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The most affordable smart multi-color 3D Printer, designed for everyone, everyday use.
The most affordable smart multi-color 3D Printer, designed for everyone, everyday use.
832 backers pledged £254,825 to help bring this project to life.

Payment for Shipping

Posted by DreamMaker (Creator)

Dear backers,

We know that you are waiting eagerly for the news about the shipping. Today may we explain it to you.

We are going smooth with our new package design. There are two shipping methods to be provided: one is 30-45 days shipping by ocean; the other is express delivery service, which only takes 5-7 days. Since the package has changed (due to international regulations), we need to increase the price of ocean shipping from 100 USD to 120 USD. Express delivery is faster, but it will cost 180 USD. We will let you take your preference and will let you know you how to pay the bill in the store product description page. Thank you!

To choose and to pay the shipping please go to our shop website


DreamMaker Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Wasimullah Shefa on

      disregard that joke it was meant for the general comments.

    2. Missing avatar

      Wasimullah Shefa on

      Ive only got bad jokes. What do you call a 3D printer I paid for but haven't heard from? Overlord Pro. (Its a joke)

      This place is about as alive as the printer section in Radio Shack....

    3. Missing avatar

      kwok keith on

      There has some problem about I live in Hong Kong. I am not inside Mainland China but I usually use china's taobao and it available the land transportation, it is cheaper. Do I need to wait the "inside Mainland china"?

    4. Missing avatar


      @Dustin, sorry, but no.
      That only covers shipping.
      And no, that's not outrageously high. The fee that DHL will paste on top for handling customs and VAT, now THAT will be outrageous...

      It's a big and heavy package. It WILL cost.

    5. Missing avatar

      Dustin Devine on

      ok if we are paying $180usd for shipping I am going to assume that includes all taxes and import fees. for me thats like $230 Canadian, seems outrageously high.

    6. Carlo Angelo Sotto Cojuangco on

      Hi DreamMaker Team,

      My State/Region is not included in the choices at the registration, need help.

    7. Missing avatar

      Johannes on

      DreamMaker Team who is the carrier UPS, FedEx, DHL?
      And when will it actually be shipped - dont state May, give a week number as an estimate.

    8. Anthony Tovar on

      When can those of us who live in Shanghai pick ours up?

    9. Vince on

      Well in the past, kickstarter ID is usually your email address/login.

    10. Neil Ardron on

      Damn auto correct, @Mikkel

    11. Neil Ardron on

      @Mikkelsen, yes I saw it, I just believe you have to jump through all those hoops to get there.

    12. Evaristo Ramos on

      So do we pay the shipping if we are in the US?

    13. Alejandra Martinez on

      So if I pay today (standard shipping) when would it actually be shipped?

    14. Tornhart on

      Neil look at Ben Harris's comment further down

    15. Neil Ardron on

      what are people putting in for Kickstarter ID, would that be the name that shows up beside your comments? i.e. for me Neil Ardron

    16. Tornhart on

      I have already completed the payment of shipping but forgot to include my Kickstarter ID in the comment, please help

    17. Missing avatar

      MikeK on

      Where on earth are you supposed to put in your Kickstarter ID? I didnt see it at any point during the ordering process, was expecting it to come up before the end.

    18. Matthew Spreer on

      After we've made payment. When is shipping actually scheduled to begin?

    19. Missing avatar

      David Wong on

      @Zack Elliott Both Paypal and Bank Transfer are the supported payment methods

    20. Zack Elliott on

      Can we use paypal to pay for shipping?

    21. Jay Yu on

      UPS or FedEx such company usually charge extra brokerage fee on top of your shipping which is like LICENSED robbery and they usually are extremely high. Paying custom is duty with no problem but this brokerage I strongly not agree with. You never know how much they gonna charge until you get the bill.

    22. Doug Walmsley on

      Ok, I'm blind. Found how to setup shipping. Forgive an old man. LOL

    23. Doug Walmsley on

      Ok, what am I missing? I went to store to discover I had no account setup there. So I created a login/account, but couldn't locate where I needed to go to check which shipping charge I could use. Appreciate some assistance with this issue. Thank you.

    24. Eric Huang on

      Can I use 順豐 TO 台灣?

    25. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Sharp on

      Well, crapsauce. I supplied my Kickstarter username instead of my numeric ID. I emailed @Creator and gave them my numeric ID and payment information. I hope they can cross-reference it so I'm not out €166.

    26. AFIF on

      May I know how long will it take to deliver to Malaysia by ocean?

    27. Ken Anderson on

      I didn't see a place to use a kickstarter ID... I used my email address to login with. I also chose express shipping.

    28. Ben Harris on

      I've taken the plunge with Express Shipping!

      To get your Kickstarter ID, click the account icon at the top right and then click Profile. If you don't have a vanity URL, it will be like the numbers on the end are your Kickstarter ID.

      If you have a vanity URL, like go onto the page, view source and look for this: _sift.push(['_setUserId', '1206220680']); where the numbers are your Kickstarter ID.

    29. Missing avatar

      Carl Salas on

      Is the express delivery an estimated time for all countries?

    30. Missing avatar

      Jared on

      Can I wait and pay for shipping till April first and then ship it to me then, or do I have to pay right now for shipping?

    31. Missing avatar

      Ronald Vester on

      Pushed the button on ocean shipping. Lets see whats going to happen :)

    32. shen junnan on


    33. Roger Garner on

      @creator : Two things... where do we find our Kickstarter ID? Is that our backer number? Our display name here? Really like to make sure that we give you the right ID so you can match us up to our payment! :D

      Little typo on the shipping purchase page: "When pyrchase this "Virtual" product"
      Purchase not pyrchase :)

      @Tiago : Click dreamaker store link above. The website design unhelpfully then cuts off 'Shipping' from the displayed link but you need to click on 'Overlord Kickstarter' with the world/shipping boxes icon.

      The other way of looking at it... there are 3 items. 2 are printers. Its the other one ;-)

    34. Missing avatar


      Expect to pay VAT and possibly TOLL when it arrives in your country.

    35. Missing avatar

      Luis Agudo Segrelles on

      Do we have to pay something of VAT or taxes or just paying the 120/180 $ will do it?

    36. Tiago Caldeira on

      Hi, I want to have the Express delivery, but after I went to the website, I didn't find the options. I really want it delivery in the early April (I really need it urgently).

    37. Missing avatar


      Can you tell us which company is used for express delivery?
      DHL UPS or whatever?
      (Some have 'unfortunate' experiences with some of those, but may be willing to use others,)