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Role playing D&D 5e adventure online with countless other players, some good, some evil all sharing a single setting in a PVP forum RPG
25 backers pledged $1,300 to help bring this project to life.

New $5 "Magic Item" Pledge Level - "The Inheretance!"

Posted by Itherverse (Creator)

Hear ye... Hear ye 

For the mere pledge of $5 .... THERE BE MAGIC HERE! 

Anyone who pledges at this level (or above) will automatically start the game on "GO LIVE" day, with a complimentary LEVEL 1 - "uncommon" magic item of their choice, from the SRD. (Yes, that includes wondrous items and weapons). 

 ALREADY PLEDGED? This is RETROACTIVE - This will, of course, be granted everyone who already pledged over $5. Current & future testers @ $15 or more, will "acquire" or "find" their item on the "BETA TEST" start day, in thanks for the extra contribution.

 Consider it an unexpected inheritance.


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