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The most affordable smart multi-color 3D Printer, designed for everyone, everyday use.
The most affordable smart multi-color 3D Printer, designed for everyone, everyday use.
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To commemorate Lutz Michaelis

Posted by DreamMaker (Creator)

Dear backers,

Today we have heavy news to inform with great grief and sorrow.

Our beloved friend, dear colleague Lutz Michaelis passed away in his sleep on May 17th in San Francisco.

Lutz had been dedicating himself to the maker activity. He first met us in Xin Che Jian, a make space in Shanghai. He joined our team 2 years ago and since then we were together all the way up here. Lutz was very helpful in all aspects. His unordinary creative ideas, rigorous work style and sincere charisma had always been widely acclaimed among his friends, colleagues and community. In DreamMaker team, he had done a lot. In kickstarter, he listened and responded very actively to every one of you about your thoughts and ideas. Because of him, OverLord 3D Printer is now the machine that stands in front of everyone as expected. This time, after saying good bye with a big smile, Lutz carried this huge task on his shoulder and went to San Francisco, USA for the maker fair to promote OverLord. The message we were waiting for should have been something successful, but in the end, this sad news that came this morning made our team stunned.

We are all appreciate and grateful for what Lutz have done to our team. His selfless dedication will long be remembered in our hearts and minds. Currently, Lutz’s family has been informed and they will go to San Francisco to take care of things. Let's give the beloved living comfort and blessing, may the soul of dead guard and protect them. Wish Lutz rest in peace in heaven.  

In the end, to all the backers: Although we come across this great lose, the shipping plan will not be affected, as Lutz may wish in this way too. If there is anything Lutz was helping you with, please email with original history information and we will continue to help you deal with that.

Lutz’s forever friends and supporters

DreamMaker Team

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    1. Mustafa Abbasi on

      :( thats really sad :(

    2. Missing avatar

      Betzaida Alsindawi on

      Sorry for your loss

    3. Allen Wright on

      So sorry to hear! he will be missed.

    4. RogerM on

      Sorry to hear about this sad new's, my deepest condolences to all.

    5. Gerald Gatchalian on

      my deepest sympathy to the family and DreamMaker team.

    6. Eric Huang on

      It's sad to hear news of Lutz . very sorry for your loss to his family and DreamMaker team.

    7. Brent

      I will certainly miss his wry sense of humour, true grace under fire in the limited capacity in which I knew him (via Kickstarter comments/replies). My prayers go out to his family and friends who certainly have a hole left in their heart after this surprising and tragic news.

    8. Ozogu PA on

      My sincerest and deapest condolences to Lutz's Family and to the team at DreamMaker team.
      I am so, so sorry for you loss.

    9. Missing avatar

      Sólbjørn Fríði Olsen on

      My deepest condolences too to all his family and to the Dreammaker team. May he rest in peace.

    10. Evaristo Ramos on

      Condolences to all who knew him. ./hug
      Proto Makerspace

    11. Missing avatar

      Wasimullah Shefa on

      My condolences and best wishes to his family. I had met him at Maker Faire this past Saturday and all I can say is he was a great man from the brief interaction I had with him. May he rest in peace and I thank him and the team for my printer.

    12. william on

      My deepest condolences to his friends and family may he rest in peace.

    13. Doug Walmsley on

      OMG! I'm so sorry to hear this. I feel such a loss for Lutz and his family! Good Bless him and all his good works. He will always remind me to be cool, calm and respectfulness of others and his ambitions and drive to make a great product. He showed great maturity and calmness even during investor's angst. God Bless!

    14. Tobias on

      This is really sad, my condolences to his friends and family!

    15. Missing avatar

      Dean on

      Sad news. May your dreams be continued by those you have inspired.

    16. Vince on

      This is really sad, sorry for your loss, I offer my condolences to his friends and family!

    17. Ken Anderson on

      Prayers to Lutz's friends and family.

    18. Fred Murphy on

      This so sad! I realized that he was a driving force for propelling the Overlord forward.

    19. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Sharp on

      This is terrible news. Condolences to all who knew him.