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Dressing Room is an artist-run apartment gallery in Minneapolis, Minnesota that exhibits art and creates books by emerging artists.

Hello! Welcome to Dressing Room and thank you for your interest in our project. We are excited that, like us, you value and support emerging and underrepresented artists.

In September 2010, we began 'Dressing Room' by creating a unique and intimate gallery space in our apartment. Since, we have exhibited the art of 5 local, emerging artists whose work has ranged from a series of prints to a mixed media installation and a multiple channel video projections. Each DR exhibition lasts from one night to two weeks and consists of an opening reception and a limited edition artist-made book. It is these books that exist as the lasting document of our exhibitions.

Based on the success of our first three exhibitions, we are planning on continuing to present art work in our apartment gallery throughout 2011. Our Kickstarter project is to publish 10 artist-made books for these ten upcoming exhibitions. With your invaluable funding through Kickstarter, we will be able to fund the materials and printing for the artists' books, as well as increase the edition size of the publication from 20 books to 50. This will further our ability to support emerging artists and provide a tangible element of the ephemeral experience for artists and audiences alike.

The artist-made books are completely conceived and created by the artists who exhibit at Dressing Room. We encourage and support each artist's unique approach to creating a document that accompanies their exhibit and thus far have published tremendously distinctive projects. For each publication, half of the books are given to the artist to do with what they please, while the other half are available at events at a very affordable price.

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