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The most affordable smart multi-color 3D Printer, designed for everyone, everyday use.
The most affordable smart multi-color 3D Printer, designed for everyone, everyday use.
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Last in-campaign Update

Posted by DreamMaker (Creator)

Dear Backers!

As we are coming to an end we want to let you know that there will be more updates after the end of the campaign. For now we still want to make sure that everybody know and understood the shipping terms. Therefore we are going to write them in this update.

  • We will start shipping the Overlord in March. 
  • The shipping will be done by sea container to USA, Europe and Australia. The shipping time is about 15 days to LA/USA, 29 to 39 days to Rotterdam/EU and Australia 15 to 20 days.  
  • The delivery to your shipping address will be by local carriers which we are still evaluate.  
  • We will ship first backers first, if they are not the ones with the WiFi feature.  
  • First in First out.
  • Shipping costs will be $100 PLUS all the additional charges in her/his country. The payment of the shipping costs will be done on the DreamMaker website once the webshop is up and running. Please know that we still want to make it more easy for you as we are also still checking the option that you can pay ALL the costs of shipping and additional charges to us and we will take care of the delivery.
  • The assembling of the first units will start next week.

Thank you!

DreamMaker Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Guy Krumer on

      How do I select a color?

    2. Jon Carlos on

      @Roger sorry for the typo in your name :)

    3. Jon Carlos on

      @Rodger that's is contrary to the information in that link I posted. Under the heading "Import or Intra-community Supply?" It says import vat is generally charged at the rate of the country it's been imported too even if it's end destination is different. I may have read it incorrectly, if you could run your eyes over it I believe that's what it says (It's why I asked for further confirmation as the shipping company should be able to confirm to @creator)

    4. Roger Garner on

      @Jaap-Hein VAT is paid regardless. It makes no difference here in the UK where it comes from, 20% charge on the import into the country.

    5. Jon Carlos on

      As I understand it from this article this means that any eu backer will have to pay the tax for the country the item was imported to as I understand it that is 21%. For me this is not a major issues its 1% more than the UK VAT rate but for others this might be a problem. Please can you confirm your understanding of how the tax will be calculated? For some it might be cheaper to import direct via air freight than pay the 21%.

    6. Jaap-Hein Wester on

      Quick question: Although the container will arrive in Rotterdam (for the EU/NL) and a 'local' carrier will handle it further, how is then for the taxes?
      Is it still a delivery from China, or from a local address (EU) then?

      I did a quick check on the taxing in the Netherlands for deliveries outside the EU:
      299 pledge:
      Total customs value: €465.36 (at current exchange rates)
      Import duty: €0.00 (no import duty on computers/printers)
      VAT: €97.73 (21% VAT)
      + Handling costs of the carrier (usually quite steep...)

      For me the $100+$100 option would be the better option, if our government still considers it a delivery from outside the EU.

    7. Missing avatar

      Todd Farr on

      I'm also in Asia and saw we weren't mentioned in the transit times....

    8. Missing avatar

      keyman on

      I would like to know the shipping cost if it is within Chian. Can SF Express be used for delivery?

    9. AFIF on

      Very useful and informative update. Even a small update like this is better than nothing at all.

      Any chance that we can get lower shipping cost, depends on each other's country? I live in Malaysia and had once receive a $705 AUD laser cutter/engraver kit from Australia (with optional $15 AUD international insurance), and the customs here didn't impose any additional charge on it. Not sure if it is the same case with 3D printers. So if possible I personally would prefer to just pay for the shipping cost and I'll handle it myself if there's any additional charges.