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i'm a young adult with a passion for growth,gardening and being a positive influence, trying to give back with my passion for plants
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im raising funds to build a compost bin/chicken coop with the hopes of increasing my green houses production, i plan on starting a charity for the food i produce to donate to local shelters, for healthy and producing crops i need healthy soil, i plan on using the funds i raise to buy materials for a compost structure, screws,chicken wire,2-4s, braces for construction, any surplus i receive will  go towards soil additives and possibly poly carbonate panels for the side of the greenhouse, my family built the green house 3 years ago when i started growing, ive been growing heirloom tomatoes and peppers, i plan on filming/ creating content about advice and tips for farmers/gardeners. please check out my content on instagram @connor.jeter and youtube, connor jeter i have posts and videos showing im already growing and moving towards my goal, im just asking for some help achieving it.

Risks and challenges

i plan on using recycled pallets for the main structure of the bins/chicken coop, but i need capital to make it a secure long lasting structure.i have the carpentry tools(my father worked in construction), i have the filming equipment( a laptop and microphone) for creating the content, and ive been building/ making my greenhouse for the past 3 years, i've already started i just need some help raising funds to help me operate at a high efficiency

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