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Role playing D&D 5e adventure online with countless other players, some good, some evil all sharing a single setting in a PVP forum RPG
Role playing D&D 5e adventure online with countless other players, some good, some evil all sharing a single setting in a PVP forum RPG
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    1. Missing avatar

      Brandon Neff on

      I just bumped myself up to a big boy level. This is shaping up to be great! But I really want to read that Adv Journal , so let's get another hundred in the next 2 hours!!!

    2. Itherverse 2-time creator on

      Glad you are enjoying yourself Brandon. And true, this is that slow, awkward "meet, greet and explore" stage where you are just looking around, trying to figure out what to do, and how to avoid trouble (or get into it, as it were). Once you team up with the right crew, encounter "plots devices" then things start happening of course. But we keep the world very "OPEN", free range. You may notice something, chase it, or ignore it. Entirely up to you.

    3. Missing avatar

      Brandon Neff on

      I just want to say how enjoyable the closed Beta has been! I am only a few turns into it, but this has tremendous potential to "scratch the itch" I get in between real-life sessions.

    4. Mordru on

      Congrats on the funding, and thank you to the anonymous demi-god who made this happen. Really excited to be creative and have fun with everyone!

    5. Missing avatar

      Brandon Corrente on

      I stand corrected. Someone pulled way more than their weight. Lol

    6. Itherverse 2-time creator on

      Good news, we appear to be over 100%. Get ready, BETA TESTERS join immediately, that was the incentive we posted early on. So, get ready... Info coming your way soon.

    7. Missing avatar

      Brandon Corrente on

      I don't want to be a downer because I like the project but what is the plan if it's not funded? I'm willing to still pay the 15 to get in on the beta test level.

    8. Itherverse 2-time creator on

      Thank you. That is good feedback. We have considered several options, and continue to study them. Permutations include: Seperate nonPVP servers, some type of rule-based protection for low level PCs, restricted areas for low level PCs. The current rule is not to use any, in lieu of a non-rule based protection but morso one employed by staff (in the form of repeat warnings about going out at night or in unsafe areas.) Much of this can be done by the local bartenders, innkeepers and other NPCs. We can steer, through NPC suggestions, safe hunting grounds vs. those frequented by criminal players.
      If high level players try tointentionally lurk in areas where low level characters are known to gather and think they are safe, we can even have a group of city guards on patrol intervene. But not if someone ignores all the warnings. It should be easy enough for someone to escape death, by fleeing. The PVP reality of the game is just far too intentional to the design... or so we think.

    9. John Bowlin

      One thing that might be a turn-off to a lot of people is the competitive nature of PVP can lead to some nasty antisocial behavior. It happened in Ultima Online, it happened in EverQuest, and basically every game that forced players to participate in PVP. This can turn into an extremely un-fun situation for people who do not enjoy competitive games. You might consider making PVP an optional part of the game or have a "PVP Allowed" server environment and another one for people who aren't interested in getting "ganked" by players who have already figured out how to game the "system". This may or may not be a problem with a human-run play-by-post. And yet, I can see it being a huge turn-off to people who are not familiar with RPGs and who don't know how to create PVP character builds, and when all their hard character development go up in a puff of smoke when they lose their first PVP encounter, they are probably going to unsubscribe in a fit of rage.

    10. Mordru on

      Almost a 1/3 of the way there! Let's go!

    11. Itherverse 2-time creator on

      Thank you Doctor Zaius. Good advice. I think I will try to make that more noticable.

    12. Doctor Zaius

      It would probably bring in more backers if you mentioned the "planned" $5 per character. Your page just says "subscription" without the cost, and that scares off folks

    13. Mordru on

      That sounds reasonable. Thanks.

    14. Itherverse 2-time creator on

      Mordru, Level 1 play is 100% free. So you can try before you buy. Once a character earns enough exp for 2nd level (most likely after 20-30 days of play) they can continue to play at Level 1 (free) or start a subscription plan, and level up. The proposed rate will be $5/per character slot/per month. So, if you were to play three characters simultaneously, each exploring different areas of our game, one good, one evil one neutral, the price would be $15/month.

    15. Itherverse 2-time creator on

      Hi Brandon, we're holding up fine. A little busy, the Alpha Test has generated the feedback we need to tighten things up, make improvements. Thanks for checking in.

    16. Mordru on

      Something that would be nice to know is the ongoing price of your project once it leaves beta.

    17. Missing avatar

      Brandon Corrente on

      You holding up over there. It's quiet.