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Role playing D&D 5e adventure online with countless other players, some good, some evil all sharing a single setting in a PVP forum RPG
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Revised "STRETCH" Goals

Posted by Itherverse (Creator)

NOTE: All of these are part of the long-term planning and may come to fruition within a year or two; however, these stretch goals allow us to make them happen in the first 90 days of launch (in some cases, immediately).

$1100 Run the website "ad free" for at least 1 year 

$1200 Play as a Monster (Respawnable monster accounts, for experienced players) 

$1300 Commission illustrations of popular landmarks and NPCs.

$1400 The Adventurer's Chronicle(Read along, journal, of the adventures of famous parties)

$1500 Add-on expansions. More locations to explore, near and far..  

$2000 Character Specific Avatars (Pick from available options, to represent your PC)

$3000 Organized table-top side treks (Allows you to play your PC, one-off, at local conventions.)  

It's reasonable to assume that the more successful the funding, the more illustrations, expansions and side treks we can entertain - and over a larger geographical area.


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