getting something in April is completely different than my receiving it in August. Sad that you chose to ship things off to China and add the months rather than use that time to keep one of your 2 promises (made in USA and when we would receive the product). With the extra time you could have found a place to make them in the US. Probably in a southern state where there are lots of people out of work since their manufacturing jobs have left.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jill Spackman on

      I would like a full refund as well. Just not willing to wait until August. Sorry.

    15. Missing avatar

      Ronald Chan on

      Very Disappointed. Please arrange full refund.

    16. Missing avatar

      Sharon K Randolph on

      So disappointed! No, I will not support a China based company. Has this been a bait? I would continue to support and add support if you stayed to true to your word about American manufacturing. You sold USA- made product, not China. If I wanted a China made pack, sleeping bag, or jacket, I could order from any number of the 1,000+ companies already on-line and ready to take my order.

    17. thelamby

      Thanks for the update. Like others, a large reason I backed was USA-made. It would be more transparent if you went into more detail, like what went wrong with your original plan and why other USA options don't work. We could always guess unless you tell us a bit more.

    18. Missing avatar

      Shawn Page on

      I would prefer to wait longer and have it manufactured in the US. It doesn’t seem like rocket science. The whole reason I backed it was that it was made in the US. Don’t take no for an answer. The American way is to keep working hard until you reach your goal. You guys can do this. We believe in you and believe in USA manufacturing. If I wanted a Chinese jacket I could have had that in 2 days. You being in China to insure quality control doesn’t matter to me.

    19. Missing avatar

      Melissa Rowe on

      I was really looking forward to getting my bag in April.
      Im incredibly bummed.
      Good thing I held onto my old sleeping bag!

    20. Missing avatar

      Reece Flynt Sr on

      Do what y have 2 do. U guys r smart and have dream. We all jump in deep water some times. Get it done make that dream work. We pulling for U!

    21. Prem Thomas on

      Pretty disappointed to hear this. I feel like this was a total bait and switch. You should keep trying to find a way to make these in the USA because this is what you sold everyone who backed your kickstarter.

    22. Glenn King on

      Thanks for the update, it is a bit bummer to hear. Would your team be able to offer a partial refund on the price since they are being made in China (which generally reduces the cost of manufacturing)? I’d still like the bag but a bit of refund would be appreciate. Thanks!