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The most affordable smart multi-color 3D Printer, designed for everyone, everyday use.
The most affordable smart multi-color 3D Printer, designed for everyone, everyday use.
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How to Calculate the Cost of Shipping, Tax and Duty Fee?

Posted by DreamMaker (Creator)

Dear backers,

As our project is approaching to the finish line, realistic issues such as delivery and payments have emerged. For those of you who do not have much experience in dealing with gadgets bought from abroad, please continue to read; for those of you who are 'pro' kickstarter backers, your knowledge and corrections are warmly welcomed!

The Equation

Total costs = product price + shipping costs + (VAT Rate%)*(product price + shipping costs) + (Customs Duty Rate%)*(product price + shipping costs)

Example 1. A £299 Backer in United States

Total costs = $455 + $100 + (0%)*($455 + $100) + (0%)*($455 + $100) = $555

Example 2. A £299 Backer in Germany

Total costs = €383 + €85 + (19%)*(€383 + €85) + (1.7%)*(€383 + €85) = €564.876

Example 3. A £299 Backer in China

Total costs = ¥2835 + ¥200 + (17%)*(¥2835 + ¥200) + (0%)*(¥2835 + ¥200) = ¥3550.95

It needs to be pointed out that international backers may pay extra fee for the customs duty & VAT depending on local laws. Please make sure to read this and add those fees to your budget when calculating the total costs.

Meet US in United States

DreamMaker Team will soon be on a trip to United States this week. For those lucky backers in the states, let's get some drink in a joyous gathering! In the next update coming we'll be informing you when & where to find us, and what to expect. Pardon? Of course we'll be traveling with the OverLord!

Spread the Words!

The countdown has began. We only have 3 more days to go until we finish funding. We had an incredible time with all of you and are so thankful to be a part of this wonderful experience. As we come close to the end of our campaign, we would like to thank you for supporting our project. There is no way we could've accomplished something like this without your help. If you are looking for materials such as nice pics, logos of OverLord to share to your network, find them here. Thanks!

DreamMaker Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      karuchie on

      I want to know the shipping cost to Japan.

    2. Tony Tovar on

      @TristonTan, I asked Amy once, and she told me I could also pick it up by myself rather than have it shipped.

    3. Missing avatar

      Carl Salas on

      Can anyone calculate auckland New Zealand for me? Backed the 299

    4. TristonTan on

      How about Shanghai? I think the CNY200 is the shipping cost to cities outside of Shanghai but within China, right?

    5. Jacob Briggs on

      Just in case that isn't clear, spain would be around:
      Total costs = €383 + €85 + (21%)*(€383 + €85) + (2.5%)*(€383 + €85) + €10 (Correos TAX) = 587.98 €

      Plus a month of Correos losing your delivery, unless you pay customs up front or use a shipping agency that has their own customs and bypasses them, or customs is paid upfront.

    6. Wim Vandersmissen on

      According to the online calculator at (and if the TARIC code mentioned on is correct) it should be around 576-596 EUR for Belgium.

    7. Jon Carlos on

      @rha The handling fee is changed for all items imported not just the first one. Each time they raise a VAT import charge they add the fee.

      I missed off the (Customs Duty Rate%)*(product price + shipping costs) component of this equation. Does anyone know if this is charged in the UK?

    8. Jacob Briggs on

      21% + a fee, iirc its around 10 euros.

      Living in Spain, customs is a nightmare here! They take up to a month to notify you they have your package, then a couple of weeks for payment. Heaven forbid this is near a public holiday!

      Is there a way we can pay shipping and customs up front as you can do with a lot of shipping brokers (and like Ebay offers)? That would really be a huge benefit if shipping and customs can be paid in one go.

    9. Jim Light on

      Wait a minute, that almost doubles the cost!! Are you kidding me?? I thought all costs were included!!! This is not good, why didn't you say it clearly??

    10. Missing avatar

      Luis Agudo Segrelles on

      Someone knows how many do I have to add forma Spain? I have the 99 pledge.

    11. Missing avatar

      Betzaida Alsindawi on

      Do we (USA) add the 100 for shipping now or later

    12. Missing avatar

      rha on

      @Jon Carlos - yes, there is small additional fee (payed only once) when you authorize the carrier to make all the paperwork in your name. There should be no any additional fee payed for future parcels.

    13. Missing avatar

      rha on

      The equation presented is not quite correct for cases where both rates are greater than zero.
      Customs office first adds customs duty, than adds VAT counted on top of all that.

      So: total_costs = (product_price + shipping_cost) * (1 + customs_duty_rate) * (1 + VAT rate)

      (You can change the order of multiplication, but you cannot use addition.)

      Let's see:
      Example 2. A £299 Backer in Germany

      Total costs = (€383 + €85) * (100% + 1.7%) * (100% + 19%) = €566,38764

      The difference is small but exists.
      For most people the most important is calculating custom or VAT on shipping costs, which is at first contrary to common sense, but needed. (It's against people declaring falsely low price with high shipping costs.)

    14. Jay Yu on

      How about Canada?

    15. Jon Carlos on

      £299 + £67 + (0.2 * (299 + 67)) + (shipping company charge? Dhl = £5. FedEx = £10) = £444.20 by Dhl?