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The most affordable smart multi-color 3D Printer, designed for everyone, everyday use.
The most affordable smart multi-color 3D Printer, designed for everyone, everyday use.
832 backers pledged £254,825 to help bring this project to life.

First update in 2016, we're on the way making OL a better printer.

Posted by DreamMaker (Creator)

Dear backers,

Happy New Year!

We're a bit surprised to have collected 153 responses to our survey till today! much more than expected. Now we're working to sort out the list of first 50 responses to give out our little gift. We'll come back to you soon once it's done.

We're very happy that more than 80% of our backers are satisfied or somewhat satisfied with Overlord. Thank you!  But true there's a lot to do for this team. So we'd like to share with you the improvements we've been doing in the last several months.

1. heater break down.  We've tested a new 24v 60w heater to replace the original one, so far the result is satisfying. all new printers will come with the new one and a new firmware. all current printers can easily change to the new heater and upgrade the firmware. We'll release it in the forum this week.

2. redundant sensor. OL has 2 sensor for safety concern, either one breaks will lead to this "redundant error". solution now is upgrade to new firmware, it keeps working and will give a warning, until the broken sensor is replaced.

3.To improve leveling is in our plan for the 1st quarter of 2016, we'll be working on it and welcome your ideas/suggestions.

4. To reduce noise also fall into our plan, but we expect to have some result before June, 2016. p.s. linear bearing is a possibility, if we can find the right type.

4. A set of video instructions on operation/ setup / firmware updates / trouble shooting is also planned for 1st quarter of 2016, we'll release it probably in March. Please check our update then.

5. We're setting up warehouse in Spain and US for our users in these area to have better access to printers and spare parts. The shipping cost will be lower and delivery will be quicker. It'll be done before March. For who needs a laser function, can purchase on and we'll deliver from Los Angels and Madrid to you then.

Well, we're having a busy 2016, just hope we can make Overlord a better printer, with your great support!

Thanks again and wish you all a great new year!

DreamMaker Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jared on

      What is the link to buy the laser engraver?

    2. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Boldsen on

      @creator - I've already seen you've begun to be more visible on the forum, that's excellent! Very happy to see this :-). I am very much looking forward to improvements :-). Thank you

    3. DreamMaker Creator on

      @sebastian boldsen, we'll be more visible on the forum for assistance or at least, reassuring as you put it. Actually we've seen some good ideas and tests on the forum and appreciate a lot.
      the testing method may need further improvement than probing at center only, cause quite often the center leveling is OK but when you print a bigger one, it doesn't work as well. I believe our users need to print not only a whistle. So we're working on it and hope to get somewhere in the 1st quarter. thank you for your suggestion anyway.

    4. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Boldsen on

      @creator - Oh, and please do make appearances on the forum. There you'll be helping (or reassuring at least) many of us at a time, instead of prioritizing only helping individually per mail. It does make good sense.

    5. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Boldsen on

      @Creator - I am glad to hear you'll be improving on the printers bed levelling. You ask for suggestions for improving it, where do you wish us to make those suggestions? First thoughts are quite simple: Add many more points of measurement for the printer to run through. Better have one slightly time consuming autolevel, than 50 unsuccesful fast autolevels. And why not measure in the centre of the printbed? At least It looks like only the outmost points of the build area is being measured. If 100 points are being measured even without placing those points at strategic places, instead of 6 or so, should that not make for a very good autolevel?

    6. DreamMaker Creator on

      Hi all,

      2.2.1-B2 Firmware download link now open:…

    7. DreamMaker Creator on

      @tobias, this is a new one, we take note of it for sure. we'll repeat the process as you did and try to find out why. thank you for the report!

    8. DreamMaker Creator on

      @andrew porter, yes we're lucky to have such an amazing group of backers! Sometimes the solution posted on forum is better than ours! Sure it spurs us to work harder and respond with better printers for all the backers.
      if your mails sent to got no replies, I'm sorry for that. my personal mail box is, you can contact me directly if you need quicker replies.

    9. Missing avatar

      Andrew Porter on

      How about providing some basic support ?
      You don't reply to support emails. No one monitors or responds on your own forums.

      Currently you have a bunch of users self supporting this machine to the point that they are replacing components and changing the firmware themselves.

      How likely are you to sell more printers when potential new customers will look at the user forums and see nothing but unanswered questions a problems ?

    10. Tobias on

      @creator: +1 one for the earlier comment. I did make a not regarding the leveling in the survey but I found out one thing just a week ago. When the printer is starting the print it pushes out some filament on the side before starting. I found out that all the times when it goes into the plate it makes a noise just when it is going from the side position it is in when pushing the first filament out, I think that some of the steppers miss some steps here this moment even though it is not touching the plate. And after this it ramming into the plate. If I then pause the print and start it again at once it do not hit the plate any longer. Please Check this issue...just saying that It might not be the leveling that is the issue.....

    11. Missing avatar

      Zsolt Horvath Dori on

      You are the best! :)
      I'm very glad that I backed your project, because I didn't see so much effort and support by other projects that I backed and the product is awesome :)