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The most affordable smart multi-color 3D Printer, designed for everyone, everyday use.
The most affordable smart multi-color 3D Printer, designed for everyone, everyday use.
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Updates on shipping, WiFi-Lord & Laser-Lord

Posted by DreamMaker (Creator)

Dear Backers,

Time flies! It has been almost 5 months since our shipping starts, and the shipping of standard OverLord (OverLord Pro) has come to an end. During the time, we struggled with setbacks that we never thought about, overcame obstacles one after another and eventually completed most of the delivery (exclusive of WiFi-Lord and Laser-Lord). We also received from you very brilliant ideas, useful suggestions, some of which is so profound that helps a lot to make OverLord better. The whole team feels very grateful for your support, encouragement, forgiving and understanding all the journey along.

To make the shipping procedure smoother, we kept sending out emails every week to keep you updated about what’s next, i.e. shipping payment guidance, customs clearance notes and package tracking number after shipping. However, among all the backers, some of them still haven’t provided us their confirmed shipping address, telephone number or haven’t paid the shipping yet. If you are backer of the number #60, 118, 182, 200, 211, 320, 342, 348, 378, 401, 435, 452, 480, 508, 560, 599, 660, 690, 694, 727, 839, 842, 951, 953, 956, 988, please CONTACT US SOON via We are lacking your important shipping information or we didn’t receive your shipping payment. In the meanwhile, we will keep sending you email to call for your attention. 

However, as we are not able to get in touch with those backers and keep their machines in stock for lifetime, what we can do is to help them keep their machines in warehouse till October 31th(exclusive of WiFi-Lord and Laser-Lord). If you are one of the backers listed above, please contact us before this final date, otherwise we may not have the OverLord you ordered shipped to you immediately. One the other hand, because we will soon be running out of the raw material for order from Kickstarter campaign, in principle we are not able to produce KS campaign machines and we are not obliged to send the rewards to you in the future. If you have any doubts or different ideas regarding this, please talk to us soon! 

For the following weeks, we will start the production of the laser module and WiFi-OverLord. 

Some news you guys are waiting about: 

(1) OverLord laser module engraved example pictures on the wood board: 

(2) Our WiFi app has been successfully approved by Apple app store yesterday! Now you can download it with your apple devices and have a first look! Click: 

Hope you love this update. Wish to see you again in the next one! 

Yours sincerely,

OverLord Team

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    1. Mike Penny on

      Shame no one gives answers here. ;-(

    2. Brent

      @Creator Emailed recently providing an address change. Please confirm receipt and that my laser (when it's ready) will be sent to the new address provided. Thanks in advance!
      Cheers, Brent

    3. Ken Anderson on

      Good thing I decided to leave the WiFi off until I knew I would want it. This App is not compatible with the iPad 2, so I would not have been able to use it anyway.

    4. John Jackson on

      There is no mention of the camera. Is it still in development?

    5. Julian Engel on

      Will we be able to order a wifi module to our existing Overlord?

    6. Mike Penny on

      What does the App do? It seems to be in Chinese, and sadly I have no ability to read it.

    7. Justin J. Novack on

      Are the non-consecutive lines (the leftmost flower, her hair, the motion lines of her hands) supposed to be broken?

      Is this a function of converting a grayscale image to 2 color or a function of the laser not being calibrated to the burning point of the material?

      Can you include printed pictures (or screenshots) of the images you sent to print?

    8. Vince on

      Would be nice to have a faster way to switch module.