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The most affordable smart multi-color 3D Printer, designed for everyone, everyday use.
The most affordable smart multi-color 3D Printer, designed for everyone, everyday use.
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New website is under construction!

Posted by DreamMaker (Creator)
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Hi Backers, 

Thanks for your continuously support! 

We have our website under maintenance because our website has been Injection attack and broken down. 

The maintenance is to restore databases and Web services and it will be last till the end of December in the worst case. 

Meanwhile, we are about to launch a campaign on Indiagogo for our new Overlord Plus, so we just put the info of that on our website. 

You can contact us by Email Pearl and Richard are willing to help.

We will make our website back to normal and more information as soon as possible and will update here. 

Thanks again.

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    1. Missing avatar

      MantisGhost on

      That is actually good question because right now printer is inaccurate and just terribly loud. Upgrade/Fix kit is a must.

    2. mixmaster on

      Mine is essentially broken on rotation with extruder issues and broken filament. Can you fix this please. Also your Indiegogo campaign doesn't even give info on build space / resolution etc. so can't really think about backing it without knowing if it upgrades these things.

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael H. on

      @Dreammaker team: Can you please make the Over Lord Pro firmware files available for download please? Dropbox, google drive, anywhere.

    4. Missing avatar

      Andreas on

      Please give answer to us first batch backers, we have a hard time, so many things go wrong with our printers and - as you know - the support is close to inexistent! Why not sending us an upgrade kit before you release a new printer on Indiegogo? I think you have to something good for us and do it fast, or probably we all have to tell the Indiegogo backers our experiences?! It's time to upgrade our first batch printers for free. Nothing else is expected! Now, please!

    5. Dan Smith

      Seems like you've improved some of the things we've had trouble with - will you also release an upgrade kit for existing Overlord printers? Thanks.

    6. Missing avatar

      Vonklutch on

      So you're going to release another overlord before fixing the issues with ours?

      Your priorities are all fucked up. I know I won't be buying another one of your products. Hopefully I can sell this thing and buy a supported machine, not some one off.

    7. Vince on

      While you're working on your website, you should get a better camera, the IQ of these photo isn't that great on my 4k monitors.

    8. Vince on

      I need to order some parts for my old printer.

    9. Missing avatar

      Andreas on

      Are you willing to update the existing owners with the changed parts so that we can have a working reliable printer? The old model is full of problems as you know.